11 Ottoman Coffee Tables to Transform Your Living Space

Living Room with an Ottoman Coffee Table
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The ottoman coffee table is popular in today’s homes, and with good reason. Between shrinking home sizes and the current focus on practical home decor, this multitasking piece of furniture has a lot to offer.

But what exactly is an ottoman coffee table?

“An ottoman coffee table is a combination of both an ottoman and a coffee table merged to create one piece—simple as that," Yoselin Castro, Senior Lead Designer of Mackenzie Collier Interiors, told Living Cozy. "Usually, it is larger than a standard ottoman and typically takes up enough space so everyone gathering around can access it easily.”

“Let’s start with the ottoman itself," said Vivian Torres, Lead Designer at Havenly. “An ottoman is a rounded or rectangular piece of upholstered furniture originally designed to serve as a padded footrest (or extra seat). Over time, because of its usefulness, it has evolved into what’s commonly known as an ottoman coffee table or a cocktail ottoman.”

“Essentially, the cocktail ottoman has the added characteristic of an oversized surface—typically measuring 36” wide or more—to both kick up your feet, as well as accommodate a serving tray to provide a sturdy surface for drinks,” continued Torres. “If you ask me, it often exceeds the traditional coffee table in terms of its versatility and the total value it brings to a space.”

Meet the Experts

11 Ottoman Coffee Tables to Update Your Space

1. The Bowery

The Bowery Coffee Table Ottoman

Price: $1,800

The best-seller Bowery Coffee Table Ottoman from Maiden Home features mid-century modern lines, plush comfort, and a movable wooden frame made from solid ash to create a sturdy surface. With subtle detailing throughout, this beautiful piece has an elegant yet functional design as both an ottoman and cocktail table. In addition, the Bowery is fully customizable, with a range of textiles, colors, wood finishes, and sizes. If you want to make a statement, go with a velvet ottoman with a complimentary espresso or taupe table color.

"When storage solutions aren't a concern, solid ottomans are a great choice because they're typically better constructed and longer-lasting. With this piece, gone are the days of tray tables, and we welcome the days of sculptural ottomans that function with a stately flare," commented Devin Shaffer, Lead Interior Designer at Decorilla.

Learn more and shop now at maidenhome.com

2. Range Ottoman with Table

Burrow Range Ottoman

Price: $520

The Range Ottoman with Table from Burrow will add a touch of style to any home. Designed to work as an end table with Burrow's modular Range Collection, it can also work wonderfully on its own as a standalone piece of living room furniture. It's a different take on an ottoman coffee table, with a side table attached to the ottoman, so you can still use it as a footrest or seat.

Each piece from the Range collection features a sculptural design and layered cushions designed to create an immediate sink-in sensation. Additionally, this beautiful multitasking ottoman features high-quality, durable, stain-resistant upholstery so you can enjoy a worry-free streaming night. Any spills wipe up easily. It also comes with a choice of wooden legs or metal legs.

Learn more and shop now at burrow.com

3. Melrose Ottoman

Apt2B Melrose Ottoman

Price: $1,118

The Melrose Ottoman from Apt2B has a low-profile yet overstuffed design that adds a modern look to any living room. The ottoman is custom-made in Los Angeles, California, and it comes with a lifetime guarantee to ensure years of enjoyment. And it's available in a range of fabrics and leg finishes, providing the perfect fit in your home.

Each piece from the Melrose Collection features soft, textured polyblend fabric upholstery with eco-friendly construction and a solid wood frame. The cushions are made from 2.0 density foam, offering a cozy and supportive surface.

Learn more and shop now at apt2b.com

4. Sloan Ottoman

Sloan Ottoman

Price: $845

The Sloan Ottoman from Interior Define is part of the Sloan Family of sectionals and seating. This beautiful ottoman combines style and comfort with a modern design and simple, solid wood legs. Whether you choose to use it as a footstool or a coffee table, the Sloan ottoman will retain its beauty and shape for years to come with proper care.

“Modern in style, this ottoman features clean lines and sleek materials. There are more than 100 fabric options to choose from, and they pair perfectly with the natural wood base,” commented Castro.

