With the Launch of its Atmosphere Collection, Cozey Brings Modularity to a New Level

Cozey Atmosphere Sofa
Cozey was founded to create simple, thoughtfully designed furniture made for modern living.

Founded in 2020 by Frédéric Aubé, the Montreal-based brand seeks to make buying furniture online a fast, easy, and effortless experience. Thus, its first product, the sofa-in-a-box (now available online as the “Original”), sought to create an elegantly designed sofa that ships quickly, can be easily assembled without tools, and is “marvelously comfortable,” according to Aubé. 

Since then, the team at Cozey strives to find creative ways to elevate the quality of their products, with simplicity at the core of their customer’s experience.  

“One thing startups have in common is that they try to make the world a better place by simplifying our lives,” says Aubé. “That’s what I want. A faster, easier, and effortless experience.”

Cozey Atmosphere

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that Cozey has found a way to create “the most modern and functional sofa collection” available on the market, with fully swappable covers that allow users to change the color of their sofa anytime. 

“We’re launching the Atmosphere Collection to offer customers a new sofa option that features deeper seating, a sleek and modern look, and the possibility for users to easily change the color of their sofa by only swapping out the cover,” Aubé says. 

We chatted with Aubé for more insight on the design and development process of the collection. 

Designing the Atmosphere Collection

When Aubé and his team at Cozey first conceptualized the Atmosphere Collection, the intent was to create a modern looking sofa that has the capacity to change with the preference of the user. “We wanted to allow our customers to be able to completely change their sofa’s color without having to buy a new one,” Aubé said. 

To bring their idea to life, the team at Cozey worked for over a year to design this new concept, testing multiple prototypes and changing the foam composition of the sofa many times over to reach what they deemed “the perfect level of comfort.” Additionally, the team worked hard to make sure that the covers of the sofa fit perfectly on each module while remaining easy to install and remove– definitely considered an engineering feat by anyone who has ever struggled with a fitted sheet and mattress. 

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The result? A chic, modern sofa available in a variety of eye-catching colors that certainly fits Cozey’s motto of “keep it simple”. While certainly stylish in its own right, the Atmosphere Collection is clearly able to mesh well with most design aesthetics, making it an easy fit for the home. 

Focus on Modularity 

By adding the Atmosphere Collection to its two other collections of modular sofas already available, it’s clear that Cozey is focused on designing the best modular sofas on the market rather than spreading its skillset too thin. 

Cozey Couch
“We keep focusing on creating and designing the most functional furniture available on the market and we believe that this new collection brings modularity and adaptation to another level.”

“We keep focusing on creating and designing the most functional furniture available on the market and we believe that this new collection brings modularity and adaptation to another level,” says Aubé. “We also wanted to create a sofa that has deep seating to fit better in larger spaces and offer a third design to our customers.” 

By offering three completely different modular sofas, customers are able to pick the style that matches their unique preferences. 

Ordering, Shipping, and Delivery 

According to the brand’s website, “customer happiness is at the center of what we do.” The brand provides “7-star” customer service able to offer personalized consultations to help customers determine which collection and configuration works best in their space. 

When ordering from Cozey’s Atmosphere Collection online, customers are able to choose from nine colors and twelve configurations that range from a single seat to a U-shaped sectional. They’re also able to add on an ottoman, pillows, and choose from four different arm designs. 

Atmosphere Sofa

Once ordered, Cozey offers free shipping and delivery in as little as one week. Each sofa is delivered in multiple boxes designed to fit through any doorway, for assembly that’s as easy as possible. Cozey also offers a 30-day risk free trial on all orders, so if you don’t love your couch after 30-days, Cozey will take it back for free. (Simply keep all the boxes it shipped in.)

After Aubé and his team launched the Original Collection, they were blown away by the “customer appreciation for the Cozey experience that has translated into so many great reviews.” With such a promising launch, we’ll certainly be on the lookout for reviews of the Atmosphere Collection. After all, maybe you’ll be one of them. 

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