A Curated Selection of the 12 Best Drop Leaf Dining Tables

Drop Leaf Dining Table
Drop-leaf dining tables are a practical and versatile option for anyone who lives in a small space, offering the ability to expand as your surface area as needed and save space when not in use. Drop-leaf dining tables also come in just about any style you can imagine, from rustic acacia wood dining tables that will enhance a farmhouse look to pared-back lightweight pieces ideal for minimalist or contemporary styles.

To help you find the perfect addition to your dining room furniture and make the most of your space, we’re highlighting some of our favorite drop-leaf dining room tables for every budget and aesthetic.

1. Woodside Table

Woodside Table

Brand: Serena & Lily
Price: $5,498
94.5"W x 44"L x 29.5"H | Seating capacity: 8-10

Handcrafted from solid wood and white oak veneer, this minimal drop-leaf dining table can seat the whole family and then some thanks to its 10-person seating capacity. It also features clean lines and a warm finish that will look great in just about any dining room and decade.

Katie Simpson is a big fan of this beauty for its ability to transform from a dining to a console table in an instant: “I love the Woodside table from Serena & Lily. It doubles as both a dining table or a console/buffet as the drop-leaf runs the length of the table.”

Shop now at serenaandlily.com

2. Simplicity Drop-Leaf Dining Table

Simplicity Drop-Leaf Dining Table

Brand: Raymour & Flanigan
Price: $309.95
Dimensions: 42"W x 42"L x 30"H | Seating capacity: 4

If you’re in the market for a solid wood drop-leaf dining room table at an affordable price, look no further than this gem. The table’s cozy size makes it a great fit for small spaces, and the drop-leaf design allows it to be pushed up against the wall to further maximize space.

Not only will this space-saving table conserve square footage, but it won’t cramp your space visually either thanks to a simple silhouette and long tapered legs that give it a beautiful, airy feel.  It also comes in five different hues so you can find the ideal complement to the rest of your home decor.

Shop now at raymourflanigan.com

3. Posiedon Drop Leaf Trestle Dining Table

Posiedon Drop Leaf Trestle Dining Table

Brand: Wayfair
Price: $459.99
Dimensions:  36"W x 47"L x 30"H| Seating capacity: 2-4

Another stylish fit for small spaces, this extendable dining table’s unique drop-leaf design can cut the table in half length-wise, allowing it to transform from a dining room table to a console, desk, or even a cozy bar area.

According to Karen Rohr, the table’s design makes it a stellar solution for small spaces: “This space-saving drop-leaf dining table fits right up against a wall or you can stash it in a closet, making it very convenient when space is limited. It's one that can be used in small spaces to serve as a desk or table for two or four.”

Shop now at wayfair.com

4. Adams drop-leaf Dining Table

Adams Drop Leaf Table

Brand: Room & Board
Price: $1,599
Dimensions: 34"W x 48"L x 29"H | Seating capacity: 2-4

This double drop-leaf table features a minimalist-meets-farmhouse design that will warm up any dining room without overwhelming it.

The space-saving farmhouse dining table is handcrafted in the U.S. from solid wood, ensuring each piece is one of a kind, and it comes in six beautiful finishes that will look great in any space. It comfortably seats two to four people depending on whether the leaves are extended, so it’s a nice option for a smaller dining room or kitchen area.

Shop now at roomandboard.com

5. Box Frame Drop Leaf Expandable Table

Box Frame Drop Leaf Expandable Table

Brand: West Elm
Price: $699
Dimensions: 32"W x 48"L x 30"H | Seating capacity: 2-6

With its solid wood top and bronze-finished steel frame, this extendable dining table combines great style with strength that’s made to last.

Designed with small spaces in mind, the double drop-leaf table can expand to twice its size, making room for up to six dining chairs. And when the leaves are down, the table can fit snugly against the wall to conserve precious square footage.

Shop now at westelm.com

6. Alna Dining Table

Alna Drop Leaf Table

Brand: Article
Dimensions: 34"W x 51"L x 30"H | Seating capacity: 2-4

This double drop-leaf dining table features a breezy, mid-century modern-inspired design that won’t cramp any small dining room’s style.

It’s made with a solid wood top and metal base that can support long, delicious meals with loved ones. When the leaves are down, it can be pushed against a wall to save space. And when they’re extended, the dining room table can seat up to four people with equal parts comfort and style.

Shop now at article.com

7. Clarabelle drop-leaf Dining Table

Clarabelle Drop Leaf Dining Table

Brand: Wayfair
Price: $236.99
Dimensions: 31.9"W x 31.9"L x 29.5"H | Seating capacity: 2

When you’re extra tight on space, you need a space-saving dining table like this one. Made from particleboard and natural oak veneer, the round drop-leaf dining table is lightweight and can be completely folded up and tucked in a closet when not in use.

“The Clarabelle drop-leaf Dining Table features a minimal design that’s perfect for small spaces,” says Karen Rohr. “It folds completely and is easy to store when you aren’t using it.”

Shop now at wayfair.com

8. Solange Extendable Oval Dining Table

Solange Extendable Oval Dining Table

Brand: Joss & Main
Price: $290
Dimensions: 34"W x 34"L x 30.63"H | Seating capacity: 2-4

This dual drop-leaf dining table is made from manufactured and solid wood, with a classic silhouette and warm finish that will make any dining area more inviting.

The wood dining table can comfortably fit up to four dining chairs, so it’s a good option for smaller households, and you can drop the leaves and push it against the wall whenever you want to conserve more floor space.

