The 12 Best Round Dining Tables of 2024

Round Dining Table
So, you want a round dining table, but which one should you get? Of course, you'll want a table that fits your budget, decor, square footage, and lifestyle, but finding the perfect balance can be challenging. And with so many brands, it's easy to get overwhelmed.

We're here to help you cut through the noise. This article features our picks for the 12 best round dining tables of 2024, including prices, pros, cons, dimensions, materials, and seating capacity. Keep reading to find the perfect fit.

Best Overall: The Table

Floyd Dinning Table

Price at time of publish: $595+

The Table boasts a top-grade birch surface with sturdy, wobble-free steel legs. The top is also available in FSC-certified walnut, and you can choose between white and black powder-coated legs.

"When we designed the table, we kept it simple –– quality materials and a very functional assembly that allows it to be very sturdy, but also simple to assemble," Floyd Co-founder Kyle Hoff told Living Cozy.


  • Durable, matte-coated sheet steel legs
  • Assembles in minutes, no tools required
  • Lightweight (67 lbs.)
  • Good for small spaces


  • Coasters are required to protect the wood top
  • Might be crowded with six people

Dimensions: 46” D x 29.5” H | Material(s): Powder-coated steel, birch plywood | Seating Capacity: 4-6

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Best Splurge: Lake House Round Dining Table

Lake House Round Dining Table

Price at time of publish: $4,998

The Lake House Round Dining Table features an eye-catching pedestal and a grand scale with a design inspired by the classic monastery table. Handmade with a cracked oak finish, it'll bring textural depth and character to any dining area.

"This cooler weathered oak wood finish is great for many styles," said designer Nadia Watts. "Serena & Lily is a wonderful option for the relaxed coastal look."


  • Each table is handmade and unique
  • Sturdy 2" thick wood tabletop
  • White Glove Delivery (no assembly required)


  • Coasters are required to protect the wood top
  • Moderately heavy (198 lbs.)

Dimensions: 72" D x 30” H | Material(s): European oak | Seating Capacity: 8

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Best Bistro: Safavieh Couture 47.5" Dining Table

47.5'' Dining Table

Price at time of publish: $420

The Safavieh Couture Dining Table features sleek angles, clean lines, and a smooth surface. It's a compact bistro table with a hint of French styling and a rich espresso finish that can fit almost any space. This table also comes with black, oak, and white finishes.

"This wood dining table is a great size for a small area. It's styled for a modern or transitional home and is well-priced," commented designer Doreen Amico-Sorell.



  • Full assembly required (tools included)
  • Coasters are required to protect the wood top

Dimensions: 47.5'' D x 30'' H | Material(s): Manufactured wood, rubberwood | Seating Capacity: 4

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Best Pedestal: Dahlia Dining Table

Dahlia Round Dining Table

Price at time of publish: $799

"The Dahlia Dining Table features a trendy ebony finish with a fluted column base. It hits all the high notes now and beyond," Robin DeCapua told Living Cozy.

The Dahlia table's modern, refined style would make an excellent focal point surrounded by the Graham Dining Chairs for a luxe look. The hardwood frame and base are handmade from acacia, and the finish would pair beautifully with high-contrast wall art or an elegant, sculptural centerpiece.


  • Handcrafted base
  • Levelers for stability and floor protection
  • Unique fluted base dining table


  • Coasters are required to protect the wood top

Dimensions: 54" D x 30" H | Material(s): Acacia wood | Seating Capacity: 4

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Best for Small Spaces: Modern Round Dining Table

Modern Round Dining Table

Price at time of publish: $760

This Modern Round Dining Table is a beautiful blend of simple and modern with a sleek silhouette sure to make a statement in your space. It's compact, perfect for a dining area connected with the living room, and boasts a solid wood pedestal base for sturdy support.

"Trendy and hip to the max, I love this table because it has that curved look everyone is clamoring for right now. But be aware, it's on the small side at 39 inches," said Robin DeCapua.


