Space-Saving Choices: 15 Best Apartment-Size Sofas of 2024

Apartment Sofa

Many brands have started integrating small-space sofas into their collections, scaling down the typical sofa for apartment living. These sofas are called small-space, or apartment-size sofas due to their, you guessed it, smaller sizing.

So, how do you choose an apartment-size sofa? We consulted interior designers for advice on choosing the perfect sofa for your space, and compiled 15 highly rated options to get you started.‍

Our Top Picks

1. Field

Field Sofa

Brand: Burrow

Price: $999

Dimensions: 62" L x 31" D x 33" H​

The Field by Burrow is designed to fit a wide spectrum of styles– and spaces. Its modular design ensures that it can grow as you do, and deep, plush seats make for everyday comfort. “From the first sit, the Field was incredibly comfy. I feel that Burrow got the cushions just right– they’re not too soft and not too hard,” says our Burrow Field reviewer

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2. The Lido

The Lido Sofa

Brand: Albany Park

Price: $1,359

Dimensions: 75"W x 32"H x 37.5"D

Built for modern living, The Lido by Albany Park can travel anywhere– even through the tightest of doorways. According to our the Lido reviewer, who confirms that The Lido can be assembled in 15 minutes, "This easy-to-assemble, small sofa perfectly fits my modern apartment, especially considering the square footage constraints.''

If you crave quick shipping, this North American-made collection is your ticket! Most orders ship in less than a week and arrive in under two. This shows the commitment to quality and efficiency to ensure a seamless addition to any home.

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3. Magnolia Sectional

 Magnolia Sectional

Brand: Novogratz

Price at publishing: $549

Dimensions: 83.5"W x 33.5"H x 60"D

Upholstered in a soft velvet fabric, the Magnolia Sectional by Novogratz is a perfect apartment sofa that’s built with small spaces in mind. The sectional sofa is designed with a simple mailbox arm that maximizes seating space and loose seat cushions that make for easy cleaning. The velvet upholstery adds a touch of glam, whether you choose a shade that blends in or stands out.

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4. Park Sofa

Park Sofa

Brand: Albany Park

Price at publishing: $1,349

Dimensions: 82"W x 35"H x 35"D

With timeless style and a sophisticated design, the Park Sofa by Albany Park delivers all-day comfort in a chic package. It features fully upholstered seat cushions; all fabrics are flame-retardant-free and PFAS-compliant. Certified for CAL 117, Albany Park holds compliance letters from its mills.

According to our Park Sofa reviewer, the sofa is “not too firm but not too soft. The pillows are also comfortable when used for long periods.”

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5. Keating Sofa with Power Footrests

Keating Sofa

Brand: Apt2B

Price at publishing: $1,698

Dimensions: 90"W x 37"D x 35"H

The Keating Sofa with Power Footrests by Apt2B is the company’s popular option to recline and kick-back. It features a compact take on classic design with modern wood legs and tufted seat cushions. Available for customization in over 80 fabrics.

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6. Allform Loveseat Sofa with Chaise

Allform Loveseat

Brand: Allform

Price at publishing: $1,695

Dimensions: 63"W x 34"H x 61"D

Allform’s Loveseat with Chaise combines versatility with a modern design that can work anywhere. Choose from a variety of fabrics, whether it be a subdued gray or vibrant red, for a piece that works perfectly in your living space. If you prefer a leather sofa, Allform also offers two leather options. Its chaise is reversible too, so you can choose what side the of the sofa it goes on.

Our Allform Loveseat reviewer’s, “favorite thing about the Sofa is the seat depth,” as he loves to sit back on the couch, drink coffee, and read on the weekends…the Allform is perfect for that.”

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7. Pebble Loveseat

Pebble Loveseat

Brand: Castlery

Price at publishing: $999

Dimensions: 73.2"W x 32.3"H x 34.6"D

The classic design of the Pebble Loveseat by Castlery meshes seamlessly with a variety of design aesthetics, while bringing a simple elegance to any space. Choose from four natural shades of luxe upholstery for an apartment-sized sofa that will immediately make you feel at home. Washable cushion covers make for easy maintenance.

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8. Sven

Sven Loveseat

Brand: Article

Price at publishing: $1,099

Dimensions: 72"W x 34"H x 38"D

When dreaming up the Sven Loveseat, the designers at Article reimagined the company’s most popular sofa– for apartment living. The sofa is a modern take on mid-century classics with its tufted benchseat and clean lines. Fiber- and feather-filled cushions make for easy comfort.

“It strikes just the right balance between ruggedness that can handle my household with kids and a cat, but with a sophisticated-enough look that my space looks pulled together and dressed up,” says Alesandra Dubin, who reviewed the Sven Sofa for Living Cozy.

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9. Ruby Sofa

Ruby Sofa

Brand: Mantle Furniture

Price at publishing: From $2,185

Dimensions: From 60"W x 39"H x 35"D

For a sofa that fits the bill for many small spaces and a range of aesthetics, check out the Ruby Sofa by Mantle Furniture. According to Jamie Gasparovic, a designer at Studio Gaspo, the sofa “comes in a variety of lengths, from 60 inches to 110 inches, and is able to be customized.”

