11 Scandinavian-Inspired Dining Tables to Help You Eat in Style

A Scandinavian-Inspired Dining Table
Scandinavian design has been beloved for decades, and it’s easy to see why. The nordic style’s emphasis on natural light, organic materials, minimalist design, and neutral color palettes provide the perfect antidote to a stressful day. Walking into a space outfitted in Scandi furniture and home decor feels like taking a big breath of fresh air, offering a warm, welcoming environment that invites you to relax the day away.

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What is a Scandinavian Dining Table?

Scandinavian dining tables emphasize organic materials, elegant simplicity, and minimalist silhouettes. According to Vanessa Emam, “A Scandinavian dining table is light and airy in design and rather slim in profile. It’s sleek-looking and has minimalist details, but it’s also functional and design-forward.”

Many Scandinavian dining tables borrow elements from mid-century modern design, like long tapered legs and the use of natural materials, like wood. Scandi style also encompasses a range of shapes, so rectangular, oval, and round tables all fall under the umbrella of Scandinavian design.

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The 11 Best Scandinavian Dining Tables

1. Two-Colour Table

Two-Colour Table

Brand: Hay

Available in round and rectangular shapes, this dining table features a minimalist silhouette with steel tube legs, combining the airy feel of Scandinavian design with long-lasting durability. It also comes in five different color combinations and multiple sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your dining room.

“I like the two-color table by Hay because of its contrasting color combinations,” says Vanessa Enam. “It makes for a standout feature in any space that is still neutral in terms of its profile. This table is also finished with an environmentally friendly water-based lacquer, making it both sustainable and functional.”

Shop now at hay.com

2. The Table

Floyd Table

Brand: Floyd

Affordable and all kinds of lovely, this dining table is composed of a birch plywood surface and sturdy steel legs that ensure wobble-free meals.

The Scandi dining table is highly customizable, coming in four different tabletop hues, two leg finishes, and your choice of a rectangular or round dining table. It’s also incredibly versatile, serving just as well as dining table as it would a spacious work surface or homework station.

Shop now at floydhome.com

3. Good Times 100" Dining Table

Good Times 100" Dining Table

Brand: Blu Dot

Constructed with a solid wood core and a hardwax oil wood finish, this piece of furniture will continue to look great for many years to come. It also comes in three different sizes, ranging from 60 inches to 100, so it will fit spaces large and small. The 60-inch version is a round dining table, while the larger versions are oval dining tables.

Plus, you can choose from three different finishes: Whitewashed Ash, Walnut, or Black on Ash. So the table will work well within dark and light color palettes, and everything in between. Pair it with some Scandinavian dining chairs and you’ve got a perfect set.

Shop now at bludot.com

4. Norwegian Danish Oak Tapered Dining Table

Norwegian Danish Oak Tapered Dining Set

Brand: Overstock

With angled legs, beveled edges, and a natural oak finish, this dining table set has all of the ingredients of a beautiful Scandi design. The chairs feature a mid-century modern-inspired shape and come in two different upholstery types: beige fabric and black faux leather.

You can also choose between a six-piece set, which includes one table, four chairs, and one bench. Or you can opt for the seven-piece set, comprising one table and six chairs. Either way, you’ll have plenty of space to enjoy yummy meals with friends and family in style.

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5. Vancamp Acacia Wood Dining Table

Vancamp Acacia Wood Dining Table

Brand: Joss & Main

A little bit rustic and a little bit Scandi, this solid wood dining table can anchor any design with warm sophistication. It’s made from solid acacia wood with a sandblasted antique finish that allows the natural wood grain to shine.

It also comfortably seats six, so it’s great for the whole family and could work equally well as kitchen table or a dining room centerpiece. Even better, it comes to you fully assembled, so it’ll be ready for your favorite meals from the moment it arrives at your door.

