Chill Out in Style: 10 Floor Couches for Every Budget

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Floor couches are just like regular sofas, except they sit directly on the floor because they don't have legs. You might think of them like giant cushions begging you to lounge around and get comfy while you watch TV.

And if you're looking for a stylish-yet-relaxing seating option, you've found it! With their low-profile design and plush cushions, floor couches are perfect for everything from movie nights to lazy afternoon naps. Plus, they add a fun and modern touch to any room.

Check out our picks for the 10 best floor couches and start enjoying the ultimate comfort and style asap. Ready to kick back, relax, and seriously upgrade your home decor?

What Is a Floor Couch?

Even if you've never heard of a floor couch (aka lazy sofa), you've probably seen one before — they're sofas that sit directly on the floor with no spacing or legs. These sofas are typically modern and low-profile, popular for playing video games and relaxing.

"Because lazy sofas sit on the floor and don't have legs, they have a different support system than regular sofas," adds Sarah Correa.

Floor couches come in various styles, including floor cushions (these usually don't have frames), sofa beds, sectional sofas, and more. You'll also find floor chairs, loveseats, ottomans (ottoman definition), chaise lounge sofas, and more.

While they're usually used for casual purposes, you'll find full-floor sofa sets large enough to furnish a spacious living room. You can elevate the styling with high-end materials and minimalist silhouettes or make it more relaxed by pairing it with bean bag chairs and other easy-going pieces of furniture.

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The 10 Best Floor Couches for 2024

1. Jonathan Sofa

Jonathan Sofa

Brand: Castlery
W88.6" x D39.4" x H27.6"
Frame materials:
LVL & Plywood
Upholstery options:
6 options

"My favorite floor sofa is the Jonathan Sofa from Castlery," Sarah Correa told Living Cozy. "It's affordable and fits many different interior design styles. It's also timeless and comes in several colors and materials, providing many options to accent all kinds of spaces. I've already used it in numerous projects!"

The Johnathan Sofa comes in high-quality leather and fabric upholstery with a clean silhouette. It boasts soft seat cushions with a deep seat and a medium seat height, and it's designed for relaxed comfort. Some reviewers have stated that it could be a bit taller, but most customers have only good things to say about this beautiful floor couch.

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2. Beta

Beta Sofa

Brand: Article
W137.5" x D45″ x H32″
Frame materials:
Kiln-dried pine wood
Upholstery options:
3 options

The Beta Modular Floor Sofa is an eye-catching piece with a large, deep-seated design that's versatile enough to fit everyone's tastes. So you'll have the best seat in the house whether you're an always-squeezes-into-the-middle aficionado, a chaise lounger, or a corner-seat napper!

This floor-seating sofa is upholstered in modern corduroy-like fabric with elevated channels for a super-soft hand feel. In addition, it has loose reversible cushions with removable covers (dry clean only, unfortunately) and a rubber webbing suspension support beneath the high-resiliency foam for a comfy seat. The only complaint we could find from customers was a desire for more fabric options, as they're currently limited to orange, green, and blue.

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3. Soriana Sofa

Soriana Sofa

Brand: Eternity Modern
W98.4" x D41.3" x H28"
Frame materials:
Merbau wood & polished chrome stainless steel
Upholstery options:
63 options

The Soriana Sofa is more than living room furniture — it's a work of art! It's beautiful, comfortable, and tufted with soft pleats gathered at the back and sides. And it's supported by a sculptural polished chrome system to maintain reliable support and a modern silhouette.

"This sofa is unique and a statement piece for any room," said Sarah Correa. "Imagine this stunning sofa in an artist's loft in Paris, with beautiful architectural white moldings wrapping around the walls. This option also has different materials and colors to choose from."

It doesn't stop at the 60 upholstery options on the product page — you can also choose "Use My Own Material," which allows you to send Eternity Modern the exact fabric you'd like them to use for your sofa. The only customer complaint we could find is that it's not quite as deep as a vintage Soriana, but it still has a 23.6" seat depth.