Learn more and shop now at interiordefine.com

5. Remi Ottoman

Remi Ottoman

Price: $799

The Remi Ottoman from West Elm features a low, boxy look that gives it a must-have modern aesthetic. In addition, it's deceptively plush with handmade frames and hand-finished upholstery. For additional seating or a footrest, pair this ottoman with a complimentary accent stool or faux fur pouf ottoman.

“The Remi Ottoman's clean lines suit contemporary style aesthetics, and with the proper combination of furniture, it could complement classic ones as well,” commented Havenly’s Torres. “It’s filled with memory foam, so you know it’s plush and cozy. And leather is a comfortable, family-friendly option that adds two essential design elements to a room—texture and contrast. Overall, it’s a solid and stylish option.”

Learn more and shop now at havenly.com

6. Allform Ottoman

Allform Ottoman

Price: $369 (sale for $295)

The Allform Ottoman is a sensible, modern option with simple lines and a contemporary silhouette. The minimalist design offers the flexibility and versatility needed to fit in with any interior design style, allowing you to express yourself freely. In addition, the Allform Ottoman comes with a lifetime warranty on the hardwood frame, which means that it’s built for lasting enjoyment.

The Allform Ottoman is available in your choice of seven performance fabrics and two durable leather options for the upholstery. You also get your choice of three different leg finishes. And the best part? Allform offers tool-less assembly for maximum convenience and affordability, and many items are in-stock and ship within 3-10 days.  

Learn more and shop now at allform.com

7. Charlene Ottoman

Charlene Ottoman Coffee Table

Price: $594.44

Brimming with traditional elegance, the Charlene Ottoman features lavish linen fabric with button tufting on all sides. This low, round ottoman coffee table features oversized dimensions to create a convenient surface for extra seating or a coffee table. It's a great addition to your home whether you live in the middle of the city or the country.

“This round cocktail ottoman fits in a variety of design styles—from classic to glam—and the neutral color of the fabric would work with most color palettes."

“This ottoman fits in a variety of design styles—from classic to glam—and the neutral color of the fabric would work with most color palettes,” said Torres. “In addition, the darker color of the upholstery makes it a family-friendly option that’s sophisticated nonetheless because of its tufted details. It’s also comfortable because of the foam filling and upholstery.”

Learn more and shop now at havenly.com

8. Haven Leather Ottoman

Haven Leather Ottoman Coffee Table

Price: $699-$1,499

This leather storage ottoman offers a plush spot to sit, kick up your feet, or put a transitional serving tray and a drink. It's available in genuine top-grain leather and animal-friendly vegan leather options, so there’s something for every home. In addition, the Haven Leather Ottoman features concealed support legs with optional casters for convenience. This ottoman coffee table is also available in both standard and jumbo sizes.

The seat cushion for this beautiful leather ottoman is made from a high-resiliency foam core wrapped in a down alternative for ultimate comfort. It also boasts an engineered hardwood frame and reinforced joinery to ensure lasting enjoyment and durability.

Learn more and shop now at westelm.com

9. Eliot Storage Ottoman

Eliot Storage Ottoman Table

Price: $856

The Eliot Storage Ottoman features a timeless and adaptable style that’s ideal for today’s homes. This storage ottoman coffee table stands out with contemporary appeal and mid-century/boho styling, and the extra storage is accessed via a lift top.

“Joybird has exceptional quality sofas, and very few know that their product lines don't stop there,” said Shaffer. “Their ottomans are insanely comfortable, and we've even heard of clients seeing their guests end up using the ottoman as a spot to sit, never knowing that inside is a bundle of clutter and knick-knacks. Depending on one's lifestyle, there's an array of material options ranging from velvets to safeguard performance fabrics.”

Learn more and shop now at joybird.com

10. Cocktail Upholstered Ottoman

Price: $459

This Upholstered Storage Ottoman isn't just furniture; it's your versatile sidekick in relaxation. Made from solid oak wood and adorned with charming button-tufted accents and vintage-inspired turned legs, it's not just functional—it's a piece of art. Plus, you've got a roomy open space underneath for your reading materials, art books, or even a cozy spot for your beloved slippers. Topped with linen upholstery, this ottoman adds a unique texture to your living room, infusing it with a touch of French country flair.

