Home Decor Brands

The decor and accessories you choose go a long way to helping you create your perfect home. But in a world where most mainstream retailers are offering copy-and-paste items that are barely indistinguishable between brands, it can be hard to find items that feel unique and personal. So, to help you find the best home decor pieces for you, we've rounded up the best home decor brands online. Whether you're looking for new ceramics, cushions, throws — or, well, almost anything to accessorize your home, you'll find something that fits your style on our website.

What Does Home Decor Include?

We all want our homes to look great, and feel personal to us. And home decor is often used to describe the furnishings we use to decorate our homes.

Home decor includes items like cushions, curtains, accessories and decorative crafts, tablecloths, artworks and more. It's often used to describe the small touches that make a room feel special, rather than big ticket items like sofas.

“Home decor items can greatly impact any room. Why? Simply because no matter how intricately designed a room is, a space without accessories becomes cold and lifeless,” says Luciana Fragali, owner of high-end interior and architectural design firm, Design Solutions:

Accessories not only fill in the gaps, but they also reflect who you are and your interests. They help your space come to life by bringing in personality and visual appeal -  they achieve this by adding texture, pattern and form. They are the final touch to your design plan.

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