The Best Places to Buy Porch Furniture to Create a Stylish Outdoor Oasis

Front Porch of a House
With so many of us glued to our devices day in and day out, it feels increasingly important to find time to unplug and connect with the peace and tranquility of nature. 

And one of the easiest ways to do just that is to cultivate an inviting outdoor living space that you can use to relax and unwind day after day. 

Of course, it's tough to enjoy the outdoors if you don't have a comfortable place to sit, so one of the first steps in creating a natural oasis at home is investing in durable, outdoor furniture that's equally comfortable and stylish. 

To help you create the ideal outdoor retreat on your porch, deck, or in your backyard, we're highlighting the very best places to find outdoor furniture online so you can start enjoying a more peaceful (and stylish!) quality of life ASAP. 

Why You Should Make Use of your Porch Space

Spending time creating a comfortable and inviting porch space is an investment that will yield countless rewards. For starters, it offers a welcome way to greet any visitors. "Everyone wants to deliver a strong first impression of their home, and a porch often serves as the perfect opportunity to do just that," said Lindsay Schleis, VP of business development and resident interior design expert for POLYWOOD

"Everyone wants to deliver a strong first impression of their home, and a porch often serves as the perfect opportunity to do just that."

"Since it's literally an extension of your house, you'll want to set the tone with a casual yet carefully designed aesthetic. Give people a glimpse into your personal style using your porch as a preview of what lies within," she adds.

Beyond giving visitors a great first impression of your home, a beautiful porch can significantly enhance your quality of life. "A little vitamin D not only improves your physical health but your mental state as well, which is much needed after the confinement of the past couple of years," says Bill Ferris of Decor Outdoor.

What Types of Furniture Work Well on a Porch?

When it comes to a beautiful yet functional porch design, there are a few factors you should consider before committing to outdoor furniture for your space. "When you're deciding on the best furniture for your porch, three things to keep in mind are comfort, durability, and style," advises Lindsay Schleis. "Because your porch is likely to be exposed to the elements, choose pieces that will last for years in all weather conditions, resist fading and chipping, and preferably come with a warranty that gives you peace of mind for your investment."

"When you're deciding on the best furniture for your porch, three things to keep in mind are comfort, durability, and style."

In addition to being durable, you also want your outdoor furniture to be comfortable so you can enjoy the beauty of nature for as long as you'd like. "Classic Adirondack chairs, outdoor rocking chairs, gliders, and swings all work well for relaxing on the porch while providing a cozy visage even when no one is sitting in them," says Schleis.

And if you have a large porch or outdoor space, you can pair chairs with an outdoor sectional or loveseat, coffee table, and side tables to maximize this area. But you don't need an oversized porch to create a gorgeous outdoor space. If you're working with a small space, you can add a cute bistro set with a small footprint and a few pieces of outdoor decor for a cozy set-up that won't infringe on too much square footage. You can even string up a hammock to offer a comfortable small space lounging solution.

10 Best Places to Buy Porch Furniture

1. Neighbor

Neighbor Low Chair
Low Chair

Neighbor offers weather-resistant furniture that doesn't sacrifice style or comfort, aiming to make your outdoor space as comfortable as your living room. The brand is dedicated to sustainability, offering furniture made out of eco-friendly materials, like FSC-certified wood and 100% recycled plastic, to minimize environmental harm. 

Worth checking out: The Low Chair

According to Neighbor co-founder Mike Fretto, "The Low Chair and Ottoman are perfect for your front porch. They're a modern version of a classic Adirondack chair with a lower back and minimal silhouette that won't block any of the exterior features of your home."

Shop now at

2. Outer

Aluminum Outdoor Armchair
Aluminum Outdoor Armchair

Outer is a direct-to-consumer brand offering high-quality outdoor furniture at reasonable prices with a mission to bring life back outside. The brand is also committed to sustainability, with offerings like its outdoor sofa, made from 100 ocean plastic bottles and 100% recyclable. 

Worth checking out: Aluminum Outdoor Armchair

This outdoor armchair features fade-proof, stain-resistant, and water-resistant cushions that come in neutral cream and gray hues. You can use it for comfortable seating in a patio conversation set or pair it with Outer's matching sectional and ottoman to create the perfect outdoor lounge area on your porch.

