Guide to the 10 Best Adirondack Chairs with Expert Advice

A Pair of Adirondack Chairs

Everything about the iconic Adirondack chair says leisure and comfort. From the wide arms to the low, reclined back, these beauties are perfect for relaxing lakeside or enjoying a catch-up around the fire pit in your backyard. And despite the natural, laid-back design, Adirondack chairs are stable enough to use almost anywhere.

In this article, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite Adirondack chairs to help you find the best fit for your outdoor living needs. From wood to plastic (and even rocking), these beauties have everything you need for a chilled-out summer.

Explore this comprehensive guide and our top picks to help you find the best outdoor furniture piece for your seating area.

What is an Adirondack Chair?

The modern Adirondack chair has been around since the early 1900s and won't go anywhere anytime soon. The classic one is traditionally made from solid wood with a slanted seat and wide armrests, based on Irving Wolpin's design.

“They are long-lasting, weather- and water-resistant chairs, and they come in a variety of shapes,” explains interior designer KD Reid. “The many reasons behind this, including the chairs' unusual design, their durability, and the comfort they provide to a garden."

Eucalyptus Adirondack Chair in a green garden
Eucalyptus Adirondack Chair from Home Depot

"Adirondack chairs have substantially wider flat armrests than other seats, allowing you lots of elbow room," continues Reid. "While the traditional Adirondack chair is made of wood and has a gently rounded back, there are now available color options, plastic chairs, rock chairs, and other adaptations of the infamous chair.”

In short, this popular choice chair is perfectly designed for relaxation. It supports your back and bottom while you’re sitting and has wide arms that you can grip to make getting out of the chair easier.

"There's something timeless about the comfort and heritage of a good Adirondack chair. So many people love the style because it's comfortable, reliable, and a more affordable way to add seating in a garden or anywhere in your outdoor space," says Mike Frettofrom Neighbor. "We specifically love the Adirondack unique design for its reclined seat back, low profile, wide arms — perfect for your favorite drink."

Adirondack Chairs: Top Choices for Your Outdoor Space

When choosing Adirondack chairs for your garden, a comfortable and smooth wooden option with water-resistant properties will give you peace of mind in all weather conditions.

The following list includes top choices with those features to enhance the serenity of your outdoor space.

1. The Low Chair

Grey Adirondack Chair and a ottoman near a red door

Product details:

  • Brand: Neighbor
  • Price: $720
  • Available colors: Black, white, slate grey, sand, green, teak, mahogany.

Neighbor's Low Chair is comfortable to sit on, making it perfect for your porch, garden, or just about anywhere in your outdoor space all year.

"Our Low Chair is a minimal and more versatile take on the classic Adirondack chair. The most noticeable change is our lower back, wider seat, and square shape," says Mike Fretto. "We think our Low Chair is better for smaller spaces than the traditional design and can withstand all kinds of weather conditions, from strong wind to rain and heavy snow.

In partnership with POLYWOOD, the Low Chair and Ottoman are made using 100% recycled plastic and have a 20-year warranty."

Buy now at

2. Natural Wood Adirondack Chair

Natural Wood Adirondack Chair

Product details:

  • Brand: World Market
  • Price: $129.99
  • Available colors: Natural, white, red, peacoat blue, gray, green, and aqua.

This World Market Exclusive Natural Wood Adirondack Chair is crafted from 100% solid acacia wood with a gently reclined seat. It has a timeless design and features a UV-protected finish to help prevent fading, chips, and scratches while creating a smooth and comfortable surface.

This inviting patio chair is meticulously sanded between each finish coat to ensure an eye-catching high-gloss sheen that lasts years.

If you’d like to invite your guests to sit in the garden and enjoy the company for a while, this chair is an excellent option. It fits the World Market Adirondack Chair Cushions (sold separately) for maximum comfort.

Buy now at

3. Portside Outdoor Adirondack Chair

Two wire-brushed wooden Adirondack Chair and a squared coffee table

Product details:

  • Brand: West Elm
  • Price: $399
  • Available colors: Driftwood, weathered gray, and reef.

The West Elm Portside Outdoor Adirondack Chair feels rustic and stylish. It boasts a coastal-inspired wire-brushed frame and unique finish options in driftwood and weathered grey. Each chair is crafted from moisture-resistant solid mahogany and eucalyptus wood for lasting beauty.

This great outdoor wood chair also features a modest footprint, making it perfect for small backyards, gardens, and balcony spaces.

All wood used to make this beautiful weather-resistant chair is FSC®-certified, so you can rest assured knowing your purchase helps support ecosystems and forests worldwide. 

