The Best Storage Beds: Insights from Customer Reviews

Storage Bed
Why live with bags, boxes, or bins shoved under your bedframe when you could have one with built-in storage space? Storage beds unlock your bedroom’s potential so you can clear the clutter and take full advantage of every square foot of your home.

A messy room can cause stress and get in the way of a good night’s sleep, and you deserve better rest. It doesn’t matter if you’re living in a small space or an expansive home — it’s time to take back your bedroom floor and stop overworking your closet. And we’re here to help.

This guide features some of the best storage beds available in 2022, with a range of styles to ensure there’s something for everyone. And we asked the experts for advice to make your job easier, so keep reading to get inspired.

What Should You Look for in a Storage Bed?

The Size

When you’re shopping for a bed, size definitely matters. Make sure to measure the floor space of your bedroom and compare it to the size of the storage bed you’re buying. After all, extra storage isn’t helpful if the bedframe makes your bedroom crowded.

Before you buy, check the bedframe’s dimensions. Then, we recommend outlining them in masking tape on the floor where you plan to put the bed. This test will help you see how much room you’ll have to move around the room to ensure your purchase offers a rewarding, cozy feel that will complement the room.

Your Storage Needs

You’ll need to ask yourself how much stuff you need to store and how often you’ll need to access the storage to determine your needs. For example, if you have a small closet with no room for a dresser, you’ll probably need more storage space than someone with a sprawling floor plan.

Danny Robertson also recommends making sure the storage is convenient enough for your needs. If you want the option to access your stored items frequently, for example, you probably won’t want something like an ottoman storage bed that you have to lift every time you need something.

“Underbed storage drawers can be incredibly handy as long as they’re are easy to access and highly functional for day-to-day use,” added Robertson.

Type of Storage Bed

“There are three main types of beds with storage— divan beds, ottoman bed frames, and bed frames with drawers,” explains Stacy Lewis. Each type offers different kinds of storage and access for different needs.

  • Divan beds: With a divan bed, you can choose between drawers, ottoman storage, or a combination.
  • Ottoman beds: With an Ottoman bed frame, the entire bed offers storage space. These beds use hydraulics for easy opening and are great for guest rooms.
  • Beds with drawers: Storage bed frames with drawers are ideal if you want a trendy look while saving space on storage.

You’ll also see beds with headboard storage shelves, which don’t offer as much space as other styles. However, they’re ideal for tucking away your nighttime reading material and creating attractive displays in your space. Storage headboards work well when combined with frames that offer additional space underneath.

1. Buden Bed

Buden Bed

Brand: Medley

Price: Starts at $3,349

Sizes Available: Twin, full, queen, king, and California king size

The Buden Bed from Medley comes in two beautiful bamboo wood finishes with multiple storage options. You can create a combination of a headboard with drawers, a base with drawers, and a base and headboard with drawers, so your new bed has everything you need and nothing you don’t.

The base of the Buden Bed also boasts open storage compartments at the foot of the bed for more room. And with the platform bed frame, you can skip the box spring and save a bit of cash.

Customer Review: “Really enjoy the bed. It feels well built, and the delivery/setup was quick and easy,” reads one 5-star review.

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2. Hollyridge Platform Storage Bed

Hollyridge Platform Storage Bed

Brand: Apt2B

Price: Starts at $1,698

Sizes Available: Full, queen, king, and California king size

The Hollyridge Platform Storage Bed is designed with an understated appeal, but it doesn’t lose the glamorous style of Apt2B’s Hollyridge collection. It boasts a tufted headboard with grey upholstery and two drawers at the base of the footboard for extra storage space.

With a solid wood frame made from acacia wood and veneers, the Hollyridge Platform is built to last. And with a platform design, you won’t need a box spring to support your mattress.

Customer Review: “This bed is excellent,” begins a 5-star review. “I purchased the King, and it is a solid and heavy bed that is very well constructed. I am very pleased with it and imagine I will have it for many years. The headboard, the drawers, and overall design are timeless.”

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3. Aversa 1-Side Storage Bed

Aversa 1-sd. Storage Bed

Brand: Raymour & Flanigan

Price: Starts at $1,319.95

Sizes Available: Queen and king size

The Aversa 1-Side Storage Bed boasts a natural wood finish with a chic design that’ll fit with a variety of design styles. It has defined edges, clean lines, and a sleek look with box feet and a low profile. And the large drawer features three divided compartments to keep you organized.

