How to Find the Perfect Bedroom Rug (And Where to Buy One)

Large Rug Under a Bed
No one wants to roll out of bed in the morning only to feel an icy-cold floor underfoot, and a bedroom rug is an obvious solution.

Bedroom Rug Sizing Rules of Thumb

Finding the right size for your bedroom rug is the number one thing that will make or break your purchase. "If it's too small, it will be lost, and if too large, it can throw the design off balance and be visually off-putting," explains Julia Dempster.

It's all about fit — here's what the experts have to say:

  • Don't overfill your room: "To frame the space, I recommend leaving 12-18 inches of exposed flooring around the rug's perimeter. If your bedroom is small, scale accordingly — maybe 8 inches of exposed floor is all you need," advises Chrissy Lesseig.
  • Pick the right size for your bed: "An 8'x10' or 9'x12' area rug complements a queen-sized bed. If you have a king-size bed, look for a 9'x12' rug or larger," adds Lesseig.
  • Measure everything: "Rugs are a powerful design tool, but it is always imperative to measure the room, the bed, and the bedside tables before choosing a rug. It's important to know standard rug sizes to see what your options are. You have to choose the correct dimensions to make the most impact," explains  Dempster.

Using a minimum frame size is an excellent way to determine the largest rug you can fit in your bedroom. Here's how:

  1. Double the frame's dimensions (e.g., 12" becomes 24") and write down the measurement.
  2. Subtract this measurement from the length and width of your room's dimensions. The resulting dimensions will give you the largest rug size that can fit in your space.

If the measurements leave you with a rug that's too small, which is common with limited square footage, try a smaller frame of exposed floor (e.g., 6" or 8").

Bonus Tip: Test the Size Before You Buy

Once you've picked a size for your bedroom rug, test it before you buy. To do this test, use masking or painter's tape to outline the exact rug dimensions you've selected on the floor. This test allows you to see how the rug will fit in your room, how your placement looks, and whether or not you need to choose different dimensions.

You'll also need to select a placement before settling on a size and testing it. We've covered several layout ideas in the next section so that you can easily find your favorites.

Bedroom Rug Layout Ideas

Size isn't the only thing that matters when you're choosing an accent rug — placement and room layout are crucial. There are several options based on your square footage, bedroom layout, and overall style. Keep reading to find a good match.

Covering (Almost) the Entire Room

A large bedroom rug covering the floor

Remember the tip to leave a 12-18" border around your area rug? With this layout, that's all you need to focus on. "To ensure this style works well, you need a large enough rug to accommodate all or most of the furniture in your bedroom on top of its surface. This layout works amazingly well for smaller bedrooms, and if you have the budget for a rug that will fill the room, the results can look spectacular," Zara O'Hare, interior design consultant for Land of Rugs, told Living Cozy.

"This layout works amazingly well for smaller bedrooms, and if you have the budget for a rug that will fill the room, the results can look spectacular."

"You should leave the same amount of floor space on all sides of your rug. Most people seem to like 18 inches. If the space is small, you can go as low as 6-8". But, most importantly, the rug should be centered in the room," adds Allison Kersun.

Two-Thirds Under the Bed

Rug two-thirds under bed

"I prefer to provide a soft landing for bare feet when climbing out of bed in the morning, so I will place the area rug half to three-quarters of the way underneath the bed," says Kevin Francis O'Gara.

The two-thirds placement is the most common way to style a bedroom rug, and it's more budget-friendly than filling the entire room (unless your space is on the smaller side). "Placing the rug underneath the bed but in front of the nightstands is a great placement to create a comfortable 'buffer' zone around the bed," said Cameron Johnson.

"Placing the rug underneath the bed but in front of the nightstands is a great placement to create a comfortable 'buffer' zone around the bed."

Place the rug so that it's under the lower two-thirds of your bed, with the nightstands and legs closest to the wall off of the rug. You'll likely want to position the rug horizontally instead of vertically, as this ensures you'll have plenty of room on either side of the bed to step onto in the morning.

One-Third Under the Bed

Rug one-third under bed

"Another incredibly popular way of styling a rug in your bedroom is placing a rug under just one-third of your bed! It works very well in bedrooms designed with the Scandi style in mind — adding a rug under one-third of your bed can add a different dimension to the room's texture! You could even consider layering rugs for maximum impact," Zara O'Hare told Living Cozy.

"Adding a rug under one-third of your bed can add a different dimension to the room's texture."