  • Versatile grey finish with other options available
  • Scratch-protection finish


  • Partial assembly required (tools included)

Dimensions: 39.4" D x 29.5” H | Material(s): Pine wood | Seating Capacity: 4

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Best Expandable: Brussels Dining Table

Brussels Round Dining Table

Price at time of publish: $3,600

The Brussels Dining Table is a solid oak masterpiece with a radial pattern and a brass-banded base. Both the top and base of this leaf round extendable dining table can split to accommodate a two-leaf expansion, transforming it from a compact 4-person table to an expansive 10-person setup.

The Brussels table is an artisan piece with influences including Scandinavian, Milanese, and 50's era French decor. And it's the perfect option if you want elegant dining room furniture without sacrificing versatility.

"The difference between the Adler Brussels table and other expandable dining room tables is that the Adler table will conform to a rectangular space instead of maintaining a circular form," said Tom Wall. "This permits more people to sit around the table while requiring less square footage when it goes from the size of a kitchen table to a full-sized dining table."


  • Wire-brushed finish exposes the natural wood grain, making each piece unique
  • Expands to accommodate six extra guests


  • Coasters are required to protect the wood top

Dimensions: 45" D x 29.5" H | Material(s): Solid oak, brass | Seating Capacity: 4-10

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Best Statement: Grano Dining Table

Grano Dining Table

Price at time of publish: $1,999

The Grano Dining Table is one of the unique pieces on this list. This modern dining table is made from white-finished concrete with crisp, clean adobe vibes. It boasts a clover-shaped base and a thick, dramatic tabletop that's soft yet textured.

"This pedestal dining table makes a soft statement. It is truly a piece of art that would pair well with a variety of chairs," commented interior designer Brianna Untener.


  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Instant focal point in any dining room
  • Natural white concrete can go with wood, leather, and more


  • Heavy (412 lbs)
  • Excluded from sale events and promotional offers

Dimensions: 60" D x 30" H | Material(s): Concrete | Seating Capacity: 6-8

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Best Large: Mariana White Wash Teak Dining Table

Mariana White Wash Round Teak Dining Table

Price at time of publish: $1,699

The Mariana White Wash Teak Dining Table features a beautiful tabletop made from reclaimed wood with a subtle white wash finish and a clear lacquer. Beneath the teak top are mango wood legs finished with a blackening technique that allows the natural details of the wood to shine.

Teak is commonly used to make outdoor dining tables and other outdoor furniture because it provides lasting durability, so you can rest assured that this table will last for years to come.

"This round table has a soft industrial feel that works well with many popular styles today. And the detailed black base and teak top will make a bold yet subtle impact on your space," commented Brianna Untener.


  • Each table is unique thanks to natural variation in the wood's markings, tone, and knots
  • Can accommodate up to eight if needed
  • In-home delivery and assembly are available


  • Coasters are required to protect the wood top

Dimensions: 60” D x 29.5” H | Material(s): Repurposed teak, mango wood | Seating Capacity: 6

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Best Unique: Sargon Dining Table

Sargon Dining Table

Price at time of publish: $3,499

The Sargon Dining Table has an eye-catching bell-shaped pedestal base in wire-brushed black oak. The tabletop is made from genuine bluestone, adding an industrial edge to its overall style. You'll see subtle color and white mineral lines in the stone, giving it a stunning natural texture.

"This black oak table works great for those who want a transitional style. It's current without feeling too modern, leaving your dining space elevated and fresh," said Brianna Untener.


  • Each table is unique due to natural variations in the black oak base and bluestone top
  • White glove delivery is available
  • Versatile styling can elevate a wide range of decor styles


  • Not scratch-resistant
  • Excluded from sale events and promotional offers

Dimensions: 53.25" D x 30" H | Material(s): Solid oak, bluestone | Seating Capacity: 4-6

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Best Affordable: DOCKSTA

Docksta Dinning Table

Price at time of publish: $279

The Docksta is an affordable option with a durable surface designed to withstand years of daily use. It won't max out your credit card or eat up all of your square footage, either. For example, it'd make a perfect round kitchen table in a small apartment.

"A breakfast nook staple, this knockoff of an Eero Saarinen tulip table is one of the most versatile round dining tables out there. But it's small, so it seats no more than four," said Robin DeCapua.