This tufted ottoman is available in 11 upholstery color options that would make a lovely addition to any home interior.

Learn more and shop now at wayfair.com

11. Charme Blonde Tablet Leather Square Ottoman

Charme Tan Tablet Leather Square Ottoman

Price: $1,099

The versatile Charme Blonde Tablet Leather Square Ottoman can easily transition from footrest to ottoman bench, to square coffee table. It has an industry-chic style with a structural metal frame and tufted leather upholstery surface, making it a charming addition to your living space. And since it’s made with full-grain leather, each piece features natural creases, wrinkles, and color variations that make it unique.

“This ottoman is a stunning and effortless option for spaces needing a large-scale piece,” told Living Cozy. “The open brass-toned base allows for a lighter and softer feel.”

Learn more and shop now at article.com

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What Should You Look for in an Ottoman Coffee Table?

Jones Modular Ottoman Coffee Table
Jones Modular Ottoman being used as a coffee table.

True to the name, ottoman coffee tables serve many purposes — from storage bench to formal coffee table, so the first thing you’ll want to do is identify the main reason you need the ottoman. From here, it’ll be easier to decide which features you need to look for. And regardless of why you need the ottoman, you'll want to ensure that it complements the aesthetic of the space you're using it in.

We asked Havenly’s Lead Designer Vivian Torres to elaborate, and here’s what she had to say:

Size: “Make sure that you choose a size that’s appropriate in scale to the sofa or other main seating in the room,” explained Torres. “A good rule of thumb is to look for ottomans with a diameter or length of 36” or more and a height in the range of 16-20”. That said, you want to ensure that the ottoman leaves enough space between itself and the seating to be able to walk around the conversation area comfortably.”

Silhouette/Shape: “I generally suggest pairing L-shaped sectionals with round-shaped ottomans to balance out the rectangular lines of the seating.”

Material: “Look out for a material that is durable and contrasts against the material of the furniture, so pair upholstered sofas with leather ottomans or vice versa,” continued Torres. “If you don’t love leather, then consider pairing an upholstered sofa with an ottoman upholstered in a patterned fabric. You want to view the room as a whole and ensure that the ottoman doesn’t get lost among other furnishings or feel too matchy-matchy.”  

Features: “Storage is generally a good option, so if you can snag a stylish cocktail ottoman that has hidden storage, go for it!” finished Torres.

Deciding what you need might require a bit of measuring and planning, but finding the perfect fit is more than worth it.

Read more: Check out our review of Open Spaces Entryway Rack and Shelf Risers

What Does an Ottoman Coffee Table Bring to a Living Space?

Darrell Ottoman by AllModern
Darrell Square Storage Ottoman with Storage

What Does an Ottoman Coffee Table Bring to a Living Space?

“Ottoman coffee tables are softer than a solid surface table,” explains Kammi Reiss of Kammi Reiss Design. “They can make a space feel less rigid and more inviting and comfortable.”

Ottoman coffee tables also add versatility to your space because they’re multifunctional. Replacing a wooden round coffee table with a round storage ottoman instantly gives you extra space and helps declutter the room.

Ottomans tend to work well in almost any room and with any room decor, especially if you choose the size, shape, material, and features based on your current needs. In addition, you can add to what your ottoman brings by placing a serving tray on top—this is the perfect spot for drinks, a plate of snacks, or even a vase of dried flowers.

"Everyone likes to put their feet up, and the best ottoman coffee table offers some surface storage space and comfort as well."

“We love using ottoman coffee tables for our clients,” said Pamela O’Brien of Pamela Hope Designs. "Everyone likes to put their feet up, and the best ottoman coffee table offers some surface storage space and comfort as well."

“Ottomans have a plush surface made of fabric, so any elements are naturally softened and texturized,” explained Channa Alvarez, interior designer at Living Spaces. “In a living room, try an ottoman as a coffee table: place a tray with a vase, a tray with a candleholder, or a coffee table book. If you want to speak to the plush/fabric/seating elements of an ottoman (as opposed to a table function), layer on a throw blanket over the side of an ottoman, contrasting colors and textures for style.”