Shop now at jossandmain.com

6. Oval Dining Table

Oval Dining Table

Brand: 2Modern

The beautiful oval dining table can easily transition from casual dinners to more formal dinner parties, making it the perfect all-around piece. It’s also lightweight without sacrificing a strong and stable design.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Andra DelMonico is a big fan of the table as well: “This elegant high-end dining room table features elegant curves on the legs and the tabletop. The smooth design of the table gives it a Scandinavian and slightly mid-century modern feel.”

Shop now at 2modern.com

7. Cameran 78.74'' Solid Oak Dining Table

Cameran 78.74'' Solid Oak Dining Table

Brand: AllModern

This solid oak dining table epitomizes Scandinavian aesthetics with its warm wood finish and elegantly simple design. And like most Scandi-inspired designs, it’s incredibly versatile.

You can pair it with equally airy mid-century modern dining chairs for a minimalist look or balance it with more weighty contemporary seating to create visual contrast. Regardless of how you style it, the dining room table will look great in virtually any space.

Shop now at allmodern.com

8. CASTLE-A Solid Wood Dining Table

Wood Dining Table - Natural Oak/White

Brand: Overstock

Handcrafted from solid wood, this handmade beam dining table beautifully showcases the knots and natural grain of the wood, ensuring each piece is slightly unique. And the wood is impregnated with German oil to protect it against stains, so it’s a good match for busy households.

DelMonico agrees: “This large solid oak table is the perfect Scandinavian table for your family to gather around. The clean design and featured wood grain add simplicity and warmth to your home.”

Shop now at overstock.com

9. Lily Dining Table

Lily Dining Table

Brand: Castlery

Coming in two different lengths—63 inches and 71 inches—this Scandi dining table is the perfect fit for dining rooms large and small. And its decorative walnut veneer tabletop and breezy silhouette ensure it adds style and functionality in equal measure.

You can also opt for matching Scandi dining chairs and/or a matching bench for a cohesive look, or mix and match with a variety of different dining chairs for a more eclectic style.

Shop now at castlery.com

10. Seno

Seno Dining Table

Brand: Article

This solid wood dining table, with its natural American oak finish and timeless, minimalist design, is any Scandi enthusiasts dream.

It comes in five different sizes and two shapes, ranging from a small two-three-person round dining table to an expansive rectangular dining table that can seat more than eight people. You can also choose from two different finishes for extra versatility—a blonde oak finish or a deeper walnut finish.

Shop now at article.com

11. Eave Table

Eave Table

Brand: Dims

Another solid wood dining table, this beauty is made of Appalachian ash wood and comes in six fun finishes that will elevate virtually any aesthetic.

You can opt for a natural ash finish for a bright yet warm organic look, or bring home a pop of color with a blue calcite, garnet, or malachite finish. Either way, this modern dining table is sure to enhance your interior design.

Shop now at dims.world

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How to Style Your Room to Compliment a Scandinavian Dining Table

One of the best aspects of Scandinavian dining tables is how versatile they are. You can pair them with Scandi home decor and furniture for a perfect match, like console tables, dining chairs, and sideboards. But you can also complement Scandi tables with furniture and home decor from other aesthetics to create compelling contrast in your look.

“Bringing a touch of nature into your home will add character and Scandinavian style to your space. Incorporate indoor plants and fresh, bright blooms to bring beauty to your dining room, which look particularly striking on the centerpiece of a dining table.”

Regardless of whether you choose to go full-on Scandi or mix and match different styles, you can’t go wrong with adding plants and organic materials to your look. According to Richard Petrie, “Bringing a touch of nature into your home will add character and Scandinavian style to your space. Incorporate indoor plants and fresh, bright blooms to bring beauty to your dining room, which look particularly striking on the centerpiece of a dining table.”

As far as color palettes, Petrie recommends complementing your Scandi dining table, “with a minimalist color scheme that incorporates creams, whites, and soft browns. But don’t be afraid to experiment with pops of color, like rich greens and blues, which can add depth to your space.” These colors can all complement natural woods like accacia, teak and ash.

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