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Burrow Range Review: A Versatile Modular Sofa Fit for Any Room of Your Home

Burrow Range Versatile Modular Sofa
Burrow aims to change the sofa-buying experience through high-quality, versatile products that can be customized throughout the life of the furniture to adapt to evolving needs.
The Range is a supportive and stylish line of modular sofas that come in various color options.
You can add sections and change the configuration of your Range at any time.

When my husband decided to embark on our couch assembling adventure after finally getting our four little kids to bed and a few cocktails, I had significant doubts. After all, making furniture can be trying at the best of times and is typically not something you should start late at night with little patience left. The Burrow Range proved itself to be the most straightforward build he's ever taken on — in less than an hour, he was sitting triumphantly on his new creation, singing Burrow's praises.

Here's my review of the Range Sofa after living with it at home for a few weeks. (Spoiler alert: It's great!)

Getting hands-on with the Range Sectional 

The Range is Burrow's second sofa collection. Following its incredibly popular Nomad Collection, the Range Collection is a modular seating system designed to change and adapt to meet your needs.

Designing your Range

The Range Collection is modular and has multiple configurations — all the way from loveseats to corner sectionals and even pit sofas. Its modular design changes the sofa shopping experience because you can add additional pieces as your needs change without replacing the couch entirely. Perhaps your family expands, and you need a four-seat rather than a three-seat couch. That's possible, along with multiple other choices. 

You can choose between four equally neutral and stylish color combinations — grey, charcoal, navy, and moss green. There are three leg finishes available — walnut, oak, or black metal. 

Range Sofa Burrow Website
Customizing your Range Sofa on Burrow's website

I chose the 3-Piece Sectional Lounger with navy blue upholstery and walnut legs to accessorize a cozy reading corner in our main bedroom — a space we thought would only fit a single reading chair became before discovering the Range. That space is now home to a multi-person seating area that allows for two adults or three small children to sit back and relax (or one a diva doodle puppy who insists he needs the whole thing to himself).

Burrow Range: Key Features

  • Prices start at $1,370 (for the Range 3-Piece Sectional Lounger)
  • Stain-resistant and easy-cleaning fabric
  • Your choice of four fabric colors and three leg finishes
  • Add an attachable ottoman from $375
  • 31" depth with a 21" sit depth (the chaise/lounger has a depth of 60.5")

Delivery and construction 

In a world of supply chain issues, obtaining furniture that doesn't arrive in 3-4 months from now is a tough challenge. Burrow stands apart from this norm here. Though wait times can be weeks or months for some of its furniture, the company features a 'Ready to Ship' collection, which arrives at your home in 1-4 weeks. Though it could have just been a good week in the shipping industry, my Range (which came from the 'Ready to Ship' collection) arrived in just under a week.

Burrow offers free shipping, and its sofas are delivered to your door in easy-to-move boxes, so you don't need to worry about wrestling bulky sofa around your home and into the perfect spot. 

Burrow Range in Delivery Boxes
The boxes my Range Sofa arrived in

Assembling the Burrow Range was a simple, under one hour job, primarily due to the company's exceptional job at labeling the pieces. The well-sealed but easy-open boxes protect the product completely, including from the light rainstorm that popped up between delivery and pulling it inside, preventing any water damage. 

Assembling the Burrow Range was a simple, under one hour job, primarily due to the company's exceptional job at labeling the pieces.

Unboxing was a fun experience — the lid on each box lifts nicely, and you can easily access all the parts. It felt exciting to get a glimpse of our new sofa as we opened up the boxes. Each box was labeled with its contents using regular language (no jargon!), so it was simple to identify which boxes to start with. All of the hardware and accessories were in their own separate box. This easy labeling meant that you could set up the contents of each box near where that section of the couch would be located, preventing extra moving and rearranging. 

A dust protector engulfed the couch sections, further protecting the piece until it was set up —the fabric isn't touching the cardboard box at all either, which made me feel Burrow truly cares about its products. Hardware was organized in small fabric zipper bags that could easily be repurposed for something else after building the sofa. The hardware to build the seating was in one place, and the hardware to join pieces together was grouped separately. It was all easy-to-follow. 

This sofa has no bulky or heavy parts, making it very doable for one person. The directions included logical and visual steps, but they were unnecessary as the sofa construction was straightforward. 