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4. Belia Open-End Sofa

Belia Sofa

Brand: Rove Concepts
W118.2″ x D39.4″ x H26″
Frame materials:
Kiln-dried hardwood
Upholstery options:
28 options

The Belia Open End Sofa is an Italian reproduction of the Camaleonda sofa, designed in 1970 by Mario Bellini. It features an intriguing, sophisticated silhouette, sumptuous button-tufted cushioning, unique marshmallow-like curves, and an alluring low profile ideal for contemporary spaces.

"It looks gorgeous and fun, the velvet is lush and comfy, and the bubble upholstery feels so good. We love it! We've also got an active child that loves to climb and jump all over it, and it can take the abuse without issue," reads one customer review.

Before checkout, you'll choose from a range of upholstery and orientation options and make this modular sofa your own. In addition, you can enjoy the preset configuration or create your design by adding to this modular sofa with separate pieces. The only drawback is that some customers report inconsistent tufting and back cushion heights.

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5. Matilda Boucle Bean Bag Sofa

Matilda Boucle Bean Bag Sofa

Brand: Urban Outfitters
W75″ x D33.5″ x H29″
Upholstery options:
1 option

The Matilda Boucle Bean Bag Sofa is an oversized beanbag with a floor sofa silhouette. It's created with lounging in mind, featuring integrated back and armrests with a super-soft boucle cover. And the polystyrene bead filling is designed to offer a supportive seat, making it an excellent all-day lounge or gaming sofa.

As a bonus, this floor couch weighs less than 45 pounds, making it easy to move around when moving or trying new layouts in your living room! On the downside, some customers report that the sofa is stiff and the bead filling makes for an uncomfortable seat.

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6. Hampton Modular Armless Sofa

Hampton Modular Armless Sofa

Brand: West Elm
Price: $1,868+
W78" x D41" x H31"
Frame materials:
Hardwood & engineered wood
Upholstery options: 11 options

The Hampton Modular Armless Sofa features a relaxed silhouette with cloud-like down cushions for a plush seat. Thanks to the removable legs, it can switch between a low-profile sofa and a floor sofa and comes in your choice of velvet, tweed, or linen fabric.

You can add pieces when you're ready for a larger sofa and effortlessly change the configuration to customize your living room whenever you'd like. And the zip-off covers will allow you to keep this sofa clean for years to come.

The only downside is that some reviewers report that the cushions are a bit too soft for their tastes or that they'd prefer a memory foam core to provide extra support. However, firmness comes down to individual preference, and it might be perfect for you.

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7. Woven Ikat Kori Armless Sofa

Woven Ikat Kori Armless Sofa

Brand: Anthropologie
W64.5″ x D41″ x H27″
Frame materials:
Tropical hardwood
Upholstery options:
1 option

The Kori Armless Sofa is a modular piece inspired by the intricate, dyed motifs of ikat rugs — it features woven ikat cotton upholstery in hues of shadow and light. It's an ideal spot to finish your favorite book or binge a new series with a medium-firm seat with webbed supports beneath a foam and fiber-fill cushion.

Kori comes with two removable throw cushions and one two-seater sofa piece. In addition, you can add corner sofa chairs, armless lounge chairs, and ottoman pieces to your order to create a more oversized sectional sofa or expand it when you move to a bigger space.

The only con we could find is that the alligator clips required to attach modular pieces are not included with the base sofa order. But Anthropologie makes it easy to add these to your cart before checkout.

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8. Tri-Fold Sofa Bed

Milliard Tri-Fold Sofa Bed Mattress

Brand: Mattress Firm
W78″ x D58″ x H4.5″
Frame materials:
Upholstery options:
1 option

This Tri-Fold Sofa Bed is an excellent option for anyone who wants a floor couch/bed combo for their guest room. It's more comfortable than an air mattress, less expensive than a futon sofa, and super versatile — and the foldable design allows it to transform into a sleeper in seconds!

This folding floor couch is also a tri-fold mattress made from 4.5" foam, providing unmatched comfort whether sitting or sleeping. And since it comes in multiple sizes, you can pick the perfect sleeper sofa for your space.

