The 15 Best Extendable Dining Tables for Your Home

Extendable Dining Table
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Every home needs a dining room for family gatherings, dinner parties, and holidays, but you don't always need the all extra dining space. In fact, with today's small spaces, many prefer a smaller dining room table when they don't have company. This is where extendable dining tables come in.

An expandable dining table allows you to increase seating capacity and accessibility at a moment's notice. And it looks way better than a folding table in the corner of your dining room.

This guide explains how to choose the right extendable dining table for your home before highlighting 15 excellent options to choose between.

Meet the Experts

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What is an Extendable Dining Table?

Transformer Table
The 6-in-1 Transformer Table

Extendable dining tables allow you to transform them to create more seating area in your dining space. You'll find options for homes of every size, from compact kitchen tables that can double as a home-office workspace to expansive tables perfect for large dinner parties.

"Extendable tables are great in that they offer a wider range of versatility with seating arrangement between everyday and larger gatherings or parties."

"Extendable tables are great in that they offer a wider range of versatility with seating arrangement between everyday and larger gatherings or parties," Kristin Patrician told Living Cozy. "They are especially a great option where space is limited, so the option to close the table or make the table smaller is helpful in giving you more space for your everyday needs."

You'll find extendable dining tables available in a variety of styles and designs. Common options include:

  • Butterfly leaf dining table: The leaf folds and divides in the middle.
  • Removable leaf dining table: The leaf is not attached to the table and can be removed.
  • Drop leaf dining table: The leaf is attached to a hinged section that allows it to fold down.
  • Self-storing leaf dining table: The leaf is stored underneath the table.

"Extendable dining tables are crafted in a way that they can be pulled apart to make the usable surface larger," explained Grace Baena. "Usually, there are pieces called leaves that fit into the middle after the table is pulled apart. They're perfect for those who don't have a ton of space for their dining table but also want the option to sit a number of guests at the table on occasion."

How to Choose the Right Extendable Dining Table

Festa Extension Dining Table
Festa Extension Dining Table

A dining set is a significant investment in your home, and you must find the right fit before heading to checkout. It'll probably be one of your most significant investments, right alongside your living room sofa, and you want something that you'll love for years to come.

Take time to consider the following elements before making your purchase:

  • Room size: Measure your dining room or area and choose a table that fits, leaving enough room to pull out the chairs and easily walk around the table. "You will want to ensure that the space still works and flows when the table is fully extended, said Anna Franklin.
  • Room shape: "If the room has more of a rectangular shape, opt for a rectangular table. If the room is more square and open on each side, a round or oval-shaped table may be a good option as well," recommended Anna Franklin.
  • Seating needs: Consider how many people your dining table will need to seat on a daily basis and how many guests you plan to have when you host dinner parties or holiday gatherings. Use these numbers to help pick the correct table size for your space.
  • Materials: "When it comes to quality and materials, a dining table is one of the larger furniture pieces I recommend investing in. It gets used daily and will need to withstand the test of time," Anna Franklin told Living Cozy.
  • Budget: You don't want to max out your credit card buying a new dining set, no matter how much you love the design. Find a dining set that meets your room, seating, and material needs in addition to your spending limit.

It can help to make a list of these elements before you begin shopping to evaluate each piece accurately. This makes choosing your final piece easier, as you'll be able to identify and eliminate options that don't work for what you need.

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The Best Extendable Dining Tables

Check out the dining furniture below to find the best extendable dining table for your home. Whether you're looking for a counter-height set with barstools or a rustic dining table with a wood grain tabletop, you're sure to find a good match.

1. Transformer Table

Transformer Table

Price: $1,999 (on sale, usually $2,699)

The Transformer Table can adjust to fit any home, easily expanding from an 18" console table to a 118" dining room table that seats up to 12 guests. This wood dining table comes in your choice of Siberian Birch, American Mahogany, Canadian dark oak, and Australian Acacia wood finishes. It's made from 100% hardwood materials and has matching dining benches that extend from 17" to 135" for maximum versatility.

"The Transformer Table is a one-of-a-kind, innovative product with a clear focus and priority on versatility."

"The Transformer Table is a one-of-a-kind, innovative product with a clear focus and priority on versatility," writes Alexandra Frost in a review on Living Cozy. "There's no reason to get rid of the table once it's purchased because it will almost definitely be needed in a different room, perhaps in a different size."

If you fall in love with the Transformer Table, you can also get a Transformer Coffee Table for versatility in the living room.

