The 10 Best Modular Pit Sectional Sofas for Relaxing at Home

Albany Park Kova Pit Sofa
A pit sectional sofa is the epitome of a comfy, cozy living room. It's hard to say no to such an inviting piece of furniture.

Pit couches combine the best parts of a bed and a sofa to create the ultimate lounging experience for the whole family. And if you've ever wished you could have a 70s-style conversation pit, a pit sectional sofa is the next best thing. 

These comfy sofas generally have a modular design with plush cushions and plenty of room for friends, family, pets, and pillows. And we're here to help you find the best options for your home, complete with expert advice. 

What is a pit sectional sofa?

A pit sectional sofa is a deep sofa made up of six or more sections configured into a rectangular shape.

"A pit sectional is a large modular sofa that usually consists of a U-shaped sectional and a large ottoman that can be pushed in to fill in the open space in front of the sectional," explains Yoselin Castro, Senior Interior Designer at Mackenzie Collier Interiors

You might think of it as a cross between a bed and a sofa, with a large soft surface to snuggle on and comfy backrests for maximum relaxation. These sofas form lounging pits that allow multiple people to snuggle together for game and movie nights. They're popular in home theaters and family rooms, and they're available in various sizes.

Pit sectional sofas are surprisingly versatile, adding a cozy vibe and plenty of seating to any space. In addition, these spacious sofas can double as a sleeper sofa when you have guests who need to spend the night. Plus, they fit in with home decor ranging from modern to boho, with everything in between! 

10 of the Best Pit Sectional Sofas You Can Buy Online Today

1. Kova

Albany Park Kova Pit

Brand: Albany Park 
Price: $3,520
Discount: Use code COZY10 for 10% off sofas and sectionals.

Review: Check out our review of the Kova Sofa here

The Kova Pit from Albany Park combines Kova's modular pieces to create an endlessly versatile, cloud-soft sofa. Each modular piece can function independently or in any configuration you want, so you're not locked into a pit sectional couch for every situation! For example, you can easily divide it up into an L-shape sectional with an armless chair and ottoman. 

"The Kova Pit will make you excited to go home and relax your body."
Kova Pit Sectional Sofa
The Kova Pit Sectional Sofa

"The Kova Pit is the perfect cozy oasis that makes spending movie nights a real event," said Albany Park co-founder Darryl Sharpton. "The Kova Pit will make you excited to go home and relax your body. It's a hybrid between a giant bed for the family and a living room sofa. The one issue with the Kova is once you're settled in, you don't want to move." 

This sofa boasts seven fabric color options, removable seat cushions with a feather blend fill, a sturdy kiln-dried solid wood frame, and reversible back cushions. In addition, it ships in convenient boxes designed for easy maneuverability and features a tool-free assembly. 

Our reviewer says: "The Kova sofa is a perfect fit for my space and lifestyle. Its comfort and durability leads me to believe I won't need another sofa for quite some time.:

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2. 7th Avenue

7th Avenue Sofa

Brand: 7th Avenue
Price: $3,600

Review: Check out our review of the 7th Avenue Sofa here

7th Avenue is a mostly-online company (with showrooms in California, Texas, and Nevada) that specializes in fully modular sofas. The company’s couches are stain-resistant, sustainably built, and can be almost any size or shape you like.

Though you can customize your 7th Avenue sofa to be configured in any way, the brand offers a range of pit-style sofas designed for ultimate relaxation. From 4-seat configurations all the way to 10-seat pieces.

7th Avenue Daybed

"I really love our 7th Avenue sofa, so much so that I would and have recommended it to others," says Marah Eakin, who reviewed the sofa for Living Cozy. "I think it’s well-priced for what you’re getting and I love that you can transition it from space to space, design style to design style."

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3. Range

Range 6-Piece Open U Sectional Lounger

Brand: Burrow 

Review: Check out our full review of the Range Sofa here.

This modern sofa is where contemporary design meets sink-in comfort, and it can fit in with almost any space. It's designed for ultimate relaxation with soft, overstuffed cushions and expansive, comfy seats. The Range 6-Piece Sectional Lounger from Burrow features clean lines and stain-resistant performance fabric. 