  • Full assembly required (tools included)
  • Some customer reviews report wobbling

Dimensions: 40.5” D x 28.75” H | Material(s): Particleboard, laminate, steel, plastic | Seating Capacity: 4

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Best Modern: Jax Round Dining Table

Jax Round Dining Table

Price at time of publish: $749-$849

According to Todd Howard Ezrin the Jax Round Dining Table has a gorgeous sculptural base, eye-catching wood grain, and a rich walnut finish. The angled rubberwood legs create an airy appeal while freeing up legroom, and

"You can't go wrong with this table. It's a style-spanning chameleon that will bring any room an organic, woodsy feel. I can see this table being equally at home in a modern or transitional space," Robin DeCapua told Living Cozy.


  • Comes in your choice of 48" and 60" diameter
  • White glove delivery service
  • Minimal footprint


  • Coasters are required to protect the wood top

Dimensions: 48" D x 29.5" H; 60" D x 29.5" H | Material(s): Rubberwood, engineered wood, walnut veneer | Seating Capacity: 4 (48”); 6-8 (60”)

Shop now at

Best Customizable: Aria Round Table

Aria Round Dining Table

Price at time of publish: $2,199

The Aria Round Table is an elegant, mid-century-inspired option with a sturdy pedestal made from one piece of spun steel to avoid seams or joints. It boasts a white marble top made from marbled granite and a stainless steel base, but you can swap these materials and finishes with several other options to customize it.

"This marble dining table is a beautiful option, and I love Room and Board because of the quality of the materials used," Nadia Watts commented. "They have straightforward selections, and everything is made in the USA."


  • Tabletop comes in diameters ranging from 27" to 60"
  • Customizable with multiple base finishes (e.g., white, glossy black, graphite) and tabletop materials (e.g., Venatino marble, satin-etched glass, maple)
  • Space-efficient base with plenty of legroom
  • Made in USA


  • Glass and stone tops are unattached

Dimensions: 48" D x 29" H | Material(s): Marbled granite, stainless steel | Seating Capacity: 4

Shop now at

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When Should You Choose a Round Dining Table?

A round dining table is an ideal option if you have a square-shaped dining room, an open-plan dining area, or a dining room with limited space. In a square room, a round table will fill the space better while providing a more balanced look. And in a small or open-plan area, it'll help you conserve square footage while creating an illusion of having more space in the room.

"We'd recommend a round dining table for living accommodations like an apartment," added Grace Radoha.

Many dining rooms are rectangular and look best with a rectangular dining table. But an oval table offers an excellent compromise if you have a rectangular dining room and love the round dining table look.

With the elimination of sharp corners, round tables are recommended for families with children to protect them from bumping into sharp edges. And they create a better flow in the room, making it easier to walk around the dining area.

"It all depends on the space and the type of entertaining you. I personally like a round table whenever possible because I find it more intimate and conversation friendly. That said, rectangular tables will often fit better in most spaces and have more flexibility for you to add on to them or squeeze more people in if the party is larger," said Kyle Hoff.

In addition, round tables are typically better for community gatherings, as they create a more inclusive feel. The shape helps the group face each other, encouraging group conversation. In contrast, rectangular tables often lead to one-on-one or side conversations.

To sum it up, a round dining table offers the following benefits:

  • Fits better in small dining rooms, square dining rooms, and open-plan dining areas
  • Promotes conversation for group gatherings
  • Protects children from sharp edges
  • Creates the illusion of more space
  • Improves the flow for walking around the room

What Should You Consider When Buying a Round Dining Table?

Like any furniture purchase, it's essential to think about what you want and need from your round dining table before you buy.


"Choosing the correct size is an important step when buying a round table. Buying a table that is too small can make your space feel unfinished. On the flip side, buying a round table that's too big can make your dining room feel smaller," Grace Radoha told Living Cozy.

To get the size right, you'll want to measure your dining area and experiment with how different tabletop sizes will fit.