The one-third placement works well when you're working with a tight budget, as it typically allows you to use a smaller bedroom rug. It provides a soft, insulated area at the foot of the bed and a bit on either side, so you're still protected from those cold floors in the morning. Like the two-thirds placement, you'll likely want to position the rug horizontally for the best effect.

Runner on Either Side

Runner carper beside bed

Placing a runner on either side of your bed gives you plenty of space to set your feet in the morning, and it's often less expensive than purchasing one larger rug. "This works well in traditionally designed bedrooms where the bed is placed on the back wall in the center of a room. Using this method to style rugs in your bedroom can add style and substance to your space," adds Zara O'Hare.

"This works well in traditionally designed bedrooms where the bed is placed on the back wall in the center of a room."

"If you select two runners, have them be shorter than your bed but wider than smaller-scale furniture like nightstands," advises Justin Soleimani. This is where the tip to measure everything, including your room, bed, nightstands, and other furniture pieces, comes in handy. Ideally, you'll have the furniture measurements as an easy reference, making it easier to find the right rug.

You can also opt for just one runner, especially if it's just you in your bedroom. And whether you use one runner or two, consider placing another runner at the foot of your bed for all-around padding.

Circular Rug to the Side

Circular bedroom rug
Credit: Modloft / Marmo Rug

If you prefer a more whimsical style, a circular rug on one side of your bed is another excellent option. Smaller circular rugs can save you money over buying a sizeable rectangular rug, and they can even make your bedroom look larger, thanks to the rounded corners!

You might place a medallion area rug under one leg of your bed, like the two-thirds placement, with the bulk of the surface area exposed to one side. Alternately, you can place a small circular rug beside your bed without putting it under the frame.

Best Materials for a Bedroom Rug

The best material for your bedroom rug will depend on your household, preferences, cleaning schedule, and budget. Soft, natural materials and high pile textures are often more challenging to keep clean and beautiful, but they feel heavenly to put your feet on in the morning. Low pile textures and earthy natural fiber rugs (e.g., sisal or jute rugs) are often more durable, and synthetic fibers of all pile heights are typically soft and designed for easy cleaning.

Here are some materials to consider:

  • Wool: Wool is soft, natural, and durable. It doesn't do well in high-humidity environments, though, and it can be somewhat challenging to clean.
  • Faux fur: Faux fur is synthetic and uber soft but can become flat quickly in high-traffic areas. Most faux fur rugs require a vacuum with the option to turn off the beater bar to protect the synthetic fibers.
  • Cotton: Cotton is natural, durable, and easy to clean. It's also soft and often blended with other materials.
  • Bamboo viscose: Bamboo viscose is a soft, silky material made from bamboo, but it's highly absorbent, UV-sensitive, and challenging to clean.
  • Silk: Authentic silk rugs feel super soft, but they're prone to damage, tough to care for, and UV-sensitive.
  • TENCEL™: "TENCEL™ is a silk-like botanic fiber that is soft, strong, and makes stunningly beautiful rugs. More importantly, TENCEL™ is manufactured from sustainably grown forests in a closed-loop process, with 99.8% of the required chemicals reused," explained Chrissy Lesseig.
  • Polypropylene: Polypropylene is an affordable synthetic material that's durable and usually easy to clean.
  • Polyester: Polyester is another affordable synthetic option designed for durability and easy care. It's often blended with polypropylene in indoor/outdoor area rugs, which are durable and usually machine washable.
  • Sisal: Sisal is a natural plant fiber material that's highly durable and often feels rough underfoot. Sisal rugs work well layered underneath softer rugs.
  • Jute: Jute is another natural plant fiber that offers high durability. Like sisal, it's sensitive to humidity and can feel rough underfoot, but it works well as a layer underneath a softer rug.

"Texture and comfort are so important in the bedroom, "Kevin Francis O'Gara told Living Cozy. "You're more likely to be experiencing the rug with bare feet, so I like to look for rugs made with soft natural materials like knotted wool and tufted bamboo silk."

"Wool is a beautiful, sustainable material for bedroom rugs that also insulates for warmth and sound. A well-crafted wool rug is a timeless piece. Wool rugs come in monochromatic hues or a spectrum of colors, and all manner of patterns, from ornate and floral to simple and geometric," added Chrissy Lesseig.

Rug Pads and Backing

Rug pads help protect your floors, add insulation, and keep your rug in place — they're great on hard floors and can even add more cushioning underfoot. "If layering a rug on top of wall-to-wall carpeting in the bedroom, you'll want to select a rug without backing, so it sits nicely," advised Shoshanna Shapiro.