Like many beds with storage space underneath, the Aversa is a platform bed that doesn’t require a box spring. Instead, it supports your mattress with wood slats for a restful night’s sleep and long-lasting enjoyment.

Customer Review: “This is beautiful and amazingly designed,” reads one 5-star review. “We are really loving it. I will definitely recommend it to family and friends.”

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4. Meadowmere Platform Bed

Meadowmere Platform Storage Bed

Brand: Apt2B

Price: Starts at $1,998

Sizes Available: Queen, king, and California king size

The Meadowmere Platform Bed is made from solid softwood with a handsome espresso pine finish and roughhewn wood planks. Saw marks, knots, grain variations, and other artisan detailing add unique character to each piece, and the cubbies underneath offer plenty of storage space.

This storage platform bed looks beautiful alongside the Solara Dresser or other pieces from the collection. And with a tall headboard to protect the wall, you’ll always have somewhere to lounge while reading books, watching TV, or relaxing in your bedroom.

Customer Review: “I needed a storage bed, but I don’t really like storage beds that have drawers,” begins one customer’s 5-star review. “Everything’s really easy to access. Color is pretty dark but looks really pretty in person. I love love love this bed!”

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5. Mash Studios LAX Platform Storage Bed

Mash Studios LAX Platform Storage Bed

Brand: house&hold

Price: Starts at $2,950

Sizes Available: Queen and king size

The Mash Studios LAX Platform Storage Bed comes in either queen or king size, and it’s designed to go with other pieces of modern bedroom furniture from the LAX series. This bed’s solid wood frame is an instant bedroom upgrade with simple, clean lines and high-grade, sustainable construction. In addition, it features four drawers on each side of the bed and doesn’t require a box spring.

“It’s difficult to find a storage bed that has ample storage and a sleek, modern look,” said Danny Robertson. “The Mash Studios LAX Platform Storage Bed is one of the rare exceptions as it has headboard storage, underneath storage, and a minimalistic contemporary aesthetic.”

Customer Review: “It did not disappoint — I LOVE the storage drawers under the bed,” wrote one happy customer. “For a small space, this is a super convenient storage solution. Assembly was pretty easy if you’ve put together this kind of furniture before.”

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6. Marcel Drawer Storage Bed

Marcel Drawer Storage Bed

Brand: EQ3

Price: Starts at $2,899

Sizes Available: Double, queen, and king size

The Marcel Drawer Storage Bed comes with a solid wood frame and your choice of walnut, oak, and black oak finishes. It has a distinct mid-century modern appeal with the option to add three spacious drawers to one or both sides of the frame. With the six-drawer option (three on either side), you’ll have plenty of room to store extra comforters, pillows, clothes, and more.

You can skip the box spring and enjoy full support from the platform base. And if you’re looking for something for a guest room, the double size offers more space than a twin bed with 15” of extra width.

Customer Review: “We’ve been looking for a bed like this for years!” begins one happy customer’s 5-star review. “It is so beautiful and stylish and yet is able to store all of our towels, sheets, etc. The shipping was easy, the drawers slide beautifully, and the wood is excellent quality.”

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7. Walnut Lenia Wood Panel Bed

Walnut Lenia Wood Panel Bed

Brand: Article

Price: Starts at $1,099

Sizes Available: Queen and king size

The Walnut Lenia Wood Panel Bed comes with your choice of a fabric, panel, or spindle headboard and an optional underbed storage drawer set. It has an eye-catching mid-century style with tapered legs, concealed joinery, and supportive wood slats that let you skip the box spring.

Let the Lenia bed’s quiet beauty take center stage in your bedroom and pair it with other pieces from Article’s Lenia collection to complete the look. The Lenia 2-Drawer Nightstand, for example, can serve as a mini bookcase while adding convenience to your bedroom.

Customer Review: “The Lenia bed is both beautiful and sturdy — a REAL piece of furniture that will stand the test of time,” wrote one customer in their 5-star review. “I love the clean mid-century modern design, and this was a great furniture investment in my home.”

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8. Japanese Storage Bed

Japanese Storage Bed

Brand: Get Laid Beds

Price: Starts at $794

Sizes Available: Single, petite double, small double, standard double, king, small super king, super king, Eastern king, emperor, super emperor, Caesar, super Caesar size

The Japanese Storage Bed comes in almost any size you could ask for, with options for floating shelves and a range of underbed storage compartments. With an 11-year guarantee and thick, wide slats, you’ll enjoy a comfy, cozy, convenient bedframe for years to come. And with the platform base, you can save money and skip the box spring.

