Where to Buy a Teak Outdoor Sofa (Including Expert Advice)

Teak Outdoor Furniture
If you're looking for a teak outdoor sofa, you're onto something good.

Teak outdoor furniture is a top choice for people around the world. It is durable, naturally weather-resistant, and has a buttery gold color that comes alive in the sunlight. In addition, the wood contains naturally occurring substances that protect it against insects, water, rot, and even UV rays. This natural protection ensures that your outdoor furnishings provide years of lasting enjoyment.

Like all furniture purchases, though, you'll want to be armed with the correct information before you buy. Understanding teak wood helps ensure you get the quality you're looking for. And we’re here to help. Below, we’ve gone into more detail about teak furniture, highlighted five of our favorite options, and topped it all off with expert advice to make your purchase easier.

Why Teak is Great for Outdoor Furniture

Teak offers both functionality and beauty, making it one of the most desirable patio furniture materials on the market. A quality teak outdoor sofa will age elegantly while requiring minimal upkeep, and we can't say the same for many other types of wood.

“The beauty of teak in outdoor applications is found in the patina and natural aging process, making no two pieces have the same effect or finish,” explains Devin Shaffer, Lead Interior Designer at Decorilla Online Interior Design. “After a few years of living with a teak piece of furniture, you'll watch it change from golden yellow to silvery white. A big win from teak durability is that it doesn't require painting or varnish, and the natural oils will take care of virtually any and all maintenance.”

Who doesn’t want an outdoor sofa that gets more eye-catching as the years go by? Buying a piece of teak furniture is an investment in the value and design of your exterior spaces. It's also an investment in your quality of life, as teak saves you time and money that you might otherwise spend repainting or refinishing your exterior furnishings.

“Teak happens to fall into the category of hardwood species,” continues Shaffer. “Hardwood is the way to go when durability and longevity are design considerations. When sourcing wood furniture and flooring, I love to look at the regions and climate the materials are native to. Teak's high performance in outdoor spaces, in the elements, is all credited to its tropical origins with harsh sun conditions and high humidity and moisture.”

5 Examples of Teak Outdoor Sofas

1. The Haven Sofa

Haven Sofa by Neighbor

Brand: Neighbor
Price: $2,100

With a solid teak wood frame and roped back, The Sofa from the Haven collection by Neighbor cuts a modern silhouette. It features cushioned armrests, clean-lined cushions, and life-proof Sunbrella cushions. This beautiful outdoor sectional sofa is designed for lounging and enjoying your own backyard.

You can configure each piece from the Haven collection to fit any space, thanks to its modular system. In addition, each piece of furniture from this collection is designed with indoor sophistication and lasting enjoyment. You’ll get years of use out of the FSC®-Certified solid teak, Marine-grade hardware, mildew-resistant fabric, and quick-dry reticulated foam. And you can pair it with The Loveseat or The Chair from the haven collection for a long-lasting outdoor living room.

Enjoy patio dining? Neighbor also offers a teak dining set, perfect for those long summer evenings.

Learn more and shop now at hineighbor.com.

2. Teak Outdoor Sofa

Outer Teak Outdoor Sofa

Brand: Outer
Price: $5,290

Outer has plenty of teak patio furniture options. Its four-seat Teak Outdoor Sofa has enough room for the whole family and is designed for medium or large backyards, rooftops, patios, decks, and other outdoor spaces, while the modular chairs can be arranged and rearranged for additional configurations. Available in cream or gray fade-proof, stain-resistant, water-resistant, and easy-to-clean cushions. If the sofa is a bit out of your budget, Outer’s Teak Outdoor Loveseat has the same charm at a more accessible price point.

"As part of its innovative design for both ease and durability, Outer’s patented OuterShell technology quickly rolls out and over cushions to protect them from everyday dirt, debris, and morning dew," the brand's Co-founder Jiake Liu told Living Cozy. "Additionally, every Teak product is proudly Forest Stewardship Council® certified, and for every Teak chair and sofa sold, 15+ saplings will be planted in partner forests to help maintain Earth's carbon balance."

Want to turn your patio into an outdoor oasis? Pair the Teak Outdoor Sofa with one of Outer's Conversation Sets or Teak Loveseats and some outdoor decor pieces like rugs and throw pillows.

Learn more and shop now at liveouter.com.

3. Winnie Outdoor Sofa Set

Winnie Outdoor Dining Set

Brand: Yardbird
Price: $4,170

The Winnie Outdoor Sofa Set from Yardbird features a rich, golden teak frame with deep seating and excellent durability. It comes with everything you need for a relaxing outdoor lounge area, including a sofa, two fixed chairs, and a coffee table. This setup is ideal for hosting a family get-together, relaxing around the fire pit or just enjoying a relaxed afternoon in your backyard.