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3. Yardbird

Eden Outdoor Fixed Chair
Eden Outdoor Fixed Chair

Yardbird works directly with its fabric, foam, metal, zipper, and wicker suppliers to provide high-quality outdoor furniture at budget-friendly prices. Every piece of furniture the brand offers is 100% recyclable and made with durable, eco-friendly materials that are super comfortable while being kind to Mother Nature. 

Worth checking out: Eden Fixed Chair

Made with a commercial-grade aluminum frame and faux weathered teak legs, this timeless outdoor chair is an excellent addition to any patio furniture set. It also comes in two neutral colors—a light gray and light blue—allowing it to slide seamlessly into various outdoor aesthetics.

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4. SunVilla

SunVilla was founded in 2013 in Los Angeles offering refined styles designed for daily outdoor use. The brand features a full assortment to furnish your entire outdoor living space: sofa and sectional sets, dining sets, conversation sets, patio heaters, fire pits, poolside furniture, and more with a variety of styles, from traditional to contemporary.

Worth checking out: Magnolia Loveseat

Magnolia Loveseat
Magnolia Loveseat

A statement piece for your porch, the Magnolia Loveseat is inspired by Scandinavian design and features a woven matte black outer shell and overstuffed, seat, back, side cushions, and lumbar pillows covered in durable, weather-resistant gray Sunbrella® fabric.

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Vineyard 60" Porch Swing
Vineyard 60" Porch Swing

Polywood has made outdoor durable and sustainable outdoor furniture for over 30 years. All Polywood products are made in the USA from ocean-bound and landfill-bound plastic and are produced in 99% waste-free facilities in Syracuse, Indiana, and Roxboro, North Carolina.

Worth checking out: Vineyard 60" Porch Swing  

A porch swing offers the perfect place to spend the afternoon with a good book or simply watch the world go by. The Vineyard 60" Swing brings a relaxing vibe to your front porch, back patio, or garden and will help transform your outdoor space into a calming space for the whole family to chill out. 

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6. Frontgate

Isola Lounge Chair
Isola Lounge Chair

Frontgate offers everything from outdoor furniture and accessories to pool floats and holiday decor, making it a one-stop-shop for all of your outdoor needs. And all of the brand's outdoor furniture frames are backed by a 10-year warranty, so you can feel confident that what you purchase is built to last. 

Worth checking out: Isola Lounge Chair

This versatile lounge chair is an excellent option whether you use it to create a bistro set for alfresco dinners or pair it with a matching sectional for a comfy outdoor lounge area. Made with a breathable open weave, this outdoor seating solution features a solid teak frame and added reinforcement at the joints for long-lasting style and comfort. 

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7. AllModern 

Cureton Outdoor Patio Chair
Cureton Outdoor Patio Chair

Specializing in modern indoor and outdoor furniture and home decor, AllModern offers everything you'd need to outfit your home in style. And thanks to a wide variety of price points and designs, it's easy to find precisely what you're looking for regardless of your budget or style sensibility. 

Worth checking out: Cureton Outdoor Patio Chairs

These timeless patio chairs come in a set of two and feature acacia wood frames and plush water-resistant cushions. Arrange them in front of a fire pit for cozy s'mores sessions or use them as part of an outdoor dining or lounge area. 

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8. Walmart

Asher Springs
Asher Springs Rocking Chair Set

If you're looking for stylish outdoor seating at an affordable price, then you'll definitely find it at Walmart. The retail giant offers virtually anything you could ever need for the home (and beyond) at prices that won't upset your bank account. 

Worth checking out: Asher Springs 2 Piece Steel Cushioned Rocking Chair Set

These modern outdoor rocking chairs will provide hours of relaxation. They're made with fade-resistant Olefin fabric and an e-coated and powder-coated frame for long wear and durability. You can pair them with an accent table to create the perfect outdoor seating solution for a small space or use them with an outdoor sectional and coffee table for an expansive outdoor lounge area. 

