Low-Profile Sofas: Our Top 12 Picks and Why You Need One

Low Profile Modular Sofa in a Living Room
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If you're into interior design, you've probably noticed the low-profile sofa trend in your feeds. They're perfect for lounging and available with deep, luxurious silhouettes that invite you to sit and stay for a while.

Gone are the tall, leggy looks brought to us by mid-century modern styling — today's sofas are cozy, comfy, and low to the ground. With an understated style and low seat and back heights, low-profile sofas make it easy to give your space a bright and welcoming appeal.

This guide explores the benefits of using a low-profile sofa in your space before highlighting 12 of our favorite options. And we've sprinkled expert advice from top to bottom so that you can make the best choice for your home.

Meet the Experts

We asked professional interior designers for their advice and thoughts on low-profile sofas to answer all your questions. You'll hear from:

What is a Low Profile Sofa?

"Low-profile sofas are the same as traditional sofas but have a lower back," explained Karen Gutierrez. "This feature makes them a perfect piece for small spaces. They're also a great choice if you want to create the illusion of more space in your home, especially for spaces with low ceilings. Plus, they're often more affordable than traditional sofas."

It's hard to say no to a sleek-looking sofa that takes up less room than a traditional sofa, with twice the style. This is especially true since low-profile sofas often come at a lower price point while helping to make your home feel larger. In addition, they're available in a wide range of styles and colors, so there's an option for every home.

"A low profile sofa is a perfect way to add a little extra dash of uniqueness and sophistication to your space," Tiffany Barqawi told Living Cozy. "These fun and stylish sofas are becoming more and more popular as their low backs give a clean, modern look while also serving as a practical design element in your space."

What are the Benefits of a Low Profile Sofa?

Low-profile sofas are popular for more than their looks — they can give you an edge with your interior design. We asked the experts about the benefits of one of these modern sofas, and here's what they had to say:

  • Grounded and Comfortable: "Low Profile Sofas are a more grounded variety of your regular couch," said Stacy Lewis. "The lower height and often wider seating give it a comfortable appearance, perfect for lounging. They're an excellent option for anyone looking for something that will provide comfort and style."
  • Excellent for Small Spaces: "These sofas are designed to be thin and compact, making them ideal for small spaces," added Lewis. "They take up less room than traditional-style couches. In addition, these kinds of sofas have the potential to make your room appear bigger with their short stature, subtle design, and simple structure."
  • Creates a Taller, More Cohesive Look: "If your ceilings are lower, a low profile sofa can make your space feel taller and airier," commented Barqawi. "With less back height, the space also won't feel so divided. For example, placing your sofa towards the center of the room or using it to divide two spaces will allow your eye to gaze past the sofa and create cohesion. Sometimes less really is more."

You don't need a small space to enjoy the benefits of a low-profile sofa, either. The low back also makes it easy to give your home a contemporary touch that will feel modern and stylish.

The 12 Best Low Profile Sofas

1. The Varick

The Varick Sofa

Brand: Maiden Home
Price: From $2,975

The Varick from Maiden Home features oversized arms, a generous seat depth, and bold proportions. This low-slung sofa stands out with comfort-driven curvature and a relaxed, casual appeal perfect for today's spaces.

"Maiden Home's craftsmanship is visible in the sofa's crisp lines and precise corners. The sofa sits low to the ground, which helps give it a slightly modern, casual feel," said Natalli Amato in her Varick review on Living Cozy. "Taken together, these features help the sofa strike the perfect balance between casual and chic."

The Varick comes in a range of upholstery and size options so that you can custom order the best fit for your living area. And you can add a matching Varick Ottoman to your order to complete the look.

Shop now at maidenhome.com

2. The Essential Sofa

The Essential Sofa

Brand: Sabai
Price: $1,845

The Essential Sofa from Sabai has luxury-style proportions and pitch, and it's designed for maximum comfort. It boasts wide arms, perfect for lounging and perching, and a convertible chaise extension that you can move to either side.

"The Sabai Essential Sectional is comfortable to sit and lay on — great for spending a few hours watching the latest Netflix blockbuster. The sofa cushions have a light feel and conform nicely to the body," said Erica Reiner in her review on Living Cozy.