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2. Cleo Extension Dining Table

Cleo Extension Dining Table

Price: $1,299

The Cleo Extension Dining Table from Poly ​& Bark extends from 71" to 109". It can seat 10 people comfortably and 12 in a pinch when fully expanded. It features a retro-influenced contemporary design, perfect for a mid-century modern look, and comes in either American black walnut or solid American white oak wood finishes.

This beautiful table would work well with mix-and-match dining chairs — try the Lando Dining Chairs and the Gstaad Dining Chairs for a comfy, inviting look. The removable extension leaves fit at both ends, and the slightly splayed legs provide a sturdy, spacious seating area.

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3. Seb Extendable Dining Table

Seb Extendable Dining Table

Price: $899

The Seb Extendable Dining Table from Castlery has a distinct rustic appeal that would work well in modern farmhouse to mid-century modern settings. It features solid wood construction using Acacia wood with a distressed finish in muted honey.

The butterfly leaf mechanism splits the tabletop, allowing it to extend from 59" to 79", seating four to six people comfortably. You can seat up to eight in a pinch when the table is fully extended.

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4. Schoolhouse Extendable Table

Schoolhouse Extendable Table

Price: $2,999

The Schoolhouse Extendable Table features a self-storing 18" extension leaf that tucks neatly under the table when it's not in use. It's heirloom-crafted in the USA using ethically-sourced domestic and global components. In addition, this table boasts a timeless appeal, solid wood construction, and an iconic silhouette.

This extendable dining table expands from 60" to 78", seating six people comfortably and eight in a pinch. You'll love the look of the exposed ply-edge top finished with a spill-resistant protective varnish. The table also features a satin black apron and solid wood legs.

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5. Kaiza Extendable Dining Table

Kaiza Extendable Dining Table

Price: Starts at $3,598

"The Kaiza Extendable Dining Table by Lulu and Georgia is a beautiful, classic design that works with a variety of design styles. It features a butterfly leaf for extension and has unique corners to provide a small yet sleek detail," Anna Franklin told Living Cozy.

This table is available in three sizes: 55" without leaf, 87" with leaf; 63" without leaf, 95" with leaf; and 71" without leaf, 110" with leaf. This offers incredible versatility, and the smallest size can seat eight guests when fully expanded (10 in a pinch). It boasts a simple, modern design with sleek beveled edges and a natural oak wood tone.

This table would work well as a dining table, kitchen table, and even an impromptu home office desk. Try pairing it with a dining bench and a set of dining chairs — you can use the chairs without the leaf and bring out the bench for extra seating with the leaf in.

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6. Second Best

Blu Dot Second Best Extendable Dining Table

Price: $2,640

The Second Best Extendable Dining Table from Blu Dot expands from 74" to 95" with a removable extension leaf. It seats eight comfortably and ten in a pinch, and it boasts a walnut veneer top with an eye-catching beveled edge and solid walnut legs. With an unpretentious design, this table allows your meals to be the star of the show at every dinner.

The Second Best Extendable Dining Table would work well in a minimalist or modern home with unadorned features and subdued design. In addition, the 21" removable leaf comes with a bag for safe storage when it's not in use. (Note: This table is also available in 76" and 95" dining tables without extension features.)

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7. Astor Table

Astor Table

Price: $2,200

The Modern Astor Table by Modloft easily transforms from an eight-person 71" size to a 10-person 94" size (can seat 12 in a pinch). The tabletop extends with a hidden center leaf featuring a German-made smooth-glide mechanism that makes perfect alignment easy every time. This way, you'll be able to accommodate extra guests at a moment's notice without crowding your space when you're not hosting.

This everyday table is available in your choice of glossy gray, glossy white, gray oak, smoked oak, and walnut finishes, so there's something for every home. In addition, it features a weighted chromed steel base as a counterbalance to the 40" wide tabletop, providing a modern accent that's both subtle and eye-catching.

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8. Walsh Table

Walsh Extension Table

Price: $3,499

The Walsh Table by Room & Board features a classic farmhouse inspiration perfect for traditional and modern spaces alike. It has an updated wraparound leg design made from sturdy, solid wood that's domestically sourced and made with precision. In addition, the Walsh Extendable Table comes in your choice of seven finishes, each with a clear lacquer finish to protect the natural wood grain.