  1. Measure tabletop sizes by placing a tape measure on the floor at standard sizes like 40", 50" and 60"
  2. Add to the dimensions so you have room for the dining chairs to slide out and room for people to walk behind the dining chairs (adding 96" to the diameter would be ideal, allowing 48" on all sides)
  3. If the fit seems too tight, test a smaller diameter

Some spaces won't have room to add 96" to the diameter and still have enough tablespace to seat your family and guests. If this sounds like your space, you'll need to do some extra thinking to find the best solution. For example, you might need to sacrifice the room to walk behind the chairs in some areas.

The goal is to find the right balance between what you can and can't sacrifice. Here are the essentials to take into account:

  • Diameter of the table
  • Size of dining chairs
  • Space to pull out chairs (24" -30")
  • Room to walk behind chairs (20" -24")

Pro Tip: "Outline the shape and size of the dining room furniture with painter's tape, or use small pieces of tape as references, to get a better idea of where the furniture will be placed and how it will fit," recommends Robin DeCapua.


The material your dining table and chairs are made from will impact how they'll look alongside your decor. To find the right fit, you'll want to consider the materials and finishes already used in your home and your existing color palette.

Here are the most common options you'll have to choose from:

  • Wood: Recommended by Todd Howard Ezrin, wood has a classic look and works well for extension tables and drop-leaf options. And you can have solid wood professionally resurfaced if the tabletop is badly damaged.
  • Metal: Metal offers heat resistance and durability, and you don't have to worry as much about water rings.
  • Stone: Stone has an elegant, earthy appeal that quickly elevates a space. It does tend to be heavier, though, and some types of stone are easy to scratch or stain.
  • Glass: "We love glass dining tables because they are easily cleanable and appear 'lighter' in a crowded space," said Todd Howard Ezrin.
  • Laminate: Laminate is often more affordable than other tabletop materials, and many options are quite durable.

You can choose multiple materials for your table if you'd like to mix and match for an eclectic personal touch. For example, you might opt for a metal base with a wood top or a wood base with a glass top.

Pro Tip: "If you purchase a glass top, you can buy a couple of different table bases for when you want to mix things up style-wise or decorate seasonally," added Robin DeCapua.


From glass and wood topped to pedestal and trestle-based, there are as many styles of round dining tables as you can imagine. Think about how you live, the style of your home, and the existing decor in your dining area. Nadia Watts recommends a pedestal base because they offer extra legroom and work better for accommodating additional guests.

You'll also want your dining table to work with the tones and finishes you already have. The same is true for your dining chairs. But you can still be creative by choosing mismatched dining chairs, a table made with multiple materials, or something to add an unexpected pop of color.

Pro Tip: "In my staging business, we never match the dining chairs to the table," explained Robin DeCapua. "In fact, we make a point of creating as much contrast as possible in color and style between the chairs and table. This is key to creating a decorated look. You don't want your home to look like a furniture showroom — it should be a reflection of your taste and personality."

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Are Round Dining Tables Popular in 2024?

Round dining tables are on trend right now. And with the right colors, materials, and styling, you can capture the 2024 look in your space.

Look for tables with fluted column bases in cerused oak to showcase the wood grain or a sleek matte black.

Light woods like white oak are super popular right now and look more 2024 than the dark walnut furniture that was in a few years ago. White is also trending, especially when paired with interesting shapes.

For style, pedestal bases are high on everyone's wish list in 2024. They're popping up in trend reports everywhere. But if your taste is more traditional, we're also seeing a return to antique tables. Robin DeCapua recommends checking for deals at antique shops, as some of these tables have sat untouched for years while mid-century modern furniture dominated decor trends.

What's the Right Size for a Round Dining Table?

We covered finding the right table size for your space above, but sometimes the size you need depends on how many people the table can accommodate. "A 48” diameter table is comfortable for 4 -6 depending on the size of the chairs. If your space allows and you want to seat 6-8, consider a 54-60” diameter table," says Todd Howard Ezrin.

Here's a quick outline of standard table sizes and how many guests they'll seat:

  • 30" seats 3-4
  • 36" seats 4
  • 40" seats 4-5
  • 48" seats 4-6
  • 60" seats 6-8
  • 72" seats 8
  • 84" seats 8-10

These guidelines can help you find the right size table for your family, friends, and gatherings. However, the size of the chairs can make a difference in how many people you can fit at your dining table (most dining chairs are 16" -24" wide).

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