This three-seater sofa comes with recycled and upcycled fibers, no toxic off-gassing, and FSC-Certified solid wood construction. And you can choose from a range of fabrics and wood leg finishes when customizing your sofa. Plus, you can replace parts as needed or trade the whole couch in when you're ready for a new one with the Sabai Revive program.

Shop now at sabai.design

3. The Field

Burrow's Field Sectional Sofa

Brand: Burrow
From $1,495

The Field Sofa from Burrow is available in several sectional configurations, creating a contemporary modular seating system. The sofa features a minimalist silhouette, and is designed to fit with a wide spectrum of styles. You can choose between one and eight pieces with armless and chaise options, ottomans, and a sleep kit. And with a seat height of 16" the Field fits the low-profile bill.

"From the first sit, the Field was incredibly comfortable and I feel that Burrow got the cushions just right. They’re not too soft and not too hard." reads Matthew Gattozzi Field sofa review on Living Cozy. "The Field isn’t the type of sofa to engulf you when you sit in it and that’s just what I like. Whether I’m working away on my laptop or laying back with a book, the Field accommodates my needs."

The Field sofa's backrest and seat cushions are soft, overstuffed, and durable. You'll be protected against spills, stains, and more, so you can skip the slipcovered look and enjoy your beautiful sofa the way it was meant to be.

Shop now at burrow.com

4. Aero

Aero Sofa

Brand: Inside Weather
Price: From $1,849

The Aero Sofa from Inside Weather features a low-profile frame with an eye-catching architectural frame that showcases the comfy back cushions. It boasts organic curves mixed with linear statements and modular and adaptable components.

"The modern design and color of the sofa is a welcome addition to my new home," said Sasha Weilbaker in her review on Living Cozy. "The linear design of the cushions and arms fit the modern aesthetic I was looking for, and pairs well with the furniture I already own and love."

The Aero collection features everything from an armchair to a 4-seater U-shaped design, and each piece has a wide range of customization options. These include configuration, depth, upholstery, armrests, pillows, frame finish, base style, comfort level, and a side table add-on.

Shop now at insideweather.com

5. Floyd Sectional

Floyd Sectional

Brand: Floyd
Price: From $1,640

The Floyd Sectional is a versatile, low-profile sofa with configuration options ranging from a 2-seat loveseat to a 5-seat L-shape with a chaise extension. It combines durable materials with an infinitely modular design, bringing clean lines, deep seats, and high-performance fabric to your home.

"This is my favorite for young couples/families or recently solo living," said Karen Gutierrez. "It's perfect to adapt as you grow as a family and can be laid out in different ways. I love their concept, so you can start small and then add on and rearrange whenever life requires."

Review: Check out of Floyd Sectional review here

This upholstered sofa has comfy seat and back cushions made from a bottom layer of firm foam and a top layer of low-density foam, offering both support and comfort. You can customize the color and configuration at checkout and add on pillows or an ottoman to complete the look. And you can always reconfigure when you need something different.

Shop now at floydhome.com

6. Todd Side Chaise Sofa

Todd Side Chaise Sofa

Brand: Castlery 
Price: $1,599

The Todd Side Chaise Sofa from Castlery is an attractive three-seater with rounded edges and a low profile, perfect for modern spaces. It's part of the modular Todd Collection, which features lightweight, comfortable sectionals to suit everyone's needs.

The Todd Side Chaise Sofa features a solid wood frame with pocket springs and foam filling. You can buy individual parts of the Todd collection to build your sofa if the side chaise configuration doesn't work for your space.

Shop now at castlery.com

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7. Miranda

Miranda 82" Fabric Sofa

Brand: Kardiel
Price: $1,997 (usually $2,680, currently 26% off)

The Miranda Sofa from Kardiel is curvy, round, and sure to make a statement in your space. It boasts an original contemporary design with shapes and colors inspired by modern home decor, creating an effortlessly stylish appeal. In addition, it features super-soft indigenous boucle fabric with an FSC-Certified solid wood frame.