Buy now at

4. Lollygagger Lounge Chair

White adirondack chair with a light blue coffee table in the sand near a palm tree

Product details:

  • Brand: Loll Designs
  • Price: $645
  • Available colors: Black, leaf, navy blue, red, slate, sky blue, sunset orange, white, driftwood grey.

Recommended by designer KD Reid, this Lollygagger Lounge Chair is a top choice for worry-free living. It’s crafted using recycled and recyclable materials, so it's good for the environment.

The Lollygagger Lounge Chair is also maintenance-free, thanks to its water-resistant materials that will not fade. It’s available in a range of colors, so there’s something for everyone.

Read more: 12 of the Best Pool Lounge Chairs.

It’s easy to see why Reid recommends this chair. In addition to a wide range of options and stylish, updated design, it’s made for convenience.

It has flat armrests and an additional feature: a hidden bottle opener on the bottom side, perfect for cracking open a cold one with friends on hot summer evenings.

Buy now at

5. Byrnes Plastic/Resin Adirondack Chair

Black Adirondack Chair

‎Product details:

  • Brand: AllModern
  • Price: $405
  • Available colors: White, rustic red, black, coastal teak, federal blue, gray woodland brown, blue, eucalyptus, weathered acorn, whitewash.

This Byrnes Plastic/Resin Adirondack Chair from AllModern is attractive and eco-friendly, making it a win-win for today’s green homes. Its classic design gets updated with this eye-catching design, which is perfect for your garden.

It keeps the deep lounge seat and wide arms, adding a clean-lined appeal with a squared top edge. Plus, it’s made from 100% recycled and water-resistant materials, available in several versatile colors, and it's a breeze to clean.

Our favorite part about the Byrnes faux wood Adirondack Chair is that it is easy to clean; you can simply rinse it with a hose whenever it needs a quick refresh.

In addition, it's rust-, mildew-, and water-resistant and is guaranteed to last for years to come. This outdoor furniture piece has a sturdy design with a weight capacity of 400lbs.

Buy now at

6. Classic Plastic Folding Adirondack Chair

Six colored adirondack chairs with a firepit in the center in a patio

‎Product details:

  • Brand: POLYWOOD®
  • Price: $199
  • Available colors: Navy, sand, black, green, lemon, lime, mahogany, sunset red, teak, Aruba, Pacific blue, slate gray, tangerine, white.

Create a refuge for your friends and family with this Classic POLYWOOD Adirondack chair. A few of these on the backyard, garden, or lakeside beach will transform it into a welcoming and attractive space to spend summer days. This chair folds flat, which is excellent for transportation and storage, and it’s built to withstand the elements.

The Classic Plastic Folding Adirondack Chair brings a modern twist to today’s lifestyles. It’s made from genuine POLYWOOD® lumber, which is constructed using a proprietary blend of recycled plastics to create a high-density polyethylene material that is easy to clean.

As a result, these sturdy chairs will not crack, chip, splinter, peel, or rot. It has a weight capacity of 300 lbs and comes in a range of color options to suit everyone's tastes.

Buy now at

7. Imane Wood Folding Adirondack Chair

Wood Folding Adirondack Chair with a blue cushion and a pot with flowers in a garden

‎Product details:

  • Brand: Birch Lane
  • Price: $209
  • Available colors: Brown, dark brown, navy wash, whitewash, gray wash.

This Imane Wood Folding Adirondack Chair from Birch Lane is an iconic top pick for pool sides, front porches, and gardens. It has a traditional appeal, a natural woodgrain finish, and solid wood construction with a weight capacity of 250 lbs.

The waterfall edge on the seat makes it comfortable to sit for long periods, perfect to enjoy chatting with friends in the evening.

We love that this is a classic folding Adirondack for more accessible storage and transportation. It also has flat armrests, is water-resistant, and withstands harsh UV rays. Maintain its beauty by applying teak oil as necessary.

Buy now at

8. Eucalyptus Adirondack Chair with Built-in Ottoman

Four Eucalyptus Adirondack Chairs and a ottoman near a fire pit in a garden

‎Product details:

  • Brand: Outdoor Interiors
  • Price: $219.99
  • Available colors:

Another recommendation from designer KD Reid, this Eucalyptus Adirondack Chair with Built-in Ottoman from Outdoor Interiors is a gem. It provides solid, extra-wide comfort and features a built-in sliding ottoman that can be used in many positions or stowed away for later.

The chair is made from plantation-grown Brazilian Eucalyptus wood and finished with a lovely brown umber stain to provide water-resistant and long-lasting use in backyards, patios, and gardens.