This set uses a durable Grade A teak to ensure the construction will last for years to come. In addition, the cushions for the chairs and sofa are made using Sunbrella upholstery, which offers mold and mildew resistance and easy cleaning in the event of spills or messes.

Yardbird's Winnie Collection features a bistro set, an outdoor dining table + dining chairs, a loveseat, and a side table. You can also pick up a matching ottoman to convert your sofa into a chaise lounge.

Learn more and shop now at yardbird.com.

4. Camren Deep Seating Teak Patio Sofa

Camren Deep Seat Sofa

Brand: AllModern
Price: $1,230

This mid-century inspired Teak Patio Sofa from AllModern has a streamlined, minimalist profile and a modest, loveseat-sized footprint. It’s made from solid teak wood with a streamlined, open silhouette, angled legs, and retro Scandi-inspired squared-off edges and extra deep seats. The sofa comes with four gray seat and back cushions that boast comfortable polyester filling and resilient, machine-washable olefin covers.

Both the frame and cushions are water-resistant, mildew-resistant, rust-resistant, and UV-resistant to ensure years of lasting durability. Note that AllModern recommends using an oil sealer to maintain the wood’s golden hue. It's small size makes it a perfect piece of balcony furniture.

Learn more and shop now at allmodern.com.

5. St Kitts Loveseat

St Kitts Loveseat

Brand: Frontgate
Price: $3,199.00 - $4,959.00

This loveseat from the St. Kitts collection by Frontgate features clean lines, geometric angles, and eye-catching wide planks. Made from premium natural teak with a satin-smooth weathered gray finish, this loveseat has a definite modern flair. It’s a timeless look that’ll stay in style for years to come, keeping up with the longevity of the teak frame itself.

The frame is paired with comfortable, high-resiliency foam cushions available in various colors and fabrics, including Sunbrella® waterproof fabric. Designed to offer beauty and comfort for years to come, this loveseat is protected from a worry-free 10-year warranty. In addition, the cushion fabric and teak finish also have a 2-year warranty to ensure lasting satisfaction.

Frontage's St Kitts collection includes a range of best outdoor furniture to compliment its sofa, including a lounge chair, chaise lounge/daybed, dining table, side chair and more.

Learn more and shop now at frontgate.com.

Teak Outdoor Sofa FAQs

What Are the Different Grades of Teak?

You probably noticed that some of the sofas above are listed as Grade A teak, but what does it mean? There are three grades of teak, A, B, and C, and each has its place. According to Shaffer from Decorilla Online Interior Design, these “varying grades of teak allow for everyone to introduce a piece into their space with sofa options ranging from $200-$5,000.”

Learn more about each different grade below:

  • Grade A: “Grade A teak is the 'heart' of the log and the hardest teak wood option available,” explains Shaffer. “Because of its high oil content, this grade of teak requires little to no maintenance and is the truest of true hardwood. Think longevity!”
  • Grade B: “Grade B teak still has the warm honey coloration as Grade A teak,” explains Shaffer, “however it tends to have less oil content and more imperfections with knots and noticeable grain striations.”
  • Grade C: “Grade C teak is for indoor applications only and is a great budget-friendly option!" finishes Shaffer.

Grade A is the way to go for those who want the "teak experience" of having a maintenance-free, long-lasting teak outdoor sofa. But if you're looking for something more budget-friendly, Grade B teak furniture is still beautiful and durable.

Does Teak Furniture Last a Long Time?

The longevity of your teak furniture will ultimately depend on the grade you select. However, teak in an outdoor-suitable grade (A or B) is a great frame material and will still outlast many other wood outdoor furniture options on the market. And with high-quality teak, this is true in almost any climate—the same cannot be said for many other types of wood.

“Grade A teak will likely outlive its owners,” says Shaffer, “which is what makes it so desirable, and we tell clients to view these furniture pieces as an investment. Climate often dictates what types of materials clients can use. With teak, it's never a question as to if it will be okay in hot or cold, dry or wet climates.”

Is Teak Easy to Care For?

One of the draws of teak furniture is the minimal maintenance requirements. It’s a popular choice for vacation homes and busy households where regular maintenance is impractical. If you purchase teak furniture that does require regular oiling (Grade B), you can hire a professional or take care of it yourself relatively quickly.

“Teak wood is truly the top pick for low maintenance spaces and can be left out during winter months,” said Shaffer. “I would advise using covers and (or) bringing the pieces in just to be on the safe side. However, this isn't required, and natural patinas will form quicker when left to the elements. Caring for your teak furniture is as simple as giving it a nice shower with a garden hose when watering plants or cleaning your deck or patio space.”

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