You can choose between hardwood and softwood frames in several finishes, and the 3D modeling option lets you see what you’re building before you break out the credit card. So, whether you want a black king bed with one underbed storage drawer or an oak queen-size bed (listed as “king size”), you can create the storage bed of your dreams. And since every bed is made to order, you never have to worry if the one you want is in stock!

Note: We recommend checking out the dimensions before choosing a size, as they don’t feature standard names.

Customer Review: The Ged Laid Beds website doesn’t feature any reviews for this bed. However, the brand does offer a conditional 14-day return policy in addition to an 11-year guarantee. And if you’d like to see reviews for other bedframes from the brand, you can check out reviews on the brand’s Etsy shop.

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9. Revel Storage Bed

Revel Storage Bed

Brand: Joss & Main

Price: Starts at $2,130

Sizes Available: Queen size

The Revel Bobby Storage Bed is a queen platform bed with clean lines and a contemporary silhouette. It’ll upgrade your bedroom with two drawers in the footboard and a solid wood frame that’s built to last.

The Bobby Storage Bed will lend that ever-trending classic style to your bedroom or guest room. And you can choose between oak and poplar to match your space.

Customer Review: “Great bed. Clean look, and well made. You do NOT need a box spring as this is a foundation bed,” reads one 5-start review. 

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10. Shelter Side Storage Bed

Shelter Side Storage Bed

Brand: West Elm

Price: Starts at $1,549

Sizes Available: Twin, full, queen, king, and California king size

The Shelter Side Storage Bed is highly customizable, with several headboard tufting, headboard size, leg style, and upholstery options. It has two hidden side drawers on each side of the bed frame, with thick padding all around (excluding the back of the headboard).

The sides of the headboard curve inward slightly, creating a comforting cocoon feeling that’ll make you feel secure as you sleep. Before checkout, you can sample fabric swatches and decide between a frame with or without a box spring.

Customer Review: The West Elm website doesn’t feature any reviews for this bed, but they have a 30-day return policy to ensure you’re protected before you buy. Alternatively, call your nearest West Elm location to ask about seeing and purchasing the bed in-store.

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11. Lansing Platform Storage Bed

Lansing Platform Storage Bed

Brand: Raymour & Flanigan

Price: $799

Sizes Available: Full, queen, and king size

The Lansing Platform Storage Bed has a sleek, contemporary silhouette with graphite upholstery on the headboard and frame. In addition, it boasts two roomy built-in drawers for extra storage and an undeniable charm that would fit with any space.

At just $799, the Lansing Bed is an affordable bed with storage. And it’ll pair nicely with other pieces from Raymour and Flanigan’s Lansing collection, like this chaise lounge for the bedroom or this double reclining sofa for the living room.

Customer Review: “Solid choice for guest room queen bed,” reads one 5-star review. “Headboard is thicker than anticipated. I love that it’s platform and with convenient storage drawer. Good neutral comfortable furniture. I bought a second in full without the storage and love that too for the price.”

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12. Nest Upholstered Storage Bed

Nest Storage Bed

Brand: Design Within Reach

Price: $3,795

Sizes Available: Twin, full, queen, king, and California king size

Recommended to us by Christiana Crin, the Nest Upholstered Storage Bed comes in a range of color and fabric options. It has a hidden storage compartment that you can access by lifting the bed and removable leather or fabric slipcovers. The slipcover design allows you to order new colors and fabrics whenever you need to.

The Nest Storage Bed is designed to add extra storage to small spaces. It appears to float above the floor for an attractive modern appeal. And it lifts using smooth-operating gas pistons built to withstand daily use, allowing you to keep its storage compartment inconspicuous.

Customer Review: “We love this bed,” reads one 5-star review. “We bought the king size version. It’s padded from every angle so you can’t whack your shins on it — a big selling point for a family of shin-whackers. The cushy headboard is perfect for propping up and watching a movie or reading a book. Through some feat of engineering, it’s easy to open and close the storage compartment.”

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Written by
Shelby Golding
Shelby Golding is a Colorado-based writer/editor with over a decade of experience. She has a college education in interior design and enjoys woodworking in her free time.
Shelby Golding
Written by
Shelby Golding
Shelby Golding is a Colorado-based writer/editor with over a decade of experience. She has a college education in interior design and enjoys woodworking in her free time.
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