This curvy weather-resistant chair is comfortable to sit in, whether you use it with or without the ottoman. Your guests will love the option to pick their chair position based on their unique comfort requirements.

Buy now at

9. Nautical Curveback Adirondack Chair

Two Aruba blue Curveback Adirondack Chairs with a ottoman in a lakeside porch

‎‎Product details:

  • Brand: POLYWOOD®
  • Price: $289
  • Available colors: Slate grey, black, teak, mahogany, white, sand, sunset red, Aruba, pacific blue, green, tangerine, lemon, lime, navy.

This POLYWOOD® Nautical Curveback Adirondack Chair, recommended by designer Andra DelMonico, continues the eco-friendly theme. It is made from genuine POLYWOOD® lumber, a proprietary material that includes ocean-bound and land-bound recycled plastics. This chair has a waterfall front, curved back slats, and oversized seats with a weight capacity of up to 350lbs. It is water-resistant and built to withstand the elements. It features a UV protectant throughout the HDPE material (high-density polyethylene).

“Enjoy the classic comfort of a quality Adirondack chair with modern looks when you choose this sleek and angular chair,” said Andra DelMonico, Lead Interior Designer for Trendey and home design writer at Next Luxury. “It comes in a brown or grey shade to match your patio design. The seat has a gentle curve that balances the straight lines of the flat armrests and back.”

Buy now at

10. All-Natural Teak Adirondack Chair

All-Natural Teak Adirondack Chair with a flowered cushion and a teak coffee table in a garden

‎Product details:

  • Brand: Grandin Road
  • Price: $349
  • Available colors: Natural, Aruba, Neptune, sangria red.

This All-Natural Teak Adirondack Chair from Grandin Road is handmade with mortise and tenon joinery for long-lasting performance. This outdoor furniture piece is made from first-quality solid teak wood, so it is water-resistant and has a sturdy design and a slatted back and seat.

Teak wood, renowned for its sturdiness, is the top choice for the world’s most coveted yachts. If left untreated, it develops a beautiful silvery patina over time.

In addition, this durable hardwood performs well in all climates without splintering or rotting.

Aside from the beautiful, aged patina, our favorite part about this weather-resistant chair is that, when not in use, there is no need to store or cover it!

Its fittings are made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel to ensure years of lasting comfort.

Buy now at

11. Malibu Outdoor Adirondack Rocking Chair - Set of 2

Malibu Adirondack Chairs

‎‎Product details:

  • Brand: Christopher Knight Home - Set of 2 Chairs!
  • Price: $254.39
  • Available colors: Brown and grey.

This Malibu Outdoor Adirondack Rocking Chair from Christopher Knight Home combines timeless design with ultimate comfort. It is made from the highest-quality acacia wood, a naturally water-resistant material, making it a perfect addition to your patio, garden, or front porch.

This outdoor rock chair is designed to withstand strong wind, rain, or heavy snow while looking great. It is available in grey and natural wood stain colors.

We love that this handmade wooden chair sits on rockers, making it comfortable to sit in and providing a relaxing experience.

From the high, rounded back to the curved seat and wide arms, it’ll make your garden look and feel more inviting.

Buy now at

3 Things to Consider When Buying an Adirondack Chair

1. Material of Adirondack chairs

There’s no perfect material for patio furniture—it all comes down to what you want and need. Adirondack chairs tend to be made from outdoor-friendly woods like acacia and teak wood, as well as aluminum, plastics, acrylics, and HDPE lumber, which is known to be weather-resistant material. When picking materials, you’ll want to consider the following factors:

  • Durability and Maintenance: How well will this material hold up when exposed to the elements year-round? Does the chair clean easily? Does it need a cover when not in use, or should it be stored in extreme weather conditions? Are there any maintenance requirements, such as applying oil or stain?
  • Appearance and Style: How well will this material age? Does the design of the chair fit your outdoor seating area? What are their available colors, or would you like a wood grain that goes with multiple aesthetics?
  • Comfort and Ease of Use: How luxurious and comfortable is the material? Do you plan to add outdoor cushions? What is its weight capacity? Will it be easy to move around, if necessary?

There are no wrong answers here. The right choice depends on you!

2. Color for Adirondack chairs

Tree Colorful Adirondack Chairs, red, yellow and blue.
Adirondack Chairs come in a wide range of colors.

One of the best things about decorating an outdoor space is picking from a variety of color options to define your seating area.

When you’re decorating outdoors, whether in a garden or on a balcony, you can use brighter, bolder colors with more confidence, but you’ll still want to follow a palette. A color palette usually consists of four to six colors, including earthy neutrals.

