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How Medley’s Blumen Lounge Sofa Transformed My Apartment

Medley’s Blumen Lounge Sofa
Medley is a customer-centric company that creates high-quality, eco-friendly home goods with the guiding belief that each person, and each space, is unique.
The Blumen Sofa is large and comfy, with deep seats, wide arms, and comprehensive customization options.
Like the Blumen Lounge Sofa, each piece of Medley furniture is made with clean eco-materials, local manufacturing processes, and an emphasis on quality home goods.

The Blumen Sofa is featured in our best sectional sofas and best sofa beds of 2023 guides. To create our "best of 2023" guides, we shipped more than 20 sofas to Living Cozy contributors across the U.S. for thorough at-home tests and reviews.

Until the Blumen Sofa came into my life, I had a $200 loveseat with a pull-out bed that I got on sale at Walmart. I moved into my apartment at the beginning of the pandemic, so shopping for a new one wasn’t high on my to-do list. In fact, it was pretty low on the list since my living room resides in a 10’x10’ bedroom that also serves as a guest room. Oh yeah, and the office I work in with my husband daily. So, it was more of a living room/office/guest room deal. 

After two years, my cheap Walmart loveseat had a deformed seat and back cushion, and the arms caved in at the sides (even though I never perched on them!). I knew it was about time for a replacement, but I kept putting it off. When I received the opportunity to review Medley’s Blumen Sofa, though, I knew it was time to say goodbye to my little loveseat. I just wasn’t sure if it’d fit. 

Luckily, Medley offers a ton of customization options, and I was able to create a build that would fit my tiny space perfectly. Before I knew it, I’d found an upcycling expert to give my old loveseat a new home, and I was eagerly waiting to get my hands on Medley’s Blumen Sofa. Keep reading to see what I think after living with this beauty for a month. 

Getting Hands-On With the Blumen

The Blumen Sofa taught me how to relax in my own home again. It’s chunky, low-profile, and modern with instant visual appeal. It has deep seats, wide arms, and numerous customization options. And after owning it for several weeks, I can confidently say that it’s comfy, cozy, and relaxing from the moment hit the seat.

In case you can’t tell, I adore everything about my Blumen Sofa. Medley has done a great job with this design. But, honestly, a lot of what I love about my Blumen Sofa is thanks to the customization options. And that’s not surprising. What’s easier to love than something you get to customize to fit your space, needs, and tastes? 

Customizing the Blumen Sofa

Medley offers extensive customization for every piece of furniture, and the options for the Blumen are excellent:

  • Layout: Sofa or Cinema Sofa (optional ottomans for cinema sofa)
  • Size: Select from 87", 97", or 111" options
  • Upholstery: Over 100 premium fabric and leather options with seven free swatches
  • Seat depth: 24” or 28”
  • Filling: Natural Latex Foam + Wool Fiber (eco-friendly), Poly Foam + Down (extra soft), Poly Foam + Poly Fiber (additional support)
Blumen Sofa on Medley’s website

Customization was fun and easy and creating something to fit my little room was exciting. With six categories and several choices, the Blumen Sofa can work with an extensive range of spaces. I might have to get another one when I move into a bigger space, but for now, I’m happy with my customization selections: 

  • Sofa layout: I went with the standard layout, as the Cinema Sofa design with an arm between the two seats isn’t practical for my living room.
  • 72” size: As much as I wanted a larger size, 72” was the biggest that would comfortably fit in my space.
  • Deluxe charcoal fabric upholstery: I chose Deluxe performance velvet for its soft hand-feel and long-lasting material. It’s Oeko-Tex 100 Certified, machine-washable, kid- and pet-friendly, and made from 100% polyester Fibreguard yarn.
  • 24” seat depth: I’d love to have the 28” seat depth, but the already-generous 24” was better for my space.
  • Arms with storage: The storage arms are practical and have a modern vibe that I love, so this was an easy choice.
  • Natural latex filling: I wanted to avoid down, so I chose the natural latex filling to fit my eco-friendly household.

The fabric was the most difficult choice for me, but with seven swatches, it was easy enough to decide. I definitely recommend taking advantage of the free swatches, too – I wouldn’t have chosen the charcoal color if I hadn’t seen the way light plays on it in person.

Delivery and Construction

Medley custom-makes every order with local manufacturing processes, so the most challenging part about delivery was the wait.

The Blumen came with a super professional and easy White Glove delivery service. The delivery company was easy to schedule, and they delivered the fully-assembled sofa on time. 

My Blumen Sofa was ready to enjoy five minutes after I got a call that the delivery truck was outside. They took it out of the truck, unwrapped it, and carried it inside. All I had to do was hold the door and show them where to set the sofa in my spare room. 

As for the construction, this sofa looks and feels like it’s made to last. The armrests feel 100% sturdy (I like to perch on them), the stitching is beautiful, the frame seems very solid, and everything is finished with care. Long story short, I’m impressed. 

Living with the Blumen Sofa

The photos on Medley’s website are beautiful, but I don’t think they do the Blumen Sofa justice. Of course, they do a way better job than my photos, especially since I haven’t found the right artwork, end tables, or coffee table for my new lounge room. Yep, that’s right; the Blumen inspired me to turn the 10’x10’ office/living room/guest room I mentioned earlier into a lounge.

The photos on Medley’s website are beautiful, but I don’t think they do the Blumen Sofa justice.
Blumen Sofa
The Blumen Sofa transformed my apartment.

While the Blumen didn’t magically add square footage to my tiny apartment, it was so perfect that I couldn’t move the desks back to the room. So with that in mind, please forgive the empty walls and space in my photos. 