Shop now at jossandmain.com

9.  Weber Oval Drop Leaf Dining Table

Weber Oval Drop Leaf Dining Table

Brand: Walker Edison
Price: $565
Dimensions: 32"W x 72"L x 30"H | Seating capacity: 4-6

This beauty is the perfect table for anyone who loves an especially minimal design. But its airy look certainly doesn’t come at the expense of durability.

The dining room table features a sturdy metal base, complete with powder-coated steel legs, and it’s topped with a warp-resistant MDF wood veneer that punctuates it with just the right amount of warmth.

Shop now at walkeredison.com

10. Mobile Folding Dining Table

EazeHome Mobile Folding Dining Table

Brand: Eaze Home
Price: $85.99
Dimensions: 23.6"W x 47.2"L x 30.3"H | Seating capacity: 2-6

Anyone looking for a space-saving dinner table would do well to consider this piece. It’s supported by solid wood legs with an MDF top, and it offers a built-in two-layer storage cabinet for your dinner table essentials, like cocktail glasses and wine bottles.

The table also sits on casters that make it easy to move from one space to the next, while its folding capabilities allow it to transform from a small one-person desk to a much larger six-person table. According to Karen Rohr, “The Mobile Folding Dining Table is perfect for limited space as you can easily move it around and use it as needed.”

Shop now at amazon.com

11.  Vista Bay Dining Table w/ Leaves

Vista Bay Dining Table w/ Leaves

Brand: Raymour & Flanigan
Price: $845.95
Dimensions: 40"W x 66"L x 30.5"H | Seating capacity: 4-6

This drop-leaf pedestal table features two 14-inch leaves that, when extended, can seat six people, but potentially even more if you don’t mind getting a little cozy with your dinner table neighbor.

The table features a two-oned wood tabletop, along with a kiln-dried hardwood frame reinforced with corner-block joinery that will help this beauty withstand the test of time and many meals along the way. You can also optionally purchase matching dining chairs to complete your dining set.

Shop now at raymourflanigan.com

12. Marlow Table

Marlow Table

Brand: Case
Price: $3,995
Dimensions: 39.37"W x 70.87"L x 29.53"H | Seating capacity: 4-6

This versatile extendable dining table is a stylish fit for spaces large and small. Its streamlined design is one that can complement all sorts of aesthetics, from minimal to maximal and beyond. And you can choose from an oak or walnut finish, depending on your color palette.

The wood dining table also has a unique solid wood base that folds in with each drop leaf, transforming the table from a cozy dinner table or side table to an expansive dining room table that can seat up to six people.

Shop now at dwr.com

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What are the benefits of a drop-leaf dining table

Drop-leaf dining tables boast many advantages, especially for small spaces. One of the main benefits is that they can expand or contract depending on your needs. So you could purchase a small drop-leaf table that seats two without the leaves and fits nicely in a cozy kitchen, dining area, or even living room, then when you have guests over you can flip out the leaves and offer two or more seating areas. “Drop-leaf dining tables are ideal for people who frequently entertain guests in their homes but do not necessarily need a lot of dining space for an extended period,” says Karen Rohr.

“Drop-leaf dining tables are ideal for people who frequently entertain guests in their homes but do not necessarily need a lot of dining space for an extended period."

Drop-leaf dining tables are also often designed to be easy to move. For instance, they might sit on casters, like the Mobile Dining Table on this list, so you can just roll it from space to space as needed. Plus, many drop-leaf dining tables are less expensive than traditional dining tables of similar sizes, so they’re often a cost-effective choice for those on a budget.

Drop-Leaf Dining Table FAQs

How does a drop-leaf table work?

Drop-leaf dining tables have hinged leaves, often on both sides, that can be folded down when not in use. When you need more surface area, you can pop the leaves back out, often adding two or more additional seating areas.  

How should you style a drop-leaf table?

There’s no right or wrong way to style a drop-leaf dining table, but a few tips and guidelines can make it easier. “When functioning as a dining table, I would style it with a simple decorative bowl in the center,” suggests Katie Simpson, “but when the sides are folded down and it’s pushed up against a wall to be a console table you could add some coffee table books with a stacked decorative object on one side and a tall vase with dried botanicals on the other.”

Additionally, Karen Rohr finds that it’s helpful to think about scale and proportions when styling your dining table: Regardless of how the table will be used, it is important to keep proportions in mind so that the table does not look out of place in the room. It’s also nice to choose centerpieces that are sturdy but do not take up too much of the surface when leaves are down.”

Another simple way to style your new table is with a runner. Runners are classic dining table decor, and they can add the perfect amount of texture and color to your design. According to Amy Youngblood, “The best way to decorate a drop-leaf table is by using a thin runner on the stable center so that you won’t have to move it every time you need to tuck it away. You can also use it as a console when it’s folded up and put lamps and florals on top.”

Where should you put a drop-leaf table?

The beauty of drop-leaf dining tables is that you can really put them anywhere. You can put the leaves down and use it as a kitchen island, or put it against the wall in the living room to serve as a console. Then when you have guests over and need a little more space, you can put up the leaves and make it a dining area in any room that works best. But if you do plan to move it around quite a bit, you might consider investing in a more portable option, like the aformentioned Mobile Dining Table, which you can roll from one room to the next.

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Kelly Weimert
Written by
Kelly Weimert
Kelly Weimert is a writer, editor, and interior design expert with 10 years of experience writing about design and home decor. She's written for interior design publications such as MyDomaine, Apartment Therapy, Domino Magazine, and Hunker. When she's not writing or editing, she's probably busy obsessing over how to beautify her home.
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