Match the color options that suit your outdoor decor, or opt for a neutral color that will go with almost anything.

Neutrals include white, black, and grey. Earthy neutrals include brown and tan. Stained wood is an example of an earthy neutral choice that can look beautiful alongside a range of other colors.

3. Adirondack chairs Style

A basic Adirondack wooden chair has a straightforward style that hasn’t changed much and has remained a best seller since the 1930s, but modern twists have added variety. From the shape of the top of the chair—which can be straight, curved, or even feature artistic shapes—to design features like being foldable, you have several options to choose from.

Cup holders, bottle openers, rockers, contoured seats, and ottomans are examples of other style variations to look for. Much like material and color, it all depends on what you want and need — you can even pair a patio chair with a side table. For instance, foldable plastic chairs with cup holders might be perfect for the beach, but a solid wood chair with an ottoman or footrest is an excellent fit for gardens or patios by a table or poolside.

Read more: Level up your outdoor space with these outdoor sectionals.

4. Price Points

“Traditionally, the chairs are made from pine and other coniferous, inexpensive woods,” said Julie Muñiz, trend forecasting consultant. “Today, you can find the style in all price points. Inexpensive plastic chairs can be found for $20 in hardware stores like Home Depot [or Amazon].

Higher-end pieces made from real wood can run up to several hundred. Design Within Reach sells a designer version by Loll for $525. For those who like to DIY, plans and kits are readily available. Because the chair has no complicated joinery, they are fairly easy to assemble.”

5. Caring For Your Chair

“If your chairs are made with wood, make sure they are sealed with a weather-resistant finish,” recommended Muñiz. “Even with the finish, it’s best to cover or bring them in over the winter months to prolong their life. A good carpenter can easily repair broken slats (or you can DIY!). With proper care, these chairs will last a lifetime.”

Adirondack Chair FAQs

What is the standard size of an Adirondack chair?

Most Adirondack chairs follow standard sizing. They’re usually 36 to 42 inches tall, 30 to 34 inches wide, and 35 to 38 inches deep. Depending on the material, the weight may vary from 15 to 45 pounds.

Why are Adirondack chairs so expensive?

We asked Andra DelMonico, Lead Interior Designer for Trendey and home design writer at Next Luxury, to elaborate on this important topic. Here’s what she had to say:

“Good Adirondack chairs require more materials to build, which increases their cost. They also typically use high-quality materials, which also adds to the price. The extra cost is well worth their low maintenance and longevity.”

What is the difference between a Muskoka chair and an Adirondack chair?

This is an easy one to mix up. The Muskoka chair and the Adirondack chair both feature wide armrests, a high back, a reclined seat, and short legs. However, an Adirondack chair built to the standard design will always sit around 2 inches higher and measure 2 inches wider than its Muskoka equivalent.

What do Adirondack chairs add to an outdoor space?

“The relaxed stance of these chairs gives you and your guests a comfortable place to sit back and relax,” explained Andra DelMonico. “They typically have a solid and quality construction, which makes them durable and weather resistant. The wider stance, slanted back, and prominent armrests make them more comfortable than other outdoor furniture seating.”

Read more: The 10 Best Patio Dining Sets for Your Outdoor Space

Why Trust Living Cozy?

At Living Cozy, we work closely with furniture brands and industry professionals to create comprehensive guides to help you find the perfect pieces for your home or outdoor space. This article was written by Shelby Golding, a writer/editor with over a decade of experience in the home industry and a college education in interior design. We also spoke with a some interior design and furniture experts including:

  • Julie Muñiz, an international trend forecasting consultant and curator with more than 15 years of expertise in the direct-to-consumer home design industry.
  • KD Reid, an emerging interior designer whose detail-oriented approach and keen understanding of the shifting design landscape make him one of the industry’s most sought-after creative minds.
  • Andra DelMonico, Lead Interior Designer at Trendey. With over ten years of experience, she understands the unique challenges that come with home improvement projects and interior design.
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Written by
Heather Bien
Heather Bien is a Washington, DC-based writer whose work appears on Apartment Therapy, MyDomaine, Martha Stewart Weddings, mindbodygreen, and more. She previously worked in interior design and still can't resist redecorating every chance she gets.
Heather Bien
Written by
Heather Bien
Heather Bien is a Washington, DC-based writer whose work appears on Apartment Therapy, MyDomaine, Martha Stewart Weddings, mindbodygreen, and more. She previously worked in interior design and still can't resist redecorating every chance she gets.
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