Living with the Burrow Range

As someone with chronic back problems, I might be the pickiest judge of comfort for any couch or chair. The Range sofa passes the test, walking the fine line between supportive and cushy. Someone who prefers a super soft couch may not like the Burrow Range —it doesn't have a ton of give. That aside, the sofa is comfy enough to fold into with a book at the end of a long day, without causing excessive pressure on your hips or back, but is also firm and encourages good posture when you are sitting up properly against the back cushions. It feels like we will get many years out of the durable cushions and fabric, which doesn't show any signs of potential breakdown after initial use. 

Burrow Range 3-Piece Sectional Lounger
The Range 3-Piece Sectional Lounger in the corner of our bedroom

The couch has survived four kids under age seven and a puppy for a few weeks already, further demonstrating its durability. This includes one pair of cleats, one set of dog nails that needed trimming a few weeks back, and one sippy cup spill that was easily wiped off without staining.

The couch has survived four kids under age 7 and a puppy for a few weeks already, further demonstrating its durability. This includes one pair of cleats, one set of dog nails that needed trimming a few weeks back, and one sippy cup spill that was easily wiped off without staining.

The 3-Piece Sectional Lounger is around the size of just a loveseat (though you can purchase bigger options or add new modules to your sofa at any time) and the layout we chose features an attachable ottoman add-on, giving more lounging area to a couch. The Range's low profile means that the back of the sofa only rises to the height of an average adult's mid-back. While this feature contributes to its modern look, it might be less than comfortable for someone who is tall or who wants support a little higher up their back. 

  • Color and style: Beautiful color options and a modern design make this a great fit stylistically for many types of homes and a variety of rooms (solid versatility).
  • Customizable: The modular design means that you can easily move the couch to another room, where it might be better to have three cushions in a row rather than two plus an ottoman. You can even borrow just a corner from the sofa to use as a chair elsewhere.
  • Easy assembly and well-organized packaging and directions, and high accessibility for anyone who might have trouble otherwise lifting or building furniture without a second helper.
  • Supportive, sturdy, and durable, without any signs of initial staining or breakdown
  • It might be considered too stiff for some people, the seats won't engulf you you like sofas
  • Slightly lower back height than some other options, with only lower and mid-back support.
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Burrow Range FAQs

How comfortable is the Range?

The Range is extremely supportive and might be considered too firm or inflexible to some users. However, if you are looking for an option that isn't overstuffed and doesn't seem to break down with regular use, this might be it.

How quickly will it be delivered?

Many options are available immediately, with just 1-4 weeks until delivery, as they don't work with third-party vendors.

Is the sofa pet-friendly?

Burrow seeks to create durable pieces that you plan on having around for years, even decades. They aim for all family members —even furry friends — to be comfortable living on the sofas, including the dirt and fur that sometimes comes with them. Their blog features multiple testimonials about how easy it is to remove daily mishaps from the stain-resistant fabric.

Furniture without compromises 

Founded in 2016, Burrow set out to change the furniture industry by making pieces from your living room and beyond without compromising quality, affordability, and convenience. 

Burrow's innovative sofa-in-a-box made sofa buying more straightforward and helped redefine an industry that hadn't changed for decades. Its modular design means its pieces are easy to take apart as it is put together and made to expand if your needs change.

Burrow now has a range of mid-century modern furniture, including sofas, shelving systems, coffee tables, and more.

No items found.
Open Carta Coffee Table
Totem Crendenza
Index Wall Shelving
No items found.

Beautiful designs that work well (and last)

Burrow has a strong focus on both style and substance. Its furniture is inspired by American Mid-Century Modernism and contemporary Scandinavian interior design. Its furniture features acute attention to detail to ensure each piece meets the demands of modern living with functional features like built-in chargers, modular design, and concealed storage. Each piece is designed to last years and adapt with you. 

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The Range is a versatile option for any room in the home

The Burrow Range seating system helps homeowners make the most of any underutilized corner of their home. Thanks to the changeable setup, it prevents having to decide between a loveseat/chaise style and a full three or four-seater couch. Therefore, the Range is the picture of versatility and a long-lasting, high-quality product.

Alexandra Frost
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Alexandra Frost is a Cincinnati-based journalist. Her work has appeared in Apartment Therapy, Glamour, Women's Health, Reader's Digest, and other publications.
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