Range 6-Piece Open U Sectional Lounger
Range 6-Piece Open U Sectional Lounger

This sectional features four upholstery colors and three leg finishes. In addition, the six modular seats can form nearly limitless arrangements, so they can rearrange to fit new living spaces. For example, it quickly transforms from the pit layout to a u-shape layout with a chaise lounge extension on one end. And you can add even more flexibility with additional modules.

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4. Coburn 

Coburn Six Piece Pit Sectional

Brand: Arhaus 
Price: $4,499 (on sale, usually $6,699)

The Coburn Six Piece Pit Sectional from Arhaus is designed to fit spaces of all sizes, bringing contemporary comfort and modular designs. This sectional is built to last and is easy to love with a casual style and soft-yet-durable fabric. The upholstery is made from Crypton® Home Performance Fabrics, which can withstand stains and spills in lived-in homes. 

Coburn Six Piece Pit Sectional
Coburn Six Piece Pit Sectional

This sectional sofa features a reinforced solid wood frame and no-sag springs made from recycled steel. The seat cushions feature foam padding with sterilized down and feathers blended in. The back pillows include a rear frame support system with elastic webbing and poly fiber fill, sterilized down, and feathers. 

The Coburn pit sectional sofa is available with a range of customizable fabrics and leathers. You can call, email, or chat with the Arhaus Design Team to order swatches and pick your custom design.

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5. Cloud Modular Sectional

Cloud Sofa

Brand: Restoration Hardware 
Starting at $4,495 for non-members and $3,371 for members

The Cloud Modular Sectional from Restoration Hardware is built for laidback lounging with a low profile and relaxed silhouette. By adding Cloud Ottoman pieces, you can turn this u-shape modular or the corner sectional into a full pit sectional. Broad arms and soft cushions offer sink-in comfort, and each component is available individually for endless customization options.

"The Cloud Modular Sofa from Restoration Hardware will always be high on my list!" Yoselin Castro told Living Cozy. "The level of comfort of this sofa is incredible, and it also comes in infinite configuration possibilities that are likely to fit almost any space."

Read more: Get the Cloud Couch Look At a Friendlier Price With These Gorgeous Alternatives

You can customize your Cloud sofa using over 100 fabric and leather upholstery options. Each piece features reinforced joinery, kiln-dried solid hardwood, layers of increasing density foam in the base, and heathers wrapped around a soft foam core. In addition, the cushions are slipcovered for versatility, allowing you to change the color of your sofa whenever you want.

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6. Sactional 

Lovesac Sactional

Brand: Lovesac 
Price: Starting at $4,300

The Sactional from Lovesac is a modular sectional sofa that's endlessly-expandable with almost limitless configurations. The smallest pit sofa configuration available is a four-piece setup, including a loveseat-sized sofa with two ottomans to expand the lounging surface. And you can quickly expand your Sactional Pit Sofa by adding more pieces. 

Lovesac Sactional

Sactional sofas are marketed as some of the most versatile living room furniture pieces available. You can choose from over 200 machine-washable covers any time you'd like to update your look, and each piece is guaranteed to be backward compatible with future products. Plus, every Sactional piece comes with a lifetime limited warranty and a 60-day home trial return policy. 

Sactional products feature sinuous steel springs and Italian webbing for premium comfort in every seat. And you can upgrade each seat to include hidden storage if you're short on space.

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7. Tyson Pit Sectional 

Tyson Pit Sectional

Brand: World Market 

The Tyson Pit Sectional from World Market is plush yet streamlined with deep seats and a modern low profile. This expansive modular design features six comfy cushions and an easy-clean fabric, perfect for family movie nights. Like other modular pit sectionals, this one easily rearranges into different configurations, such as a large L-shape so that it can fit any space. 

Tyson Pit Sectional
Tyson Pit Sectional

The Tyson Pit Sectional features a solid wood frame for lasting durability. And the comfy cushions feature performance fabric upholstery designed for stain resistance, which is ideal for lived-in spaces. In addition, the back and arm cushions are removable and reversible, while the seat cushions are fixed. 

