12 Round Coffee Tables to Take Your Living Room to the Next Level

Floyd Round Coffee Table
Round coffee tables are a great centerpiece for just about any living room design. With a wide variety of materials available, including glass, wood, and marble coffee tables, there's a round coffee table to suit every aesthetic.

Plus, they’re incredibly practical. For instance, they increase the accessibility of a room, making it safer and easier to navigate thanks to a lack of sharp corners.

If you’re in the market for a new living room centerpiece, check out some of our favorite round coffee tables on the market right now.

What Are the Benefits of a Round Coffee Table?

Round coffee tables offer many benefits in terms of style and functionality. One reason they’re popular is that they make it safer and easier to navigate small spaces. According to Tina Delia, “Round coffee tables are wonderful because they don't have any sharp edges to bump into. This is particularly important for families with young children.”

The soft, rounded edges of circular coffee tables also visually soften up the spaces they’re in, providing a nice balance to the sharp corners and edges often found in living room designs. “Rugs, side tables, console tables, and other pieces often create a lot of straight lines in a space,” says Becc Burgmann. “Adding a softer piece, such as a round coffee table instead of a square or rectangular one, can break up the straight lines and soften a living room.”

Pamela O’Brien agrees, "Round coffee tables can help break up the squares and rectangles in a room," she explains. "Most seating is squared off so a round coffee table creates a focal point," adds O’Brien.

Another great aspect of circular coffee tables is that they lend themselves to conversation, creating an inviting, inclusive look. “Round coffee tables often feel more inclusive so they’re great for those who like to entertain, as it creates a more comfortable social environment,said Sahar Saffari.

When Should You Choose a Round Coffee Table vs. a Rectangular or Square Coffee Table?

Their gorgeous look isn’t the only reason round coffee tables might be a better fit for a space than alternatives. For instance, “If you need flexibility in your seating arrangement, a round coffee table should be your go-to,” advises Heather Mastrangeli. “A round coffee table is good for using with a chaise sectional sofa because they allow you to easily move around them. A rectangular or square coffee table would be more constricting in this type of furniture arrangement.”

Round coffee tables also promote the safety and accessibility of a space since they don’t have sharp edges like rectangular and square coffee tables. “If you have children or pets in your home, either living or visiting often,” says Sahar Saffari, “then a round coffee table could be ideal as fewer accidents are likely to happen.”

Additionally, circular coffee tables tend to feel more casual than alternatives, so if the rest of your furniture and home decor leans more informal, they might be a great fit. “Round coffee tables often give the appearance of a slightly less formal space, so they’re ideal if this is the tone and feeling you’re aiming toward in this space,” says Becc Burgmann.

The Best Round Coffee Tables: Our Picks

1. The Coffee Table

Floyd Coffee Table

Brand: Floyd

Price: $356 | Size: 34” D x 12.25” H

Featuring an airy, low-profile design, this wood coffee table from Floyd was inspired by mid-century modern classics and will complement just about any living room design.

You can choose from a high-grade birch veneer or an FSC-certified walnut finish, as well as black or white legs, depending on the look you’re after. And the coffee table is a breeze to clean thanks to a polyurethane coat that makes it easy to wipe away spills.

Shop now at floydhome.com

2. Morro Tables

Morro Tables

Brand: Maiden Home

Price: $3,025 | Size: 36” D x 14.75” H; 24” D x 16.75” H; 18.75” D x 18” H

If you have a large space you’re looking to fill with great style, consider this wood coffee table set from Maiden Home. The set includes three circular coffee tables that you can fit together as one dynamic nesting coffee table or split apart for use as a matching end table, accent table, and cocktail table.

Each piece in the collection is handcrafted from solid wood to last for many years and many great conversations. And they feature a sleek, minimalist design that will elevate your space without overwhelming it.

Shop now at maidenhome.com

3. Seb

Seb Round Coffee Table

Brand: Castlery

Price: $342 | Size: 33.5” D x 15.7” H

Made from solid acacia wood, this round coffee table’s modest size makes it perfect for small spaces. The warm, honey finish coupled with a mid-century modern design ensures it will look amazing in just about any living room design.

The coffee table is also incredibly easy to assemble; all you need to do is screw in the legs. Just make sure to use coasters since the natural wood can warp if moisture sits on it for too long.

Shop now at castlery.com

4. Washington Round Coffee Table

Washington Round Coffee Table

Brand: Apt2B

Price: $1,398 | Size: 49" D x 19" H

This sizable faux marble coffee table makes for a great centerpiece. It comprises a metal base that will support just about anything life throws at it, as well as a fiber-reinforced concrete top that resembles a marble top without the marble price tag.

