A Guide to Arrange a Sectional Sofa in a Small Room

Sectional Sofa in a Small Room
Sectional sofas are incredibly versatile, and you can make them work in almost any space or home. This is because this piece of upholstered furniture comprises two or more sections that are joined together.

Small Living Room Sectional Layout Ideas

Before you buy a new sectional, it's important to measure it up, check your space, and play around with your floor plan and various layout ideas.

Here are five practical and great ways to arrange a sectional sofa in a small furniture space.

Corner Placement

Sectional in a Corner

Placing a sectional sofa in the corner of a room is an excellent way to maximize a smaller living space. By placing your sofa against the wall directly in the corner of your room you'll open up the area in your living room.

This layout will also make it a breeze to get around the room as it won't block the flow of the whole room.

With this placement, you could still add a beautiful coffee table and some extra chairs, and you will have enough seating options and a good amount of space to live in comfortably — even in a studio apartment.

This l-shaped sectional sofa is relatively big fits wonderfully in the room due to its corner placement. The round coffee table also opens up more room due to the curved edges.

Focus of Attention

Sectional Focal Point

L-shaped sectionals can also be positioned in the middle of a room and act as the focal point. This placement is great in a studio apartment and open concept spaces. The sofa acts as a divider and section of your living room, creating the idea of various rooms in one.

The key is not to enclose the sofa with any other furniture; you are creating an open concept space, so you need to keep the open feel. You can use this placement to anchor a space, there will still be a natural flow, and it will look amazing.

This sectional sofa is the focal point in this living space since it is in the middle of the room; you'll want to get one of the best sectional sofas to make your small living room look fantastic!

Against The Window

Sectional Sofa Against a Window

Another great placement is against the window. This brings in natural light and creates an expansive illusion, making your small space look bigger! It also provides a stunning background and great views of the outside world.

With open curtains, this placement could look beautiful. It uses the space in the room well and does not break up the flow. You could also add throw pillows and rugs to complement your sectional sofa and decorate the living room.

This placement also works well with big and smaller windows, as you can use the sofa to cover wall sections. You also need to work with the light, as you do not want to place your sofa in a spot with an uncomfortable amount of light.

It would help if you were fairly selective with the sofa you want as some of them may discolor or wear much faster when placed in direct sunlight.

Across from a Window

Sectional Near Window

Alternatively, you could place the sofa directly across your window wall, so your direct view will be your garden or the city. This is a great idea if you have large windows. It creates the idea of more space and also brings in tons of natural light.

However, this may be challenging if your windows get direct sunlight, as sitting on the sofa with the sun in your eyes won't be very comfortable, so it is best to work with the space you have.

A sectional sofa would be fantastic across from a window that gets the morning sun, it could be the perfect place to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee, and it won't be too hot.

As a Divider

Sectional Room Divider

In a small living room, the sectional sofa could be placed in the center of the room and be used as a divider. If your house is open plan, the long side of the sofa could break up the space between your living space and kitchen, living room, and dining room.

This placement almost creates two rooms in one. The long side is a divider between the dining area and the living room. You can also look at some other sectional living room ideas for more inspiration!

Dividers are great in a smaller space, but ensure that you choose a sofa with a chaise of the appropriate length. If the chaise is too long, it could make your space more cluttered, and close it off. And if it is too short, it likely won't serve as much of a divider.

Which Sofa Is Best For A Small Living Room?

When it comes to figuring out how to arrange a sectional sofa in a small room, the most important aspect to consider is the sectional itself.

Finding the right sectional for a smaller living room is no easy task. There are loads of options that will freshen up and transform your space, but it's hard to know exactly which sectional you should go for.

Some of our favorite sectionals for a small room include:

Check out our video review of the Burrow Field Sofa in a 600 square foot living room below:

For more options, check out the below articles featuring our best picks for small rooms:

Final Thoughts

Many people believe that small living rooms and small spaces are restrictive, but you can  get creative with your layout and make your dream furniture work with some careful planning. It doesn't matter how your room is shaped, with some tactical planning, you could add a sectional sofa if you want to.

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Which Side Should the Chaise Be On?

Deciding where to place the chaise comes down to your space and layout. Most recommend putting it on the side of the room that gets the least traffic. Otherwise, it becomes more of a hassle and becomes a blockage. This may also disrupt the flow. But it could work depending on your home. You could also put the chaise against the wall or on the open side to serve as a divider.

You must play around with your space, see how practical each placement is, and see what looks best.

Some sectionals also include removable chaises, so you can change the side its on depending on your room layout.

Can You Put a Sectional in a Corner?

Yes, you certainly can. In fact, the corner is one of the more popular places to arrange a sectional. It is an excellent use of space and creates much more room.

How Many People Can Sit on a Sectional Sofa?

It depends on the size of your sectional sofa. Some are three-seaters, and some can fit anything from 10-12 people.

How Do You Separate a Sectional Sofa and Use it to Arrange a Room?

Modular sectional sofas are designed to adapt. So you could separate the corner of the sofa and use it as a corner armchair and use the longer section as a loveseat — then if your layout changes you can rebuilding it and arrange it as a singular sectional sofa.

But before buying, it's essential to check whether the sofa is modular and designed to be used as singular pieces as well as a sectional.

What Do You Put Behind a Sectional?

You could put a chest of drawers behind your sofa, a bar cart, a sofa table, a credenza, or a bench. Benches are fantastic as you can use them for seating, storage, or display. They add a lot of depth to the room.

End tables are also a great furniture piece to add beside your sofa — they're great for placing drinks on as you sit back and relax.

Written by
Ash Read
Ash is the founder of Living Cozy. He's been featured by publishers like MyDomaine, Realtor, Real Homes, Architectural Digest, The Spruce, Homes and Gardens, and more. As a writer his work has appeared in publications like FastCompany, TNW, and Entrepreneur.
Ash Read
Written by
Ash Read
Ash is the founder of Living Cozy. He's been featured by publishers like MyDomaine, Realtor, Real Homes, Architectural Digest, The Spruce, Homes and Gardens, and more. As a writer his work has appeared in publications like FastCompany, TNW, and Entrepreneur.
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