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8. Peyton 6-Piece Pit Sectional

Peyton 6-Piece Pit Sectional

Brand: Crate & Barrel 

The Peyton 6-Piece Pit Sectional from Crate & Barrel is made with quality and comfort in mind. It boasts wide tapered arms and generous settle-in cushions, perfect for whole-family movie nights. And with modern, straightforward lines, topstitch detailing, and beautiful upholstery, it can fit in with almost any living space. 

The comfy seat cushions feature polyfoam with fiber encased in down proof ticking, all wrapped around innerspring support. And the plush back cushions are made from full-blown fiber that's also contained in a down-proof ticking. 

The Peyton Pit Sectional is available in a range of earthy and neutral colors, and it promises lasting comfort, thanks to a supportive innerspring suspension. In addition, it boasts a kiln-dried frame made from solid hardwood and engineered hardwood and a sinuous wire suspension system. 

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Rodrigue 8 - Piece Upholstered Sectional

Rodrigue 8 - Piece Upholstered Sectional

Brand: Mercury Row
Around $1,369

This sofa wants to be the focal point of your living room. It's U-shaped design with two ottomans means you can use it as a sectional or place the ottomans together in front of the middle seats to create a large pit where the whole family can relax.

The Rodrique's frame is made from engineered wood and sits on black plastic legs and it's upholstered in polyester and filled with foam. Its square arms and cushion back add to the cozy vibes. Plus, it has removable back cushions for easy cleaning.

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10. Bondi

Modular Bondi 3-Seater Sofa in Mascarpone

Brand: Inside Weather 
Price: $3,550

The Modular Bondi 3-Seater Sofa from Inside Weather is designed to offer spacious, cloud-like custom seating with a modern silhouette. All cushions and pillows feature removable, easy-care covers and a water-resistant-nylon casing to protect the soft cushions over time. And while it's not a full pit sectional, the two ottomans create plenty of room to relax for the whole family. 

Review: Check out our review of the Bondi Sofa here

Our reviewer Cassandra Brooklyn noted: "This couch is extremely comfortable and a serious step up from my last sofa. What I love most about it is that the wide, deep cushions make it comfortable for not only lounging around to read or watch TV, but also to sleep."

Bondi Modular Sofa

The Bondi 3-Seater's modular design means it can become a pit sectional by adding a third ottoman. With a solid wood frame and recycled down alternative cushion filling, it's designed with sustainability and adaptation in mind. Each seat block and slatted wood panel are alike and can be used anywhere on the sofa, allowing you to change your sectional at any time. 

Shop now at

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Why you should choose a pit sofa

Pit sofas are the ultimate choice for a comfortable, cozy style. They're ideal for large families, home theaters, and any household that wants a dedicated lounge zone. And since most feature a modular design, you'll have versatile furniture pieces that you can rearrange endlessly in new living spaces. 

"Pit sofas can provide one of the most comfortable setups to enjoy family movie nights as they practically provide a bed-like experience."

"Pit sofas can provide one of the most comfortable setups to enjoy family movie nights as they practically provide a bed-like experience," commented Yoselin Castro, Senior Interior Designer at Mackenzie Collier Interiors. "They're also super easy to customize as most of the seating compartments come in a variety of widths and depths, so infinite configuration possibilities depending on the overall sofa size you are looking for."

How to make sure a pit sofa fits in your space

Pit sectionals are significant, and there's nothing worse than ordering a new sofa only to find out that it doesn't fit. So before you buy a pit sectional sofa, double-check your space to make sure you'll have enough room. 

Your living area will need to do more than fit the sofa. You'll also need enough room leftover to walk around the couch. We recommend that you use masking take to outline the measurements of the pit sectional you choose on the floor. Then, if possible, fill in as much of this space as you can with existing furniture or boxes. 

Walk around the outline of your sofa to be sure there's still plenty of room to move. If you find that you don't have enough space right now, consider buying components of a modular sofa that you can use for a pit sectional sofa when you have more square footage.

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Shelby Golding
Shelby Golding is a Colorado-based writer/editor with over a decade of experience. She has a college education in interior design and enjoys woodworking in her free time.

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