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10. Geo

Geo Sofa

Brand: AllModern

Price at publishing: $500

Dimensions: 84"W x 34"H x 37"D

With tapered dowel legs and a button-tufted seat cushion, the Geo Upholstered Sofa by Allmodern is known for its mid-century modern sofa design and the option to choose between 21 jewel tones. Cylindrical throw pillows make for a chic addition to a sofa that already stands out.

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11. The Essential Loveseat

Essential Loveseat

Brand: Sabai

Price at publishing: $1,100

Dimensions: 62"W x 32"H x 34"D

Sabai brings the tried and true essential design to small spaces with The Essential Loveseat. The square arm loveseat is constructed from eco-friendly materials, such as recycled velvet and upcycled poly, with the goal of reducing the amount of furniture sent to the landfill each year.

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12. Prospect Sofa

Prospect Sofa

Brand: Industry West

Price at publishing: $875

Dimensions: 78.7"W x 31.1"H x 33.8"D

For a minimalist sofa that showcases clean lines and thick, upholstered cushions, try the Prospect Sofa by Industry West. The sofa is available in one colorway, cream, which creates a clean look in contrast to its black metal legs. 

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13. Godfrey Sleeper Sofa

Godfrey Sofa

Brand: Joss and Main

Price at publishing: $1,180

Dimensions: 75"W x 28"H x 36"D

Sofa beds are a simple way to transform any room into a sleeping space. But when you live in a small space, finding a sleeper sofa that works can be a difficult task. The Godfrey Sleeper Sofa by Joss and Main, however, manages to create an apartment-sized sleeper sofa that combines comfort and style. Your guests will get a full night of rest— or afternoon nap on the sofa’s solid wood frame.

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14. 7th Avenue 2-Seat Modular Lounger Loveseat

7th Avenue modular Lounger

Brand: 7th Avenue

Price at publishing: $2300

Dimensions: 94" L X 39" D X 24" H

7th Avenue's loveseat come with performance fabric that safeguard your couch from stains and everyday mishaps. You can opt-in for extra deep 47" seat and pick from one of nine fabrics. 7th Avenue shoppers rated this sofa 4.8/5 and post raving reviews on their website.

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15. Oliver Sofa

Oliver Sofa

Brand: West Elm

Price at publishing: From $699

Dimensions: 72"W x 30"H x 32"D

The polished Oliver Sofa will delight minimalists with its clean lines and classic design with slightly tapered square arms. The sofa offers splayed legs for a modern update and easily accommodates two people– or three in a pinch. The sofa is known for its deep seat and firm back cushions.

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How to Choose the Right Sofa for Your Apartment: 4 Things to Consider

The Scale of Your Room

So, what size sofa is best for a small apartment? The answer isn't always straightforward. While it may be tempting to go as big as you can fit, it's important to consider the scale of the room and the functionality of the sofa. A sofa that is too large can overwhelm a small space and make it feel cramped — especially if you also have a coffee table and other pieces of living room furniture like accent chairs and TV stands to include in the space. On the other hand, a sofa that is too small may not provide enough seating for you and your guests. Keely Smith suggests finding a sofa that fits the scale of the room while meeting your seating needs.

“One popular option for small apartments is a loveseat or apartment-sized sofa,” says Smith. “These smaller sofas typically measure around 60 inches in length, making them a perfect fit for a small living room.” Smith also recommends a modular sofa, “which allows you to customize the size and shape to fit your space.”

Style of the Sofa

When shopping for the perfect sofa for your space, consider how the sofa’s style works with the rest of the space. Keely Smith recommends “choosing a sofa that compliments the overall aesthetic of the room without overpowering it,” such as neutral colors and streamlined designs.

What You Need from the Sofa

It’s no secret that the sofa is a household staple. The piece works hard to accommodate our variety of needs– whether it's entertaining guests, spending time with our families, or hopping on a work call in a makeshift home office.

Thus, it’s important to take into account what you need from the sofa. “Thinking about the practicality of the sofa will help you narrow down your options and choose a piece that meets your needs,” says Keely Smith.

High Quality Construction

When you have a small space, you really want to make each piece of furniture count. When you don't have much space to work with, it’s important to prioritize quality, since the sofa is likely to be heavily used.

Jamie Gasparovic recommends “researching the frame, the cushion composition, and the springs” when searching for the right sofa.

How We Picked These Sofas

To create this guide, we consulted our team of reviewers– who test furniture and accessories first-hand all year long. We also chatted with Keely Smith, the lead interior designer at JD Elite Interiors and Jamie Gasparovic of Studio Gaspo about how they advise their clients to choose the perfect sofa for smaller spaces.

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Written by
Sasha Weilbaker
Sasha Weilbaker is a freelance writer with bylines in Thrillist, Business Insider, and The Vegetarian Times. She's particularly interested in the intersection of sustainability and materials. In the wild, she can be found cycling around New England, scouting coffee shops, or obsessing over new podcasts.
Sasha Weilbaker
Written by
Sasha Weilbaker
Sasha Weilbaker is a freelance writer with bylines in Thrillist, Business Insider, and The Vegetarian Times. She's particularly interested in the intersection of sustainability and materials. In the wild, she can be found cycling around New England, scouting coffee shops, or obsessing over new podcasts.
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