However, it’s helpful to keep in mind that the brand recommends sealing the concrete top with carnauba wax before use to help prevent wear and tear. 

Shop now at apt2b.com

5. Draughn Coffee Table

Draughn Coffee Table

Brand: Wayfair

Price: $119.99 | Size: 31.5" D x 17.9" H

Beautiful style doesn’t need to come at a high price. This is another round coffee table that offers the appearance of a luxe marble top for a fraction of the price due to its manufactured wood construction.

Heather Mastrangeli loves the table for its multi-use design: “This round coffee table has a two-tiered design allowing you to use storage baskets on the low level and create a styling arrangement on the top.”

Shop now at wayfair.com

6. Camp Coffee Table

Camp Coffee Table

Brand: Industry West

Price: $1,300 | Size: 36" D x 15" H

This solid wood coffee table comes in three neutral finishes—Charcoal, Natural, and Walnut—so you can find the ideal complement for your living room design regardless of your color palette.

It’s made of solid ash or solid walnut, depending on the finish you choose, and it rocks an elegantly simple, low-profile look that you can easily dress up with a beautiful centerpiece and colorful coasters.

Shop now at industrywest.com

7. Abbott

Abbott Coffee Table

Brand: Grandin Road

Price: $549 | Size: 38" L x 30" W x 15" H

This wood coffee table features a slightly oval shape and it’s made of a combination of acacia wood and MDF, which gives it a solid wood appearance at a lower cost.

The rich, natural wood tones let this beauty stand alone as a focal point, but it can also easily be styled with your favorite coffee table books, candles, and other accents.

Shop now at grandinroad.com

8. Ezichi

 Ezichi Coffee Table

Brand: Edloe Finch

Price: $725 | Size: 31.5” D x 14.97” H

This stunning drum coffee table makes for a perfect focal point due to its unique honeycomb indentations and gorgeous mango wood construction.

Shop now at edloefinch.com

9. Volume Round Storage Drum Coffee Table

West Elm Volume Coffee Table

Brand: West Elm

Price: $699 | Size: 36” D x 16.5” H

If you live in a small space or you simply love beautiful storage solutions, consider this drum coffee table from West Elm. It comes in three chic finishes, ranging from light to dark, and the top discretely opens to reveal a large storage space for all of your living room essentials.

The table is made from kiln-dried, sustainably sourced wood and MDF, and it features contract-grade construction, which means it’s durable enough for both residential and commercial use. 

“This table is perfect for families with young children, for small apartments, or for anyone who wants a sleek, modern wood table,” raves Tina Delia. “It features three natural wood tones so you are sure to find one that coordinates with the rest of your furniture.”

Shop now at westelm.com

10. Willy Charcoal Brown Pedestal Coffee Table

Willy Charcoal Brown Pedestal Coffee Table

Brand: Crate & Barrel

Price: $899 | Size: 44” D x 17” H

This modern round coffee table rocks a striking pedestal base and plaster-like appearance that will add bold, textural style to any living room.

It’s also a designer favorite: “This coffee table has a pedestal design that anchors the piece within a living room furniture arrangement,” said Heather Mastrangeli. Although it’s important to note that the unique surface composed of concrete, stone, sand, and metal is subject to staining and scratching, so make sure to wipe up spills quickly and use those coasters.

Shop now at crateandbarrel.com

11. Xavier

Xavier Coffee Table

Brand: AllModern

Price: $620 | Size: 35.4” D x 15.8” H

Coming in four sophisticated finishes, ranging from warm Oak to rich Black, this manufactured wood and metal coffee table combines sharp lines with mixed materials to give it a modern industrial look.

The circular coffee table also has raised edges around the rim to keep tabletop items in place, while a crossed sled base made from powder-coated steel ensures that it can support you through many long conversations and Netflix nights.

Shop now at allmodern.com

12. Flume

Flume Coffee Table

Brand: Blu Dot

Price: $495 | Size: 36” D x 13” H

Glass coffee tables are a great option for busy households and folks who love to entertain since you won’t have to worry about a forgotten coaster warping the surface of a glass top.

But this lovely glass and metal coffee table isn’t only practical; it’s also beautiful. It comes in Black and White designs, each with a powder-coated steel base. The Black design features smoked tempered glass for a hint of drama, while the White design features clear tempered glass, offering a more airy look.

Shop now at bludot.com

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Kelly Weimert
Written by
Kelly Weimert
Kelly Weimert is a writer, editor, and interior design expert with 10 years of experience writing about design and home decor. She's written for interior design publications such as MyDomaine, Apartment Therapy, Domino Magazine, and Hunker. When she's not writing or editing, she's probably busy obsessing over how to beautify her home.
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