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Where to Buy Bedroom Rugs

Before you max out your credit card on a big-name brand like Nourison or Safavieh (both popular, time-tested brands), we'd like to invite you to see what else the internet has to offer. We've highlighted 11 excellent places to buy a rug, with recommendations for each brand, to get you started.

Please note that most of the rugs we've selected from each brand will work best when placed on a non-slip rug pad. Exceptions to this rule include those that come with pads or nonstick backings.

1. Floyd

Floyd is a Detroit-based home goods company that was founded with a mission to reduce consumer reliance on disposable furniture. The Floyd sales process cuts out the middle man, passing the savings on to you with reasonably-priced decor. And our favorite part? Floyd designs every product with sustainability in mind.

Our Pick: The Rug

The Rug by Floyd
The Rug from Floyd

The Rug from Floyd is a high-quality flatweave area rug made from a blend of wool and cotton. It's available in various sizes and colors, the surface feels super soft underfoot, and the materials are designed to last a lifetime.

"I was instantly impressed by the quality of the rug fibers. It looks like it could be scratchy, but after stepping on it, that's far from the truth. The wool is thick and soft, but well-constructed, so it doesn't look like it will fray anytime soon (or ever)," wrote Alexandra Frost in her Floyd Rug review.

2. Ruggable

Ruggable was founded to bring beautiful, comfortable floor coverings into the modern age and, more importantly, into today's homes. Their rugs are machine-washable and easy to care for, so you can spend less time cleaning your home and more time enjoying it. Each rug features a bottom pad and a rug cover that goes over the top, creating the company's signature two-piece system.

Review: How a Ruggable Washable Rug Transformed My Apartment

Ruggable's two-piece rug system is interchangeable, so you can swap to a new rug whenever you'd like. Alternately, you can rotate rugs between your living room, entryway, dining room, and bedroom for even wear and some variety in your styling.

Our Pick: Impasto Greyscale Rug

Impasto Greyscale Rug
Ruggable's Impasto Greyscale Rug

The Impasto Greyscale Rug is available in Ruggable's full range of sizes, and while we've recommended the greyscale option, it also comes in multicolor and slate blue varieties. It boasts an abstract appeal with an ombre-like design that's inspired by a 17th-century painting technique of creating depth with thick layers of paint. And regardless of which color you choose, Impasto is monochromatic and versatile enough for any space.

3. Modloft

Modloft offers reimaged high-end furniture designed to help you surround yourself with beautiful things in an intentional environment. The brand focuses on accessibility, affordable prices, and in-home delivery, bringing luxury pieces to today's homeowners.

Our Picks: Fuller and Marmo Rugs

Fuller and Marmo Rugs
Modloft's Fuller Rug

"I personally like something with a low pile like Modloft's Fuller Rug. It's a Viscose/Wool blend and feels awesome on bare feet. It isn't solid, but the pattern isn't overwhelming either, "said Allison Kersun.

"Rectangles are the most popular, but if you don't want to place the whole bed on the rug and you have the space, I LOVE a round under a bed," continued Allison. "The Marmo is a great example, and with a 96" diameter and a 70% Viscose/30% wool blend, it's super cozy."

4. Burrow

Burrow is an online furniture and home goods manufacturer specializing in modular pieces that can grow with you and your life. You might know them for their popular sofas, sectionals, and living room furniture, but they offer products and home decor for every room. And best of all, Burrow is committed to sustainability and standing up for social justice, so you know your dollars are supporting a company worth backing.

Our Pick: North Country Rug

North Country Rug
Burrow's North Country Rug

The North Country Rug is a neutral-toned geometric option that would fit in with most modern and transitional spaces, and the grey color can go with any palette. This best seller is available in 5'x8' and 8'x10' dimensions, which are popular bedroom rug sizes. It's made from 100% recycled polyester with a hand-tufted texture and an easy-clean surface.

5. Blu Dot

Blu Dot offers unique, modern furniture designed for today's homes — each piece is made to be used and enjoyed for years to come. The brand's designs are also created with sustainability in mind, and every aspect of the company is optimized to minimize environmental impact.

Our Pick: Way Rug

Blu Dot Way Rug
Blu Dot's Way Rug

The Way Rug is a wool area rug available in a range of sizes and two beautiful neutral tones (charcoal and stone), so it can fit in almost any space. It boasts a handwoven herringbone weave with a fringe finish and a 70% wool/30% polyester blend pile. This material blend makes it easier to care for and super-soft underfoot.

