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Floyd Bed Review: The Bed that Evolves with You

Floyd Bed Frame
Detroit-based company, Floyd, designs furniture known for its simplicity and modularity.
The Floyd Bed’s capacity for change is what draws many to purchase it, uncertain about where their future may lead them, but certain that The Floyd Bed will be able to make the transition.
Known for its “practical design philosophy,” Floyd was founded in 2013 in reaction to the growth of “disposable furniture.”

With a lifestyle that’s a bit all over the place, it’s difficult to find furniture that has the capacity to move with you, and reliably look good in a variety of spaces. When I saw the modularity and simplicity of the Floyd Bed on Instagram, sold at a price point I could afford, with the option to add-on to the bed frame down the line, it stuck with me. I decided to give the Floyd Bed a try. 

About the Floyd Bed Frame

The modular Floyd Bed Frame comes in sizes that range from twin, starting at $595, to king, starting at $995. 

The bed’s design is unbelievably simple, featuring plywood panels held together by steel supports and nylon ratchet straps, which enable the platform-style frame to hold up to 600 pounds of weight.. The bed’s TSCA Title VI certified birch plywood panels are designed with a lightweight core, making the panels light and easy to transport. The panels are available in either a birch or walnut veneer, and the steel supports are available in white or black. With the help of Floyd’s instructional video, the bed is both easy to put together and to take apart. 

The Floyd Bed
The modular Bed Frame can adapt to your needs.

When ordering The Bed Frame, customers have the ability to add on a headboard or under-bed storage for one or both sides of the bed. It alo comes in twin, full/queen, and king sizes, supporting all mattress sizes up through California king.

  • Modular design allows for you to add on or subtract from the bed as needed. 
  • The bed’s lightweight panels and simple assembly process allow for it to be built and taken apart by one person. 
  • The bed’s aesthetic, minimal design can be adapted to most (dare I say, all!) personal styles. 
  • Without purchasing the under-bed storage, it's hard to find storage containers that will fit under the bed. 
  • The mattress slides on the panel a small amount as you get in and out of the bed. This creates the need for constant readjustment of the mattress. 
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Living with the Floyd Bed Frame

Why I ordered the Floyd Bed

I purchased the Floyd Bed Frame after graduating from college and moving to a new city in 2019. The purchase seemed like a no-brainer, as I wasn’t sure I would be staying in the Bay Area, moving to another city, or how many times I’d be apartment-hopping that year (it turns out, quite a few). While I ordered the queen size Floyd Bed, its unique ability to shrink down to a twin bed or expand into a king based on the number of bed panels used (two for twin, three for queen, or four for a king), was appealing to me. After four long years of generic dorm furniture, I wanted so badly to purchase a bed that would make my space my own, but my fluctuating lifestyle held me back from doing so. 

The Floyd Bed seemed like the perfect compromise: the linear, minimal aesthetics of the bed would add to my space, but the modularity of the bed would adapt as I needed to. 

Floyd Bed Frame assembly 

The Floyd Bed Frame arrived on my porch approximately two weeks after I’d ordered it in one tall box that, upon first glance, was about the same size as I was. With one giant hug of the box and a few adjustments, I was able to waddle the package into my ground-floor apartment and persuade my roommate to give me a hand in its setup. 

Floyd Bed Height
The Floyd Bed sits around 7" off the ground.

With a quick google search, I found Floyd’s Bed Frame setup video. The setup of the bed is easy enough, and relatively intuitive once you see the pieces you’re given. The only tricky part when it comes to setting up the bed frame is the direction that the ratchet straps are tightened (the straps that go through the hardware to make sure the panels stay tight). Make sure to pay close attention to the video when it comes to this step. 

At home with the Floyd Bed Frame

I’ve had the Floyd Bed Frame for a few years, and while other pieces of furniture have come and gone, it continues to be the only bed I want in my space. 

The portability and modularity of the bed is not only convenient, but endlessly satisfying.

The portability and modularity of the bed is not only convenient, but endlessly satisfying. Since buying the Floyd Bed Frame, I’ve lived in four different apartments, each that came with its own unique quirks. In every apartment, I was able to move the bed frame, assemble it on my own, and arrange it to meet the needs that differed with each apartment. In one particularly small bedroom, I was able to remove one of the bed’s panels to transform the queen I had originally ordered into a twin.

The Floyd Bed in the Room
The Floyd Bed

When it comes to wear and tear, I’d rate the Floyd bed as… not indestructible. During moving and assembly bumps, I’ve chipped a few corners of the panels. However, the Floyd bed’s ability to deconstruct and the ease of ordering parts separately on the Floyd website (such as this Floyd Bed Expansion Kit) makes me feel confident in the bed frame’s ability to be easily repaired, regardless of the scuffs and bumps acquired during moves. 

Floyd Bed Frame
Bed Frame
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Floyd Bed Frame FAQs

How tall is the Floyd Bed?

No matter what size you opt for (twin, queen or king), the Floyd Bed sits around 7.5 inches off the ground with 6 inches of clearance underneath.

Do Floyd Beds creak?

The Bed is very well put together and has remained stable throughout the years I've owned it. It doesn't creak, shift, or make any noise.

How much weight can the Floyd Bed hold?

The Floyd Bed is designed and engineered to support 600 lbs. 

Is it easy to move? And does it pack flat?

Yes, the Floyd bed frame is both easy to move, and packs flat! The bed can be taken apart, moved, and re-assembled by one person. The hardware fits easily into a shoebox-sized container, while panels can lie flat on top of each other, taking up very little space. 

Furniture for keeping

Floyd is a Detroit-based direct-to-consumer furniture company. Every Floyd product is designed to last.

The brand first launched in 2013, with a single product, The Floyd Leg. Now, the brand has evolved to offer a range of high-design furniture pieces aimed to simplify furniture shopping for modern consumers. From bed frames, shelving, and coffee tables to media consoles, side tables, and outdoor furniture, Floyd offers pieces for every room.

“Our homes should be a place to embody the things we love and care about. By marrying timeless design and premium U.S. manufacturing with the modern conveniences of flat-pack delivery and intuitive assembly/disassembly, we’re creating furniture “for keeping” - not tossing.”
Alex O’Dell
Alex O’Dell
Co-Founder, Floyd
Floyd Sofa
Floyd Outdoor Furniture
Floyd Sectional
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For the home, not the landfill

By 2025, Floyd is aiming to ensure 70% of materials come from either recycled or renewable sources and use 100% FSC certified wood across all of its products. It’s also aiming to minimize packing materials and eliminate single-use plastics.

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A practical bed that’s made to last

Overall, I would highly recommend the Floyd Bed. The few cons of the bed are easily out-shadowed by the bed’s practicality and aesthetic design– something that I’ve never been impressed with while looking at bed frames sold by similar companies.

Sasha Weilbaker
Written by
Sasha Weilbaker is a freelance writer with bylines in Thrillist, Business Insider, and The Vegetarian Times. She's particularly interested in the intersection of sustainability and materials. In the wild, she can be found cycling around New England, scouting coffee shops, or obsessing over new podcasts.
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