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Expert Thoughts and Advice on Ottoman Coffee Tables

Charme Tan Timpani Leather Ottoman
Charme Tan Timpani Leather Coffee Table Ottoman

Vivian Torres, Lead Designer at Havenly

“In addition to performing the duties of a coffee table, the cocktail ottoman brings an added level of usefulness to a space because it doubles as a casual yet sophisticated footrest and provides spare seating options,” explains Torres. “Some cocktail ottomans feature built-in storage, which gives households the option of concealing toys, blankets, board games and other items typically scattered around a living space.”

“Like the coffee table, the cocktail ottoman brings a sense of completeness to a room because it acts as the centerpiece, and with the right upholstery gives the living space a cohesive and elegant feel,” continues Torres.

“Cocktail ottomans work well in homes with small children because they typically have rounded or softer edges than traditional coffee tables. No bumps, cuts, or tears here!” Torres finished.

Devin Shaffer, Lead Interior Designer at Decorilla

“We like to think of an ottoman coffee table as two traditionally separate furniture pieces realized in a new hybridized version," Shaffer told Living Cozy. “I like to simplify things by referring to them as a soft coffee table.”

“It's been quite interesting to see an uptick in client requests for not only more storage solutions but also round edges on furniture and no glass or sharp corners. This used to be for child-friendly homes, but now we're seeing this request more and more for bachelors and bachelorettes, retirees, small space dwellers, and pet owners,” commented Shaffer.

“An important note is that not all ottoman coffee tables have built-in storage,” Shaffer said. “It's a win-win if you can find a stylish ottoman that can also have a utilitarian feature, and we love these pieces the most.”

Channa Alvarez, Interior Designer at Living Spaces

“An ottoman is a piece of furniture that is typically used as a comfortable footrest in front of a couch or chair, though you can also use it as a stool or even a coffee table,” Alvarez told Living Cozy. “You'll usually see ottomans in a formal living room or parlor – but they also work well in family rooms or any other room where people might want to relax and put their feet up."

Lindye Galloway, Owner and Creative Director of The Lindye Galloway Design Studio

“An ottoman coffee table is a perfect piece to add to your home if you're looking for a little extra comfort!” said Galloway. “It typically features a cushion on top, which allows for a cozy footrest and extra seating when needed. To create some area on the ottoman for practical everyday use with drinking glasses, coasters, florals or accessories, and even remotes, we always recommend adding a tray that can collect everything!”

“It brings a greater sense of comfortable living with its upholstered top as well as multifunctional use from a table to footrest to extra seating for hosting guests.”

“You should look for an ottoman coffee table that feels sturdy and not overly cushy on top so that there is some structure to it for everyday use. And be sure that it matches your room's aesthetics as well!” Galloway finished.

Yoselin Castro, Senior Lead Designer at Mackenzie Collier Interiors

“Casual yet classic, ottoman coffee tables serve various purposes depending on the need of each space. The upholstered characteristic is ideal for extra seating,” commented Castro. “Additionally, many options include reversible table tops perfect for setting drinks when entertaining as well as integrated storage for spaces lacking space.”

“Since it’s an upholstered product, I recommend focusing on quality first and foremost. From there, other things can be considered including size, style, added storage depending on each person’s living situation,” finished Castro.

Kammi Reiss, Kammi Reiss Design

“An ottoman coffee table is an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone,” said Reiss. “They are upholstered pieces that are the height of a coffee table, that offer a comfortable place to put your feet or even sit on, while also serving the function a place to rest things as you would on a coffee table. Tightly upholstered leather is an ideal option for these pieces, and I also always add a shelf at the bottom of the ottoman to stack books. I love placing trays on top to add material variations and for the function of a sturdy surface for things like drinks.”

“You'll want one that you can prop your feet up on while still having space for trays,” added Reiss. “Also, the upholstery should be taut, so things don't tip or slide off easily.”

Written by
Shelby Golding
Shelby Golding is a Colorado-based writer/editor with over a decade of experience. She has a college education in interior design and enjoys woodworking in her free time.

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