6. Interior Define

Interior Define specializes in customizable furniture that you can change to fit your style and space. They specialize in custom sofas to fit any living room, but their selection has expanded to include something for almost every room of the home. Interior Define also keeps prices fair by cutting out the middleman, and you'll enjoy a 60-day return policy on every product.

Our Pick: Bianca Rug

Interior define bianca rug
Interior Define's Bianca Rug

The Bianca Rug is a hand-knotted area rug with a durable wool pile that feels super-soft underfoot. It boasts a subtle Persian-inspired pattern and neutral tone that can fit with styles ranging from boho and Moroccan to retro and transitional. The Bianca Rug is available in popular bedroom rug sizes, including 6'x9', 8'x10', and 9'x12'.

7. West Elm

West Elm offers home goods designed to be good for people and the planet, focusing on sustainability and ethical production methods. Almost all of their products feature unique designs from in-house design teams, with high-quality handmade artisanship that supports local economies.

Our Pick: Glam Shag Rug

Glam Shag Rug
West Elm's Grand Shag Rug

"We love the Glam Shag Rug. It's beautiful, timeless, durable, and comfortable," Cameron Johnson told Living Cozy. This luxe shag area rug is incredibly soft with a durable cotton backing and a shed-resistant, stain-resistant polyester pile that's easy to clean, so you can enjoy your purchase for years to come.

8. Minna

Minna specializes in ethically-made home goods that are rooted in traditional artisanship methods. In addition, the brand focuses on social responsibility and upholding its values while creating contemporary masterpieces for today's homes. Their range of goods includes authentic rugs, pillows, throws, and other textiles made in Mexico by one of Minna's artisan partners so that you can support communities worldwide with your purchase.

Our Pick: Norma Rug Rust

Norma Rug Rust
Minna's Norma Rug Rust

The Norma Rug Rust is made by Wool Rug Weavers in Teotitlán de Valle, Mexico, and it boasts a unique loom texture and soft, naturally-dyed wool fibers. In addition, it features a playful taupe and rust-toned geometric design and a decorative fringe to add texture to your space. The taupe background comes from the naturally-existing color of the raw wool, making it a unique find.

9. Tumble

Tumble was founded to create attainable home furnishings that can stand up to today's busy lifestyles, and they specialize in machine-washable, spill-proof area rugs. The brand currently offers a wide range of area rugs, each with a cushioned non-slip pad and a machine-washable rug included in the order.

Our Pick: Canyon

Canyon - Oatmeal/Grey
Tumble's Canyon Rug

The Canyon area rug boasts an eye-catching boho-inspired trellis design that comes in your choice of two soothing, neutral color combinations: oatmeal/grey and grey/ivory. It's available in various sizes and, like all Tumble rugs, it comes with a cushioned non-slip rug pad, and the area rug is machine-washable, spill-proof, hypoallergenic, and handmade.

10. Flor

Flor offers a wide range of customizable luxury area rug and carpet tiles in almost any design style you could imagine. Every Flor product is durable, washable, replaceable, ecofriendly, hypoallergenic, and adaptable to any size room. They're also modular and expandable, which means that you can add more tiles when you have a larger space (or budget). You can even change the shape of your rug to mix it up or perfectly fit your floorplan.

Our Pick: Gatsby

Gatsby Rug
Flor's Gatsby Rug

The Gatsby would make a beautiful bedroom rug with its beautiful art deco-style design and opulent metallic accents. It comes in four beautiful color combinations, including ivory, charcoal, red, and navy blue, each with gold or silver threads to bring the design to life. And the best part is that, like all Flor rugs, it's made from recyclable materials.

11. AllModern

AllModern is a home decor and goods brand that focuses on purposefully designed pieces that can evolve with you and your life. The brand offers styles ranging from minimalist to mid-century modern furniture, with selections for every room in your home, so there's something for every space. You can expect thoughtful design, smart price points, high-quality construction, and fast, free shipping with every order.

Our Pick: Adolfa Area Rug

Adolfa Area Rug
AllModern's Adolfa Area Rug

The Adolfa Area Rug boasts an eye-catching design that blends tribal style with Southwestern influences that'll bring character to any space. It comes in a range of styles with a high-contrast ivory and charcoal palette that'll brighten almost any room. And we think the Adolfa would make a perfect bedroom rug with its soft, dense synthetic fibers and 0.6" pile height that practically beg you to curl your toes into it in the morning.

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