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Floyd Sofa Review: A Simple, Solid Sofa Designed with Sustainability and Durability in Mind

Floyd Sofa In the Room
Floyd is a Detroit-based company founded by Kyle Hoff and Alex O’Dell in 2013 with just one product — a set of steel legs that can turn any flat surface into a table in minutes.
The Floyd Sofa is designed to fit in anywhere and offer a comfy space to relax.
The founders of Floyd were concerned with the amount of used furniture ending up in landfills, so they set out to create solid, sustainable products that can last for decades.

With four kids aged 10 and under, we are hard on furniture. Infamously, my kids once demolished a pricey set from a major national brand in just under two years– their warranty department declared it beyond repair. We live in our living room. We eat on the couch, we make forts with the cushions, and yes– sometimes we even jump on them. When I saw that the Floyd Sofa was made of steel and plywood, I was intrigued. This seemed a far cry from the particle board and plastic components of previous sofas. We decided to give the Floyd sofa a shot.

Getting hands-on with the Floyd Sofa

The Floyd Sofa is minimalist in design. A black powder-coated steel frame supports the solid wood base. The base is available in three finishes– a light birch, a darker walnut, or upholstered in the same fabric as the cushions.

It comes in two sizes: three-seater and two-seater/loveseat. You can also add a chaise to the three-seater configuration. The upholstery options are limited to six colors, which is less than some similar direct-to-consumer brands, but the options they do have should work with most decor. The available choices range from a bold saffron yellow to the more neutral “lunar grey” my family chose. The fabric is advertised as very stain-resistant.

Floyd Sofa Color Selection
Customizing the Sofa on Floyd's website

The three-seater sofa is 87” wide and there is an optional chaise that can be added at purchase– or in the future. We decided to forgo the chaise for now. The pillows, including the armrests, are all unattached to the birch frame, which worried me a little. Would my kids slide them off the couch constantly? I guess we would find out.

The Floyd Sofa: Key Details

  • The Sofa starts at $1,595 for a two-seater, $1,895 for a three-seater.
  • The frame is made from top-grade birch plywood and tested for durability.
  • Back cushions and seat cushions are 95% polyester and 5% nylon. They are also coated with treatment for stain resistance.
  • 22" seat depth.

Delivery of the Floyd Sofa

The Floyd Sofa arrived five weeks after the order was placed, and delivery was incredibly simple to set up with the texts they sent me. One text included a link to the calendar where I could just pick the day that worked best for us, and a subsequent string of texts alerted me as to the location of the driver so I knew exactly when he would show up. Once the driver pulled away, a text asked me to review the delivery. (I gave it five stars).

Floyd Sofa Boxes
The Floyd Sofa is delivered in boxes.

There were four boxes. Three were light and easy for me to move by myself, but the largest long box was quite heavy. I managed to slide it into the living room for assembly, but I was thankful the delivery driver had got it through the front door and put it in my foyer for me.

Unboxing and building the Floyd Sofa

From the second I opened the first, smallest box, I was smitten with Floyd’s presentation. “Hi, I’m a Floyd Sofa.” The boxes welcomed me to create my new sofa, and I couldn’t wait to get started.

Floyd Sofa open Box
Floyd's messaging is fun and conversational.

I have assembled a lot of furniture in my life. We live dangerously close to an Ikea and I am a pro with an Allen wrench. I'm pleased to say that Floyd lives up to its easy assembly promise. This sofa, though, was the easiest piece of furniture I have ever assembled. A QR code pulled the assembly instructions up on my phone in seconds (saving paper!) and the included Allen wrench was attached to a bottle opener, making it useful even after we built our sofa. Perhaps for the beverages we would enjoy on our new lounge spot. Each piece — down to each individual screw — was nestled neatly and firmly into cardboard, without anything rolling around.

Floyd Sofa tool
The Floyd sofa tool
This sofa, though, was the easiest piece of furniture I have ever assembled.

All told, it took me less than 20 minutes to assemble the sofa on my own, with my three-year-old’s “assistance". It was incredibly simple and all the pieces fit together without hassle. I started by attaching the legs to the frame, added the back and arms in mere minutes, and placed the cushions on. That was it. We considered moving the sofa to our third-floor den, and it’s clear that it will come apart just as easily to fit up the tight, tiny staircase.

All told, it took me less than 20 minutes to assemble the sofa on my own, with my three-year-old’s “assistance". It was incredibly simple and all the pieces fit together without hassle.