There’s so much to love about this fantastic sofa, and I could write an entire love letter about my favorite parts, but I’ll keep it brief:

  • Arm width: The arms are wide and sturdy enough to perch on, use as end tables, or rest your head for a nap. In customization, you can opt for storage arms, too.
  • Seat depth: The seat is 24” deep and amazingly comfy, with the option for 28” depth in customization. Unlike other sofas, I even enjoy sitting on the Blumen crosslegged. 
  • Back: The back is slightly angled, perfect for movie night. And the back cushions are loose for easy cleaning.
  • Cushion covers: The seat and back cushions have zippered covers for easy cleaning. You can even choose machine-washable fabric in customization!
  • Style: The Blumen has low-profile legs and pinched seams for a clean, modern appeal that could update almost any space.
Medley Storage Sofa
The added storage is incredibly helpful.

Even though it’s my favorite part, I left the Deluxe performance velvet off the list since you’ll have 100+ options. But this super-soft Deluxe fabric seems immune to pet hairs and even most scratch attempts from my kitty, so I’m in love. 

Blumen Sofa in front view
With a deep seat, wide arms, and an angled back, the Blumen is incredibly comfortable.

Speaking of cat scratches! I haven’t had to apply the scratch guards I bought to protect my Blumen. Oddly enough, the same kitty that destroyed my Walmart sofa has little interest in doing anything but sleep on this one, and I think it’s thanks to the Deluxe fabric. (Or maybe she has good taste.)

Kitty did, however, try to bury my cell phone (it’s a quirk of hers) when I left it on the sofa seat. She left two scratches on the seat cover, but I flipped it over and sent a quick message to Medley about buying a new zippered cover. Instead, they said they’d be happy to send a free replacement. Talk about excellent customer service!

True to the description of the fabric, it’s easy to clean, water repellant, and kid- and pet-friendly. We’ve had a water spill and some incense ash on the sofa so far. The water beaded up and rolled right off, and the incense ash came out quickly with a rag.

  • 100+ fabrics to choose from in customization, including multiple machine-washable options. 
  • Multiple size and depth options allow you to create a sofa that fits your space, no matter how much square footage you’re working with. 
  • Zippered cushion and pillow covers for easy cleaning and care. 
  • White Glove delivery service eliminates any assembly time, so you can focus on enjoying your purchase.
  • Medley only offers seven free fabric swatches with 100+ options, so narrowing down your choices can be challenging.
  • Shipping time is slower than pre-made sofas because each piece is customizable and made to order (though IMO the wait is worth it).
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Blumen Sofa FAQs

How comfortable is the Blumen Sofa?

With a deep seat, wide arms, and an angled back, the Blumen is incredibly comfortable. The cushions are medium-firm with a good blend of support and give. 

Could it Work with Any Design Style?

Medley offers plentiful customization options, and the Blumen is designed for versatility. After customizing my own and living with it, the Blumen really does seem like it would fit anywhere, from a modern farmhouse living room to a chic penthouse apartment to a traditional-style theater room.

What Materials is it Made From?

Medley makes eco-friendly furniture with an emphasis on clean, sustainable materials. For example, the Blumen’s frame is made from domestically-sourced, FSC-certified Alder hardwood that’s kiln-dried, secured with dowels, and corner blocked for durability. According to Medley’s eco-friendly materials page, their Alder wood comes from trees that took 25 years to grow.

The Dunlop latex filling I opted for is eco-friendly and certified organic by the Global Organic Latex Standard. It’s biodegradable, mold-resistant, antimicrobial, and made from 100% natural rubber tree sap. And if latex isn’t your thing, the standard filling is one of the cleanest synthetic choices available on the market.

Where is Medley Furniture Made?

Medley’s furniture is handmade in the U.S. at their workshop in Los Angeles, California, with eco-materials and skilled artisanship.

Medley’s Blumen Lounge Sofa
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About Medley

Founded by brothers Travis and Ryan, Medley knows the impact that a comfortable space can have. Medley’s mantra about home is that it’s “your cozy little nook of the universe,” where you’re “relaxed, comfortable, and wearing your soft pants.”

Originally from outside of Sacramento, California, the brothers started in the furniture industry together after college, where they witnessed a culture of disposable materials, carbon-copy craftsmanship, and a lack of thought about the connection between the individual home and our collective home (the planet).

"Since our pieces are made-to-order and not focused on cheaper pricing, a high level of care is needed to ensure people get something they are truly happy with for many years."
Travis Nagle
Travis Nagle
Co-founder, Medley
Medley Home Bed
Medley Home Living Room
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Eco-Friendly Furniture

Medley sells made-to-order furniture for living, sleeping, dining, and office spaces.

All of Medley’s pieces are made from thoughtful and sustainable materials, including organic textiles like cotton, hemp, and wool, wood such as bamboo, and a 100% bio-based finish made from beeswax.

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A Sofa for Every Home

Medley’s customization options, paired with the Blumen’s incredibly comfortable design, convinced me that this sofa could work in almost any home. You get to create a Blumen Sofa in the exact size, color, texture, and depth you need, and Medley then delivers a beautifully-made masterpiece to your door. It’s as simple as that. 

Aside from a range of options for the Blumen Lounge Sofa, you can also buy the Blumen Chaise Sectional for even more versatility. And if you love the Blumen’s design as much as I do, there’s also a matching Blumen Ottoman and more (even a U-shaped sectional) in Medley’s Blumen Collection.

Shelby Golding
Written by
Shelby Golding is a Colorado-based writer/editor with over a decade of experience. She has a college education in interior design and enjoys woodworking in her free time.
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