Direct-to-Consumer Office Furniture: The Best Home Office Desks, Chairs, and Accessories

Work From Home Desk
Finding the right home office desk, chair and accessories — whether you’re setting it up in the bedroom, corner of the living room, or dedicated office space — can be difficult, especially if you’re looking for affordable options. So to help, we’ve curated some of the best options available online today. 

When you first start working from home, it’s easy to fall into the habit of working from your dining table – or worse, your sofa or bed. But creating an ergonomically correct home office setup has a wealth of stress-reducing, productivity-increasing benefits. 

All of the products listed below come from direct-to-consumer brands. By selling directly to consumers rather than through third-party retailers (who take a cut of profits, and add costs to consumers), these brands can produce higher quality goods and pass savings onto consumers like you and I. 

Direct-to-Consumer Home Office Desks

Branch Office Desk, $445

Branch Office Desk
The Branch Office Desk

Branch was founded in 2018 with a goal to make high-quality office furniture accessible to everyone. 

For its first few years, it was focused on outfitting commercial offices for businesses like Breather, Baron Fig, and Tumblr. But now it sells its furniture directly to consumers to help bring professional-quality furniture to home offices. 

The Branch Office Desk is one of our favorites. Its design is minimal features flared legs, height-adjustable feet, and a brushed cable port. The desk also comes with a choice of a white or woodgrain top and polished or powder white legs. The desk’s steel frame and anodized legs and built to support up to 650 pounds of weight and it’s backed by the Branch Warranty for ten years.

“The build quality is superb. absolutely no wobble,” one reviewer wrote. 

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Floyd Table/Desk, $595

Floyd Table/Desk
Floyd's versatile Table/Desk

Floyd is a Detroit-based furniture brand that was founded to change the way people consume, keep, and enjoy furniture. Its goal is to create furniture that won’t deteriorate when moved or follow trends that go out of style in a few years. 

Made from real birch, walnut, and steel, and manufactured responsibly in the US, Floyd’s Table makes a perfect home office desk  — and versatile enough to be used as a dining table if you need to maximize your space at home.

Available in four color options — Birch, Walnut, Blush, and Fog — and a range of combinations with black and white leg options, The Floyd Desk is built to last and backed by the brand’s ten-year warranty. 

It’s also popular with customers, with over 115 reviews and an average rating of 4.9 out of 5. “My work from home setup is now better than any office setup I've ever had,” says one reviewer. 

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Inside Weather Jorn Media Desk, $749

Inside Weather Jorn Media Desk
Inside Weather Jorn Desk

Known for its super customizable furniture, Inside Weather moved into the home office space with the launch of its modular Jorn Desk range. 

Available in a variety of configurations, the Jorn Media Desk is designed to cater to your needs — whether you’d like a minimalist desk or multiple monitor stands and a shelf for every gadget, the choice is yours. 

And once you’d chosen your configuration, you’re free to adjust as and when you feel like it. Each shelf type’s height and position along the back of the desk are adjustable and can be customized to meet the needs of your unique work environment. 

The desk is crafted from FSC Certified, 100% Baltic Birch wood that is precision milled in the US. Its surfaces feature an American Maple veneer with a triple coat of UV cured clear, matte, eco-solvent finish. Its modular shelf attachments are joined by matte black steel spines.

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Uhuru 1 x1 Desk, $500

Uhuru 1 x1 Desk
Uhuru Design 1 x 1 Desk

Uhuru Design is a furniture design firm based in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Established in 2004, founders Jason Horvath and Bill Hilgendorf started designing and building custom high-end furniture with reclaimed materials.

Inspired by the concept of an Architect's desk, its 1 x 1 Desk features a minimal design with box legs and is perfect for a home office space. The 1 x 1 Desk comes equipped with a built-in compartment that holds power-strips and helps conceal cables. 

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Artifox Desk 02, $1,290

Artifox Desk 02
Artifox Desk 02

Artifox designs and manufactures beautiful, minimalist products for home and office spaces. Founded in 2014 by an architect and a visual designer, the brand is focused on reinventing everyday artifacts and adapting them to better fit our daily lives.

The first Artifox product was a desk — DESK 01. And now, with DESK 02, it has crafted a modern, tech-friendly workspace for home offices. The minimalist desk has built-in dock stores your phone and tablet, a functional cable grid neatly manages power cords, and super handy pegs that serve as hooks for things like headphones or bags.

It’s a big hit with Artfox customers. One reviewer said: “I’ve been using and loving my DESK 02 for 3 months now. It keeps surprising and impressing me with tiny design details that make my life easier.”

The desk also combines with a range of Artifox accessories such as the LIFT which provides multi-level storage to display monitors, notebooks, plants, and more.

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Caramba Goldilocks Desk, $599

Caramba Goldilocks Desk
The Goldilocks Desk

Caramba was founded by a pair of stay-at-home dads with a passion for furniture design. Each piece of furniture they make is manufactured in Victoria, British Columbia, and is made from sustainably-sourced 1-inch European birch plywood that's very durable and incredibly strong.

The mid-century inspired Goldilocks Desk was designed specifically for people who are working from home and trying to carve out a space to feel productive in. The desk is designed with strategically placed holes in the desktop for cords to pass through and is available in two sizes (though if you need a custom-sized desktop Caramba is keen to help out). You can also combine it with Caramba’s Monitor Stand to create a dream setup and give yourself a little bit more workspace. 