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9. Overstock

Layla Outdoor Wicker Hanging Basket Chair
Layla Outdoor Wicker Hanging Basket Chair

Overstock is another major retailer that truly offers everything you could want for the home, including a wide variety of outdoor furniture. And thanks to a commitment to affordability, you'll have no trouble finding gorgeous pieces that won't break the bank. 

Worth checking out: Layla Outdoor Wicker Hanging Basket Chair

This playful basket chair features a high-quality rattan weave and a water-resistant steel frame. The fun design is an excellent addition to any outdoor living space, inviting anyone who passes by to cozy up with a great book and enjoy the outdoors. 

Shop now at

10. West Elm

Portside Outdoor Adirondack Chair
Portside Outdoor Adirondack Chair

West Elm offers a wide selection of furniture and home decor for indoor and outdoor living spaces. Whenever possible, the brand uses FSC-certified, recycled, and upcycled materials to create high-end, design-forward pieces that are gentle to the environment. 

Worth checking out: Portside Outdoor Adirondack Chair

Offering a modern take on a classic Adirondack chair, this chair works just as well on the front porch as it would in front of a fire pit or part of a lounge area. Made from FSC-certified, moisture-resistant mahogany and eucalyptus wood, the outdoor chair is equal parts sustainable, stylish, and comfortable. 

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What Should You Consider Before Buying a Piece of Porch Furniture?

Furniture Materials 

Materials are an essential consideration for any type of furniture, but they're critical in the case of outdoor furniture. Since outdoor furniture lives outside where it's vulnerable to the elements, you should choose materials that "maximize resistance to rot, rust, mold, mildew, and fading," suggests Bill Ferris. "Different types of woods, metals, plastics, and fabrics do better or worse in rainy, dry, cold, or hot environments, so do your research to see what is recommended for your climate." 

"Different types of woods, metals, plastics, and fabrics do better or worse in rainy, dry, cold, or hot environments, so do your research to see what is recommended for your climate." 

For instance, if you live in a very windy climate, then lighter-weight materials, like wicker and rattan, might not be an excellent fit for your space since they can blow all over the place. And if you experience a lot of rain where you live, it becomes even more critical to choose moisture- and rust-resistant furniture. You can also strategically place outdoor decor, like patio umbrellas, over your furniture to offer some protection from rain and UV rays. Additionally, bringing your seat cushions inside during rainy weather can help prolong their lifespan. 

Space and Surfaces

The best outdoor living spaces combine form and function, offering comfortable, stylish places to fully relax and enjoy the day. "You want your porch to feel inviting," says Lindsay Schleis, "so avoid cluttering up the space with an excess of furniture pieces. The key is to include just enough so that you and your guests will be comfortable, allowing plenty of room to stretch out and unwind." 

Lindsay also recommends considering your porch's unique surface: "Rugged ground treatments like stone or brick are a popular option that works well with a classic Adirondack chair/ottoman set or a heavier chaise lounge. If you've got a completely flat surface, such as wood decking, rocking chairs and swings are both popular, timeless options."

Additionally, some porches lend themselves to certain activities better than others. For instance, the added protection of screened-in porches makes them great for enjoying alfresco dinners even in rainy weather. So, you might want to purchase an outdoor dining table and dining chairs to maximize this area. Many dining sets are intended for just this purpose, and buying your outdoor furniture as a set can often save you money. 

Design and Brand

The best outdoor furniture brands and designs depend heavily on your lifestyle, priorities, and aesthetic leanings. For example, if sustainability is paramount to you, you can look at brands like Neighbor and Yardbird, which offer outdoor seating and other furniture made from eco-friendly materials. And if you're prioritizing affordability, then brands like Overstock and AllModern are practical options that provide stylish outdoor decor and furniture at budget-friendly prices. 

"Whatever pieces you decide on, be sure to choose furniture that reflects your character," recommends Lindsay Schleis." For example, don't cut corners if you want to portray an impression of cozy elegance that levels up your curb appeal. Also, keep in mind that your porch space is an excellent opportunity to showcase your unique style sensibility. Choose the type of modern yet timeless furniture that designers select when they're looking to stage a showcase home themselves."

"Whatever pieces you decide on, be sure to choose furniture that reflects your character."
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