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The Aero 3-Seater Review: An Easy-to-assemble, Modular Sofa with a Modern Flair

Aero Modular Sofa
A North California-based custom furniture company, Inside Weather prides itself on its customizable, modular design, made one at a time.
When you order online with Inside Weather, your piece is constructed and shipped just for you, not part of a product roll-out.
Inside Weather is able to cut out the cost of middlemen, wasted material, and warehouse costs using this unique model.

As a 25-year-old living in a 1-bedroom of my own for the first time, I was teeming with excitement– and nerves. With no roommates to help out with the heavy lifting of both furniture and its associated costs, I was anticipating a few challenges when it came to putting my home together in a new city. It turns out, Inside Weather was there to help. 

Getting Hands-On with the Area Sofa

The Aero Seating Collection by Inside Weather is a modern, made-to-order collection that emphasizes modularity. The collection ranges from the 4-Seater U-Shape Sectional to the Aero Armchair, and offers plenty of opportunity to customize each piece throughout the ordering process. 

Designing Your Aero 

Customization options for the Aero Sofa include the upholstery of the sofa, sofa configuration, an option for a side table add-on, and plenty of upholstery colors and fabrics to choose from. The ability to customize your sofa trickles down to even the smallest of details, including the sofa’s base style, arm style, and pillow decor. 

Aero Sofa Inside Weather
Designing my Aero Sofa

Since I placed my order before securing my apartment, I decided to stick with more basic design options, such as opting not to get the side table add-ons I had ogled on Inside Weather’s site, as I was unsure of the size of the space I was looking to fill. I played it safe and stuck with a 3-Seater rather than a sectional, and ordered a neutral base style. 


  • The Aero 3-Seater Sofa starts at around $1,529.
  • Frame is made from kiln-dried solid wood and baltic birch plywood that are FSC & SFC Certified.
  • Its modular design means you can add new pieces at any time.
  • The material used to fill the pillows is 100% recycled down alternative.
  • Your choice of 22" or 28" seat depth.

Delivery and Construction 

The delivery of the sofa was impeccably timed with my move–  I placed the order in anticipation of a month-long building and delivery process, and Inside Weather delivered on all fronts. The sofa arrived the day after I moved in two neatly packaged boxes waiting for me on my front porch. I was concerned that, due to the weight and size of the boxes, that I’d have to make friends quickly in my new city in order to get them up two flights of stairs, but was able to roll each box on its side on my own. 

Assembly of the sofa was not a small endeavor, but went quicker than expected. The instructions for the 3-Seater were the same for each seat of the couch, so once you got the hang of how to build one section, it was easy to replicate the process three times. 

The piece of the sofa packaging that was the most impressive to me was the packaging of the sofa cushions. Each cushion arrived, flat, in a piece of plastic packaging. Upon making a quick cut in the plastic with a pair of scissors by accident, I heard a whooshing sound, and all of a sudden, there was a full-blown couch cushion in front of me. It was thrilling. 

Although it would have been helpful to have help carrying the packaged sofa into my apartment, I was fully capable of carrying it up and assembling it myself. 

Living with the Aero Sofa

The modern design and color of the sofa is a welcome addition to my new home. The linear design of the cushions and arms fit the modern aesthetic I was looking for, and pairs well with the furniture I already own and love. 

The linear design of the cushions and arms fit the modern aesthetic I was looking for, and pairs well with the furniture I already own and love. 

Reminiscent of the Floyd Bed that I’ve moved with me to each new city I’ve lived in, the ease that I was able to transport and build the Aero Sofa gives me comfort that, if I end up moving again, I will be able to do so with ease. 

Aero sand color Sofa in sand color
The Aero Sofa in my living space

The couch cushions feel perhaps firmer than I was expecting and go over the edge of the base of the sofa, elements that it took a few days to adjust to. 

However, the practicality of the sofa wins out over any sacrifice in comfort I’ve experienced thus far– when my cat, during moving jitters, peed on the middle sofa cushion, it was a no-brainer to zip off the upholstery of the cushion, throw it in the wash, and forget that it even happened. 

  • Highly customizable in its configuration, depth, upholstery, add-ons, and color. 
  • Sustainability is a pillar of the Aero Sofa’s material selection. One sofa equals approximately 200 plastic bottles, keeping plastic out of our water sources and diverting virgin plastics from use. 
  • The sofa’s water-resistant covering underneath the upholstery makes for long-lasting, stain-resistant furniture that can withstand life’s messes.
  • The sofa cushions are on the firmer side. For some, this may be a preference, but for those who value a plush sofa, the Aero Collection might not be for you. 
  • The lack of cushioning on the arms of the sofa prevents the ability to lie down horizontally. This can be remedied with the simple fix of propping a cushion between your back and the side arms, but still can be felt in certain positions.
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Inside Weather Aero FAQs

How Comfortable is the Aero?

The Aero’s firm cushions, low-profile design, and itch-free, durable fabric makes for a comfortable sofa. However, I’d say that practicality, sustainability, and the sofa’s ability to hold up to stains are its winning features rather than true comfort. 

What is the Lead Time for Customization, Manufacturing, and Delivery?

From order placement to delivery, the lead time for Inside Weather products is between 1 and 2 months. Within that time period, you’ll get emails about the status of your product, and have the ability to connect with the company’s friendly and accommodating customer service team. 

What's the Seat Depth?

The Aero Collection was designed with two seat depth options — Classic (22”) or Lounge (28”) depth — so you can decide what works best for you.

Aero Modular Sofa
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Customized furniture, made for you

Inside Weather’s furniture is made-to-order from its workshop in California using carefully selected materials.

Almost every aspect of Inside Weather’s furniture can be customized from the arm height and cushion detail on its sofas to the surface design and base style on its tables. Inside Weather offers free shipping and a unique 365-day home trial, meaning you can return products at any time in the first year. Additionally, for every order placed with Insider Weather, one tree is planted via the National Forest Foundation.

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Quality and transparency

Inside Weather is all about making the best possible furniture at the best prices for customers. Every piece of its furniture is designed in-house and its 0-inventory model means Inside Weather only makes what you order. So the brand can cut out warehousing costs, waster materials, and make its products more affordable without sacrificing quality.

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An Easy-to-maneuver, Practical Sofa That Makes Me Excited About the Future of the Furniture Industry

As a young person looking for something practical, sustainable, stain-proof, and easy to assemble, I’m incredibly happy with my decision to order from Inside Weather. The company’s thoughtfulness when it comes to material sourcing in addition to its customizable, minimalist design met my priorities for what I was looking for in my new home.

Sasha Weilbaker
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Sasha Weilbaker is a freelance writer with bylines in Thrillist, Business Insider, and The Vegetarian Times. She's particularly interested in the intersection of sustainability and materials. In the wild, she can be found cycling around New England, scouting coffee shops, or obsessing over new podcasts.
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