The 7 Best Furniture Rental Companies Online

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People are moving more frequently than ever today. Many young, urban professionals want to experience life in new cities and experiment with new jobs before settling down.

But the realities of living this way aren’t quite as exciting.

Moving is expensive, especially if you need to ship furniture with you or leave your existing furniture in storage as you enjoy a more nomadic lifestyle. Regrettably, moving often means furniture gets thrown to the curb, with almost 10 million tons of furniture ending up in North American landfills each year.

Fortunately, there are plenty of furniture rental companies to help consumers enjoy stylish, new furniture pieces at affordable monthly prices.

Check out seven of the best furniture rental companies to try below...

The 7 Best Furniture Rental Companies

1. Fernish

Fernish furniture rental

Fernish aims to make life easier for urban dwellers who frequently move, eliminating the need to lug big pieces of furniture from home to home. The brand also prides itself on sustainability, offering an affordable alternative to the "fast furniture" that winds up in landfills all too quickly.

According to Taylor Hill, Fernish's brand marketing manager, “Fernish truly is a one-stop shop for furniture rental. Within a week of placing an order, a professional Fernish team will deliver, assemble, and place the items in the customer’s home. After delivery, we have several options to swap pieces out at the beginning, middle, and end of the rental period. When the rental term is up, we allow customers the flexibility to return, renew, purchase, or move their rented items."

What areas do they cover?

  • Austin, Texas
  • Dallas-Forth Worth, Texas
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Southern Califonia

What types of furniture can you rent?

Fernish offers a wide selection of largely mid-century-inspired furniture from well-known brands like CB2, Floyd, and Crate&Barrel. With everything from office furniture to bedroom and living room furniture, the brand's offerings can furnish every room in your home beautifully and sustainably.

Rental terms

Fernish subscriptions start at $75 per month, with a minimum two-month commitment. Once you order your pieces, you can choose your own delivery date, with the earliest delivery being one week after your order.

When your furniture rental period is up, you can choose to buy the furniture at retail price minus the amount you paid toward it during your subscription. If you don't want to buy it, Fernish will pick up your pieces free of charge, provided you give them a seven-day notice.

Learn more at

2. Cort

Cort Furniture Rental

Cort boasts a 45-year history of offering residential and commercial furniture rental services across many areas of the United States. The company offers various rental packages that make it easy to outfit every room in your home, including discounted packages for students and military personnel. You can also rent one-off pieces, depending on your needs.

What areas do they cover?

Cort offers furniture rentals across major cities in 34 different states, including Alabama, Arizona, Indiana, Michigan, New York, and more. Find out whether the brand serves your city here.

What types of furniture can you rent?

Fernish offers furniture in a wide range of aesthetics, including traditional, mid-century, and contemporary, so it's easy to find pieces to complement your unique style sensibilities.

Rental terms

The brand offers three standard rental packages. The base "Function" package includes living room, bedroom, and dining room furniture starting at $297 per month for a six-month rental period. Military and student packages cover the same rooms but start at $99 per month.

The brand also offers "Flair" and "Fabulous" package upgrades, which include more high-end, trendy furniture pieces than the Function package, but they also cost more, with the Fabulous package being the most expensive. If you don't want a professionally curated package, you can order one-off pieces to personalize your style for a monthly minimum.  

Rental contracts start at one month and extend up to a year. But the shorter your rental contract, the more you'll pay each month. Your location also impacts the price of your furniture rental.

After ordering your furniture, you can choose your delivery date, which is usually offered within one week of your order but may vary depending on furniture availability. Once your furniture lease is up, Fernish will pick up your pieces free of charge. You can also buy the pieces at a discounted rate, but unlike some of the brands on this list, your subscription price does not go toward the cost of the furniture.

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3. Brook Furniture Rental

Brook Furniture Rental

Brook offers rentable furniture and decor for residential homes, corporate offices, home staging, and more. You can also join Brook Plus, which provides access to services that make your move easier, like move-in walkthroughs, housekeeping, and cable wait-and-return service.

According to the brand, “For over 40 years, as an industry leader, we’ve turned the impossible into “done” for thousands of customers—offering an easy, technology-driven rental process that prioritizes reliability, responsiveness, and satisfaction every step of the way."

What areas do they cover?

  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Detroit, Michigan
  • Fairfax, Virginia
  • Fort Worth, Texas
  • Houston, Texas
  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Madison, Wisconsin
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin,
  • All of New Jersey
  • All of New York
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Sacramento, California
  • San Diego, California
  • San Francisco, Califonia
  • San Jose, California
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Washington, D.C.

What types of furniture can you rent?