The Goldilocks has seven reviews on Caramba’s website — each rating it 5 out of 5. One customer said: “It was so easy to put together, customer service was impeccable, and it is just the desk I was looking for to spruce up my work from home space.”

Direct-to-consumer Home Office Standing Desk

Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk, $559

Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk
Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk

The Jarvis is an adjustable-height desk made with the environment in mind. 

Its desktop is made with bamboo sourced from sustainable forests where it's grown without pesticides or fertilizers and matures for five years. And it has an impressive lifting capacity of 350 lbs, and quickly and quietly adjusts from an impressive top height of 50" to a level low enough for you to sit on the floor.

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Uhuru Frame Rise Desk, $1,150

Uhuru Frame Rise Desk
Uhuru Frame Rise Desk

The Frame Rise Desk is a sit-stand desk with numerous configurations and an adjustable table height from 24” to 49” to set your work surface at an ergonomic level whether sitting or standing. 

A minimal digital display pad allows you to quietly adjust the desk height in just a few clicks as whisper-quiet electric lifters move the desktop to your preferred height. The Frame Rise Desk is designed to support up to 250 lbs. 

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Branch Standing Desk, $779

Branch Standing Desk
Branch Standing Desk

The Branch Standing Desk is built for people of all shapes and sizes and its three-stage lift creates a stable fit for people up to 6'8". 

Dual EasyGlide motors make height adjustments simple, fast and smooth enough not to spill your coffee. Built to support up to support up to 250 lbs and available in two sizes and your choice of a white or woodgrain top, the Standing Desk is a versatile foundation for healthy work.

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Artifox Standing Desk 02, $1,490

Artifox Standing Desk 02
Artifox Standing Desk 02

Artifox’s Standing Desk 02 is designed to look great in any home office. With enough space to keep monitors, laptops, speakers and more on your desktop. 

Featuring all of the great touches that make Artifox desks special — built-in dock, cable grid and pegs — the Standing Desk 02 sits at 42” and is available in black, walnut and white oak bases with a couple of choices for desktop colors too.

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Direct-to-consumer Home Office Chairs

Branch Ergonomic Chair, $289

Branch Ergonomic Chair
Branch Ergonomic Chair

The Branch Ergonomic Chair ticks all the ergonomic boxes with seven points of adjustment — three-way armrests, height, tilt and tilt tension, seat depth and lumbar support. 

The chair was designed in Italy — inspired by the clean lines and carbon fiber of Italian automotive design — and is made with premium, recyclable materials and backed by a seven year warranty. Its double double layered nylon mesh weave eliminates pressure points with breathable support and confirm. 

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ReGeneration by Knoll, $610

ReGeneration by Knoll
ReGeneration Desk Chair by Knoll

A more expensive option, but this chair has everything you need in a home office chair. ReGeneration offers responsive comfort and intuitive adjustment in an eco-friendly chair made from recycled materials.

Available in Onyx black, with a choice of four seat colors — Oxyx, Bluemarine, Pebble (silver), and Olive — the ReGeneration chair is light, compact and designed to respond to your movements and you shift and shuffle around your home office throughout the day. 

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Fully Desk Chair, $299

Fully Desk Chair
Fully Desk Chair

It collaboration with its sibling brand, Able Desk Co., Fully developed this chair to be fully adjutible and comfortable in a range of seating positions. 

The chair has simple controls to adjust the height of the seat and armrests, with a reclining backrest so you can find your perfect seating position. The Fully Desk chair was ergonomically designed to keep you comfortable over for full days sat at your desk. 

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Hermann Miller Mirra 2, $745

Hermann Miller Mirra 2
Mirra 2 Chair

Full disclosure: This is the chair I use in my home office. It was a big investment but 100% worth it. The Mirra 2 is super comfortable and adaptable for exactly how you like to sit and work. 

The Mirra 2 is designed to move with you. When you sit, the seat adapts to you instantly and its Loop Spine provides torsional flex, allowing you to stretch and reach without losing support. The chair's Harmonic 2 tilt has a responsive leaf spring design that provides a smooth and balanced feel as you move from one posture to another, whatever your size or stature. 

Coming with a 12-year warranty, and available in a versatile color palette, the Mirra 2 is a great option for your home office. Every chair is made in Michigan at a 100% green-energy facility. 

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Home Office Accessories 

Open Spaces Nesting Trays, $42

Open Spaces Nesting Trays
Open Spaces Nesting Trays

Having an organized workspace can be a really productivity boost. These nestring trays from Open Spaces are the perfect desktop companion to help keep your surface clear, and help you to form a habit of giving every item a home. 

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Bloomscape Plants, From $35

Bloomscape Plants
Bloomscape Hedgehog Aloe

Indoor plants are a great way to brighten up your home office. And not only do they look great, plants have been proven to  boost your mood, improve memory and concentration, and clean the air.

When it comes to picking the best indoor plants for your office, Bloomscape is a great place to start your search. You can add a little greenery to your desktop with smaller plants like Hedgehog Aloe and Silver Pothos, or place a couple of floor plants — like a ZZ Plant or Sansevieria— next to your workspace

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Grovemade Wall Shelf, $320

Grovemade Wall Shelf
Grovemade Wood Wall Shelf

A wall shelf offers additional storage and organization to your workspace, and also a chance to display the things that matter most and create a happy, productive environment. 

These shelves from Grovemade are made with natural materials and designed to give you clean lines and subtle functionality. 

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