Living with the Floyd Sofa

The quality of the Floyd sofa was apparent from the moment I lifted the heavy legs out of their box. This thing is solid. The cushions are firm and the fabric felt durable from the outset, though I knew our kids and pets would put that to the test. The sofa looks exactly as the photos showcase the product on the website, and the description provided by Floyd is accurate.

The sofa looks exactly as the photos showcase the product on the website, and the description provided by Floyd is accurate.

The Floyd sofa is comfortable and designed to meet the challenges of real life. The pillows are firm, and at first felt a bit too firm for my liking. I do think with time they will meld a little bit to use. This is not an overstuffed sofa one sinks down into. The seating position is a bit upright and the back is lower than some other sofas we’ve had, but it is overall quite cozy.

Floyd Sofa in the Room

My concern about the seat cushions sliding off of the sofa was unfounded. Surprisingly, they stay in place really well even when four kids, two dogs, and a cat are constantly moving through the space. Other than when my kids intentionally removed the pillows to build a fort, they stayed put. This is not a couch for jumping on, as there are no springs. However, the kids did give it a shot and it held up just fine.

We did, as two taller adults, wish the seat was deeper. At only 22” it is shallower than most other couches we have owned. The wear pattern on our carpet shows that our previous sofa was quite a bit deeper. The chaise add-on would give more depth for one seat, so consumers should consider that if they have a larger family member.

My youngest spilled soy sauce on the couch on the first day we were living with it, and the sauce didn't even penetrate the fabric. I was able to wipe the beaded-up liquid off the cushion with a damp paper towel. Impressed, I tested a bit of red wine in an inconspicuous spot and let it sit for a half-hour. Same result — I was easily able to wipe it off with just water. The Floyd fabric was my favorite part of the entire sofa, and I wondered if their sectional sofa might be a great fit for another spot in our house. (Note: Floyd warms against removing cushion covers for cleaning as machine washing the cushion covers will damage the stain-resistance treatment.)

The Floyd fabric was my favorite part of the entire sofa, and I wondered if their sectional sofa might be a great fit for another spot in our house.
  • Durable steel and wood frame seem likely to last for a decade or more (and their 10-year warranty guarantees it).
  • Extremely stain-resistant fabric is suitable for kids, pets, and adults who like to eat nachos on the couch (like me).
  • The ability to add a chaise later is a great option for changing up your seating pattern down the road.
  • The shallow seat depth at 22” might feel inadequate for taller adults.
  • The couch is not overstuffed, so not the best choice for people who want to really snuggle into a sofa.
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Floyd Sofa FAQs

How comfortable is the Floyd Sofa?

The sofa is extremely comfy, with firm pillows and an upright seating position. The seat depth is shallower than most other sofas, which could be a drawback for some consumers.

Could it work with any design style?

The simple, clean lines of the Floyd sofa will work well with a variety of home decor and interior design styles. The ability to choose different finishes on the exposed base of the sofa drastically changes the look and style of the sofa.

About Floyd

Floyd is a Detroit-based direct-to-consumer furniture company. Every Floyd product is designed to last.

The brand first launched in 2013, with a single product, The Floyd Leg. Now, the brand has evolved to offer a range of high-design furniture pieces aimed to simplify furniture shopping for modern consumers. From bed frames, shelving, and coffee tables to media consoles, side tables, and outdoor furniture, Floyd offers pieces for every room.

“Our homes should be a place to embody the things we love and care about. By marrying timeless design and premium U.S. manufacturing with the modern conveniences of flat-pack delivery and intuitive assembly/disassembly, we’re creating furniture “for keeping” - not tossing.”
Alex O’Dell
Alex O’Dell
Co-Founder, Floyd
Floyd Bed Frame
Floyd Grey Sectional
Floyd Shelving System
No items found.

Furniture made for the home, not the landfill

By 2025, Floyd is aiming to ensure 70% of materials come from either recycled or renewable sources and use 100% FSC certified wood across all of its products. It’s also aiming to minimize packing materials and eliminate single-use plastics.

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A sofa ready for the challenges of real life

Overall, I would recommend the Floyd Sofa to anyone who is looking for a sturdy, simple sofa that will hold up to the daily wear and tear of life with kids and pets. The product is exactly as advertised, the delivery and assembly are a breeze, and the finished product will look lovely in any home.

Meg St-Esprit
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Meg is a freelance journalist featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal, and more. Meg lives in Pittsburgh, PA with her husband and four children.
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