Brook offers furniture in diverse aesthetics for every room in your home, including the living room, dining room, bedroom, and home office. You can also rent various floor, wall, and table decor, as well as amenities for your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.

Rental terms

Brook's standard leases start at three months and include at $250 minimum. However, you can also rent pieces for one month or two months at a $1,500 or $750 minimum, respectively.

Once you select your pieces, you can choose your delivery date, which can typically be as soon as two days from the time you place an order. When your lease term ends, you can shoot the brand an email to schedule a free pick-up of your items. Right now, Brook doesn't offer a rent-to-own option, so all pieces must be returned. However, they're exploring ways to purchase furniture in the future.  

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4. Feather

Feather Furniture Rental

Feather was founded based on the fact that city renters move an average of every 1-2 years. To make moving easier, more affordable, and more sustainable, the brand offers over 200 pieces of design-forward furniture and decor for rent or rent-to-own.

What areas do they cover?

  • New York, New York
  • San Francisco, California
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Richmond, Virginia
  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • Houston, Texas
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Austin, Texas

What types of furniture can you rent?

Feather offers furniture and decor for every room in your home, as well as furniture to elevate your outdoor living spaces. The brand offers furniture from well-known brands like Floyd, Herman Miller, and West Elm and beautiful pieces from lesser-known brands. The pieces are primarily mid-century inspired, featuring airy silhouettes and pared-back designs that can enhance all sorts of aesthetics.

Rental terms

Feather offers three rental plans: Annual Membership (12 months), Short-term Membership (three months), and Monthly. The Monthly plan is the most expensive, with a $1,000 per month minimum. The Short-term plan comes with a $99 per month minimum, while the Annual plan is the least expensive at a minimum of $29 per month. The amount of furniture you can rent each month is based on your credit score and the financial information you submit in your rental application.

You can typically receive your furniture within seven days of ordering it. When you're done with it, you can schedule a free pick-up or choose to buy the furniture at retail price minus the the fees you paid toward it during your rental period. Feather also offers the option to buy rather than rent the furniture outright in select markets.

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5. Conjure

Conjure furniture rental

Conjure offers a wide selection of rentable furniture for the bedroom, living room, office, and dining room at below-retail prices. The brand's pieces are heavily inspired by the diversity of styles in iconic New York neighborhoods, such as the charm of the West Village and sleek minimalism of Tribeca, so it's easy to find something you love no matter your aesthetic leanings.

What areas do they cover?

Conjure serves the greater New York City metropolitan area, parts of New Jersey, and southern parts of New York and Connecticut. However, the free delivery zone only includes New York City's five boroughs and the Newark Metro Area.

What types of furniture can you rent?

Inspired by aesthetics found in some of New York's most popular neighborhoods, Conjure offers bedroom, living room, dining room, and office furniture in diverse aesthetics. However, much of the furniture has a distinctly mid-century feel, with minimal silhouettes and plenty of organic accents.

Rental terms

Depending on your needs, conjure offers 3-12-month rental contracts with a $69 per month minimum. But the longer your contract, the less you'll need to pay each month since pricing is based on half of the retail value of your items and spread across the length of your rental period.

Most orders can be delivered in 4-7 business days of signing your lease, at which point Conjure professionals will deliver and assemble your items for you. If you live in one of the five NYC buroughs or the Newark Metro Are, then delivery is free. If you live outside of these regions, then deliveries start at $99.

When your rental period is up, you can renew all of your items, pay the remaining retail value on pieces that you love, and/or trade in items for a discount on another piece that catches your eye. You can also schedule a pick-up, which costs $199.

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6. The Everset

The Everset furniture rental

The Everset is a premium furniture rental service based in New York City that offers designer-curated furniture packages that make it easy to create the interior you've always wanted. The brand also prides itself on giving back, donating its used furniture to Habitat for Humanity.

What areas do they cover?

The Everset offers furniture rentals in all five New York City buroughs, as well as select areas of New Jersey and Westchester, New York.

What types of furniture can you rent?

The Everset partners with suppliers that manufacture items from trusted brands to offer a variety of gorgeous, high-quality pieces the living room, dining room, bedroom, and home office. Like many of the other furniture rental brands on this list, many of The Everset's pieces have a mid-century slant and minimal design that can slide seamlessly into many different aesthetics.

What types of furniture can you rent?

The Everset offers furniture from suppliers that manufacture items for some of the worlds best known and most trusted brands. From living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms to home offices, lighting and storage, everything you need to furniture you home can be supplied by The Everset.

Rental terms

The Everset offers 3-14-month lease terms, as well as a 24-month term. The longer your rental period, the less you'll need to pay per month, but the monthly minimum for all orders is $89.