This table will fit in most modern homes with clean lines and domestically-sourced wood. The table features two 22" removable leaves extending from 72" to 94" or 116". It seats four to six at 72", six to eight at 94" with one leaf, and 10 to 12 at 116" with both leaves. It also comes in 60" (extended width 82" to 104") and 80" (extended width 102" to 124") variations.

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9. Festa Extension Dining Table

Festa Extension Dining Table

Price: $1,499

The Festa Extension Dining Table by Poly & Bark is made from solid American oak, and each unique piece features natural differences in pattern and tone. It's 82.5" long without extension leaves and 122" with two 19.5" extension leaves, giving you enough versatility to accommodate any number of unexpected guests.

This casual-style table would work well as an impromptu home office table, a homework station, or the center of a dinner party, and it can fit in with a wide range of interior design styles. For example, it would look great with Poly & Bark's Corden Dining Chairs, the Weave Dining Chairs, or a combination of the two for a mix-and-match style.

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10. Dublin Extendable Table

Dublin Extendable Solid Oak Dining Table

Price: $2,700

The Dublin Extendable Dining Table from AllModern features solid wood construction and two removable leaves. This solid oak dining table goes from seating eight people to seating 12 to 14 with both removable leaves added, expanding from 82.5" to 122". In addition, the leaves add 19.5" each to the table's length.

In addition to modern elegance, this extendable dining table is sturdy and built to last for years to come. The tabletop is stain-resistant, and the legs feature solid wood construction with a chunky silhouette that fits a range of interior design styles.

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11. Brayden Trestle Dining Table

Bynoe Extendable Trestle Dining Table

Price: $1,299.99

The Brayden Trestle Dining Table comes with one extension leaf to expand the tabletop from 59" to 77". The tabletop features natural wood grain with a sappy walnut veneer, and the base features a metal base over solid wood construction.

With a low price and modest footprint, this table would be an excellent option for furnishing your first home. It would also work well in small spaces, allowing you to collapse it down to a six-person size when you're not entertaining. At the full 77" length, it seats eight comfortably and 10 in a pinch, perfect for the versatile host.

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12. Oak Slice Table

Oak Slice Extendable Dining Table

Price: Starting at $3,829

The Oak Slice Table from Burke Decor is a true showcase piece made from solid oak and available in three sizes. It's also available in teak and walnut, and it easily expands without interrupting the eye-catching wood grain pattern on the tabletop.

The Slice Table boasts a modern silhouette with chunky legs for a sturdy base and a reverse beveled edge to make it stand out. The small size expands from 55" to 86", allowing you to seat up to 10 guests when you have company. The large expands from 63" to 94", and the extra-large extends from 71" to 110".

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13. Railey Extendable Dining Table

Railey Extendable Dining Table

Price: $1,200

The Railey Extendable Dining Table features a simple design with an airy silhouette, creating a versatile appeal that can work well in almost any space. It's made from sturdy wood with a light brown finish, and it boasts a sculptural sawhorse base for unique character. The removable leaf adds 18" and takes the table from 72" to 90".

When fully extended, this versatile table can seat up to eight people (10 in a pinch) and is perfect for large families and dinner parties. When collapsed, the table seats six people and makes an excellent workstation or homework table. And at $1,200, it's a great value for those just starting out.

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14. Ventura

Ventura Round Expandable Dining Table

Price: Starts at $2,699

The Ventura Round Expandable Dining Table comes in your choice of seven wood finishes and two different sizes (54" and 48"). It boasts a beautifully-shaped round tabletop with tapered, splayed legs, perfect for mid-century modern spaces. In addition, it has a reverse-beveled edge and the distinctive, warm look of solid wood construction.

The 48" Ventura comes with two removable leaves, which extend it to either 66" or 84" — it seats four when collapsed, six with one leaf, and eight with two leaves. This round dining table transforms into an oval shape to accommodate more guests with the leaves added.

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15. Lesley

Lesley Extendable Dining Table

Price: $1,645

The Lesley Dining Table by Interior Define comes in your choice of three beautiful finishes — black, natural oak, and natural walnut — so everyone has an option. This table blends contemporary and classic styling, perfect for various interior design settings. The middle extension leaf expands the table from 63" to 83", allowing you to seat eight guests comfortably at a moment's notice.

The Lesley table is made with a solid wood frame and legs for lasting durability. And with a slanted leg design, it offers a roomy area underneath the table that's perfect for accessibility and comfort.

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Shelby Golding
Shelby Golding is a Colorado-based writer/editor with over a decade of experience. She has a college education in interior design and enjoys woodworking in her free time.

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