Some reviews did mention that this sleeper sofa is too low to the ground for their preference when it's folded into the couch configuration. And others found the mattress a bit too thin. But for the price, it's still a great deal.

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9. Get Together

Get Together Sofa

Brand: Sundays
W91" x D45.5” x H37"
Frame materials:
Solid wood & plywood
Upholstery options:
5 options

The Get Together sofa from Sundays is modular, versatile, and comfy. It boasts a streamlined silhouette and stain-resistant performance fabric to protect it from spills, crumbs, and stains, and the removable cushion covers are machine-washable for easy maintenance. In addition, the soft-yet-supportive cushions hold their shape no matter how long you're lounging.

You can add as many modular pieces as you'd like, expanding the Get Together from a two-seater to a U-shaped sectional with 6+ seats, allowing it to fit any space! And the best part? Despite several reviews, the only complaint we could find was one customer mentioning the limited upholstery customization options.

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10. Floor Game Chair

Floor Game Chair

Brand: Latitude Run
W43″ x D25″ x H15″ (folded)
Upholstery options:
4 options

The Floor Game Chair is a modern double-floor lounger with a lightweight, foldable design and an adjustable backrest that can switch between an upright and reclining position. It's made with video games, movie marathons, and loungey WFH setups in mind. And it can extend into a cozy mattress for the occasional midday nap or overnight guest.

It's also portable and padded with comfy, thick foam wrapped in plushy suede-like polyester fabric. And despite being the most affordable floor sofa on this list, the reviews are primarily favorable. We did find that some customers commented on the material and cushioning being thinner than they'd prefer, but it's a great deal at just $190

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What Should You Look for When Choosing a Floor Couch?

Choosing the right floor couch for your home (and budget) can be challenging, and it's easy to get decision paralysis with so many excellent options. So we asked the experts what to look for when picking the perfect floor sofa for your home.


"First and foremost, comfort. Some of the floor couch styles are very low profile, while others offer standard seating height," said Lisa McIntee. "You want to be sure that the style and height suit the needs of you, your family, or your lifestyle."

In addition to seat height, you'll also want to think about the following:

  • Seat depth: A standard 20" -22" is a good seat depth for most people, but some prefer a deeper seat for lounging.
  • Backrest height: Most people prefer a backrest height of 26" -32" — taller people might want 32" or more for proper support.
  • Cushion firmness: Companies usually rate firmness on a scale (e.g., from one to five). The higher the number, the more firm the cushion. Some people prefer soft cushions rated at a one or two, while others will be more comfortable with a four or five.

Check out a few floor couches in person to decide if this sofa style is right for you. Floor sofas often have a low seat height, low backrest height, and standard seat depth.

Your Space

Finding a style and color that'll work well with your space is essential. First, consider your decor and what colors, textures, and aesthetics would improve the room. Then, think about the size and function of the room to help you pick the best couch.

"This style of sofa works best in more contemporary and modern homes with large windows," Heather Golde told Living Cozy. "The window height plays an important role in deciding if you can pull off this seating style. Most homes with traditional windows have the base of the window starting at 30" or higher from the floor. We do not suggest a lower-seated item like a floor sofa if this is the case. However, if you have floor-to-ceiling windows or a lower window height, you're in luck, and it could work wonderfully."

Floor Couch FAQs

Do floor couches work with all interior design styles?

"Technically, no, floor couches don't work with every interior design style," said Lisa McIntee. "Different styles call for different certain scales. The profile of this sofa is generally very low, with minimal lines lending itself to a more modern and contemporary space. I've seen a traditional version of the floor sofa, tufted with a tall back, and although it may fit the style criteria, it would likely not be the best option for every style."

Sarah Correa agreed, commenting that floor sofas often work better with a more relaxed, modern, or bohemian style.

Are floor sofas comfortable?

Most floor sofas should be as comfortable as standard sofas, but they don't fit everyone's preferences. The low profile of floor sofas often means a lower seat and back height, and some people don't prefer these dimensions.

However, if you check the dimensions of each floor sofa and compare them against what you find comfortable, you can probably find one that fits what you find comfy.

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