Once you sign your lease, delivery takes about seven business days. If you live in one of the five NYC buroughs or the Newark Metro Area, then delivery is free. If you live outside of these regions, then deliveries start at $99. The same pricing goes for furniture pick-ups.

When your lease is up, you can return your items, trade them for other items, or buy them at retail cost minust the monthly price you paid toward them during your rental.

Learn more at

7. Oliver Space

Oliver Space

Oliver Space is a San Francisco-based furniture rental brand that was founded in 2018. Oliver Space exists to take away the headaches of creating a space you love, with flexible furniture rental and a design team that handpicks and helps curate your space your living space is a welcoming oasis that just feels like home.

The brand also has a strong focus on sustainability and circularity, with a nine-point refurbishment process ensuring each piece of pre-loved furniture is looking good as new and into the home of a new happy customer.

What areas do they cover?

  • Greater Los Angeles
  • Greater San Francisco Bay Area
  • San Diego
  • Dallas Fort-Worth
  • Austin
  • Greater Seattle Area

What types of furniture can you rent?

Oliver Space offers quality furniture that's manufactured by the teams that supply well-known brands including Article, Rove Concepts, and Casper among others. The brand offers a wide range of home furniture and housewares, as well as foam mattresses.

Oliver Space's hassle-free design process enables you to start with curated furniture rental packages or pick out your own furniture.

Rental terms

Oliver Space's Rental plan has a 3-month minimum lease and its Oliver Flex plan has a 9-month minimum. It also offers Oliver Purchase where you can buy furniture outright. If you opt for a rental package, every payment you make counts towards the total purchase price for each item.

It has varied minimum order amounts for each plan — $30 per month for the Oliver Flex plan, $75 per month for the Oliver Rental plan, and $360 for the Oliver Purchase plan.

When it comes to delivery, Oliver Space will do all the heavy lifting by providing a full white-glove delivery service, including assembly, placement of items, and removal of boxes and cardboard after the delivery. It also offers contactless delivery options if you'd prefer.

Within 24 hours of placing your order, you will receive an email confirming your delivery date and the brand aims to have pieces delivered to you in 'days'.

Learn more at

What are the benefits of furniture rental?

Convenience is a key benefit of furniture rental. "Setting up an apartment or home today is an exhausting process of buying, building, moving, storing, selling, disposing of furniture," Fernish Co-founder Michael Barlow told Living Cozy.

With furniture rental, a lot of these headaches are taken care of as Fernish's Brand Marketing Manager Taylor Hill explains: "The convenience factor is that you don’t have to worry about selling your furniture when you no longer need it or moving it to a new home where it might not fit (size-wise or style-wise)."

Renting can also be a much more cost-effective way to furnish your home. "The cost benefits are that you don’t have to invest thousands in furnishings that you may not end up keeping for longer than a year – instead, you can furnish your home with affordable monthly payments," says Hill.

"Because rented furniture can be refurbished and used again and again rather than ending up in a landfill, renting reduces furniture waste and lowers the carbon footprint of every furniture item."

And one of the most important aspects of renting furniture is mitigating the impact fast furniture has on the environment. "Because rented furniture can be refurbished and used again and again rather than ending up in a landfill, renting reduces furniture waste and lowers the carbon footprint of every furniture item. Definitely a win-win-win situation in our eyes,” adds Hill.

When should you rent furniture?

“The way people live today is very different from the lifestyle traditional furniture retailing is built to accommodate. "More people are renting, moving around, and finding themselves in short-term or temporary living arrangements than ever before," explains Hill.

"More people are renting, moving around, and finding themselves in short-term or temporary living arrangements than ever before."

With more and more professionals moving around the country for work and many opting for more nomadic lifestyles, furniture rental can make more sense than fully furnishing temporary living spaces, shipping existing furniture to new locations every few months, or leaving furniture in storage spaces which can get expensive.

"Our business model was designed to allow for a lot of flexibility: our customers choose their lease length, can rent anywhere from a single piece to a full home’s worth of furniture, and can decide exactly what to do with their furniture at the end of their rental agreement," adds Hill. "People tend to rent furniture when they don’t know where life will take them next – a situation that’s more common today than ever before.”

How does the rent-to-buy model work?

Many furniture rental brands also offer the chance to buy your rental furniture. “At the end of every lease term, our customers are given the option to renew, return, swap out, or purchase their items," explains Hill.  

"For those who choose to buy an item they had been renting, we apply all previous rental payments toward the retail price of the item. We’re actually finding that a lot of our customers like to go the rent-to-buy route – at least for some portion of their items – it’s a great way to try out a piece for a short (or long) period of time to see if it matches your lifestyle, living situation, and personal taste,” adds Hill.

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