"The Miranda is the perfect sofa for when you want something small and cozy to chill out and read a book. It's perfect for a small sitting area or to split up large open spaces," said Barqawi.

This boucle fabric sofa comes fully assembled with two round orb pillows. If you'd like to use this sofa in a small sitting area, try creating a reading nook in a spacious bedroom beside your dresser.

Shop now at kardiel.com

8. The Forte Channeled Saddle Leather Sofa

Forte Channeled Saddle Leather Extra Large Sofa

Brand: CB2
Price: From $2,799

The Forte Channeled Saddle Leather Sofa from CB2 is a gorgeous creation by Mermelada Estudio. It boasts cushy channels of saddle-colored top-grain leather, with firm seat cushions that are comfortable enough to curl up on for the night.

"I'm obsessed with this one! I love the masculine look and modern approach inspired by Italian vibes with leather to bring timeless details into any space," said Karen Gutierrez. "The deep cushions also make this sofa perfectly comfy enough to stretch out."

This three-seater sofa features a wood frame with 100% buffalo aniline-dyed leather that will age and soften over time. You can choose between widths of 80" and 101" to ensure the perfect fit in your home.

Shop now at cb2.com

9. The Abisko

abisko sofa

Brand: Article
Price: $1,299

The Abisko from Article features a Scandinavian design and an oversized aesthetic, but it's light and compact enough for apartment living. It boasts a stylish yet functional design and arrives in two pieces to make it easy to carry and assemble. This sofa also features a tight seat and backrest cushions, and it comes with two loose throw pillows.

"The Abisko brings a contemporary shape to small living spaces," said Karen Gutierrez. "It can be easily moved around whether you need to travel up tight stairways or through small doors, making it a perfect piece for apartments. The legs are discreet when viewed from a standing position, so it won't peek into your home or office space—it's an ideal option for those who want something more subtle and lightweight."

Shop now at article.com

10. Feathers Sofa

Feathers Sofa

Brand: Valyou
Price: $1,199.95 (usually $2,400, currently on sale)

The Feathers Sofa from Valyou is a soft, stylish, and durable option that you'll be glad to have in your home. It's comfortable and is more than twice as soft as standard sofas, thanks to acclaimed Italian designer Mario Capasa. And it features durable fabric that's water-resistant, stain-proof, and super cozy.

This sofa comes with removable covers that you can machine wash to make cleaning a breeze. It's available with three to six seats and comes in grey and beige fabric, allowing you to customize your sofa to fit your living area perfectly. 

Shop now at valyoufurniture.com

11. Belia Sectional

Belia Sectional Sofa

Brand: Rove Concepts
Price: $3,870 for members; $4,837 for non-members (usually $5,374 for non-members, currently on sale)

The Belia Sectional sofa from Rove Concepts features a sophisticated design and an alluring low profile. It boasts sumptuously tufted cushioning with button detailing, and it stands out with marshmallow-like curves. In addition, the Belia comes in a wide range of fabric options, with everything from boucle to faux leather. You can even opt for a velvet sofa for the ultimate luxe look.

"If you're going to do something out of the box like low profile, you might go super out of the box and try something that will get people talking anytime they walk into the room," said Tiffany Barqawi. "This retro style is super on-trend right now, and the Belia Sectional is a perfect example of what happens when art and function meet. It's super funky and will certainly give your guests something to talk about."

Shop now at roveconcepts.com

12. Capri Sofa

Capri Sofa

Brand: Poly & Bark
Price: $1,599

The Capri Sofa from Poly & Bark is simple and elegant, with durable neutral upholstery and a bench-style seat cushion. This three-seat sofa has a crisp, clean silhouette with low, subtle legs and a solid wood frame to provide superior support. In addition, the frame features resilient rubber webbing, and the cushions have a layer of feathers for extra softness.

You can choose between three neutral fabric options at checkout to customize the Capri Sofa. It arrives fully assembled and comes with two down-filled throw pillows.

Shop now at polyandbark.com

Written by
Shelby Golding
Shelby Golding is a Colorado-based writer/editor with over a decade of experience. She has a college education in interior design and enjoys woodworking in her free time.

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