The 14 Best Deep Seat Sofas of 2022

Person Sat on a Deep Seat Sofa
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"Now more than ever, people need to be comfortable at home and really nestle into a sofa. This means a deeper seat," explains interior designer Penelope Francis.

The design-trend pendulum began to quietly shift a few years ago, Francis says, who runs consultancy Penelope Francis & Co. And now, more people are moving from the rigidity of sofas made popular by modern and mid-century design to deeper-seated pieces that offer a more luxurious feel.

"I like to compare a deeper sofa seat to a roomy, upper-class seat on a flight," adds Francis. "I always encourage clients to buy a sofa with a deeper seat. Just like that business class seat, they really are more comfortable." 

What makes a deep sofa?

Seat depth is one of the most important things you should pay attention to when finding the right sofa.

"The average sofa depth is around 28-32" and anything over 34" is considered deep-seated," says Andra DelMonico, a home design expert from Next Luxury

"Sofas with shallow seats are best for those that prefer to sit upright. Deeper seated sofas are better for when you want to lounge out or curl up," she adds. "Since most of us prefer to lounge while binging our favorite show, deep-seated sofas are growing in popularity." 

"Deep-seated sofas are the perfect "all-in-one" alternative to the standard-depth sofa, chaise lounge, or pudgy ottomans - especially in smaller living rooms and studio apartments where you are limited on space," adds Sydney Peña, interior designer and owner of Sydney Joy Studio.

If you're searching for a new deep-seated sofa, look no further. Here's a roundup of 14 of the best available right now… 

14 Deep seat and oversized sofas perfect for cozy evenings and TV binges

1. The Jones Modular

The Jones Modular
The Jones Modular Sofa

Brand: Maiden Home
 Starting at ~ $2,800

The Jones has a depth of 40" and is super customizable — its modular design offers almost endless possibilities. "The same Jones pieces in your space can be reconfigured for the different aspects of your life and functions of your space," says Hannah Rice, Design Advisor at Maiden Home. "You can create a cozy L sectional for a movie night or two sofas facing off in a conversational setting for entertaining, all with the same 5 Jones pieces," adds Rice.

"You can create a cozy L sectional for a movie night or two sofas facing off in a conversational setting for entertaining, all with the same 5 Jones pieces."

Review: Read our review of the Jones Modular Sofa here.

"The pillow-like cushions are heavenly and the deep sofa accommodates guests in an inviting manner," writes Zoe Roscoe, who reviewed the Jones for Living Cozy. "It’s been about six months since the sofa was delivered and it’s just as comfortable as the day it was delivered."

Every Maiden Home piece is handmade in the North Carolina region (North Carolina and Virginia), home to the world's most skilled furniture craftsmen. Each Warren sofa is made to order, using techniques that have been passed down through generations, cut-no-corners construction, and premium materials.

Shop now at Maiden Home

2. Brentwood Sofa

Brentwood Sofa by Apt2B
Brentwood Sofa by Apt2b

Brand: Apt2B
Starting at ~ $1,600

The Brentwood sofa is custom made in Los Angeles, CA. Its wide armrests, solid wood frame lines, and button-tufted cushions give this sofa a sophisticated look, and its foam seat cushions offer a cozy yet supportive seat.

The Brentwood is available in 62 fabric color options with three choices of leg finishes. Reviewers say it's well-made, comfortable, and durable.

Shop now at Apt2B

3. Bondi

Bondi Inside Weather

Brand: Inside Weather
Depth: 36"
 Starting at ~ $2,275

The Bondi is a modular sofa from the direct-to-consumer furniture brand Inside Weather. Whether you're looking for a 2-seater to put in a small space in your living room, a large pit sofa for the whole family, or maybe a daybed to unwind in your home office, you can tweak the layout of the Bondi to meet its function.

Each component of the Bondi sofa collection can be used anywhere in your sofa configuration — in the middle of your sofa, on the end, as a corner piece — making the possible configurations almost infinite. Its 36" seats are the deepest Inside Weather offers in any of its range. 

Review: We shipped the Modular Bondi Sofa to one of our contributors to test at home — read our Bondi Sofa review here.

One of Inside Weather's key differentiators is how customizable its sofas are compared to other furniture brands. With the Bondi, you can customize the layout, upholstery, frame finish, and the blend used in its cushions. 

 Shop now at Inside Weather

4. Couch Potato Sofa

The Couch Potato Sofa

Brand: Benchmade Modern
Depth: 40” or 43"
Price: Starting at ~ $3,027

BenchMade Modern specializes in high-end, custom-made sofas, and if you're looking for a deep-seated sofa, the Couch Potato is perfect. It comes with your choice of extra deep 40" or 43" seats and has plenty of other customizable options, including your selection of fabrics, velvets, and leathers, cushion type, and leg finish. 

Review: Read our review of BenchMade Modern's OG Couch Potato sofa

Each BenchMade Modern sofa is handmade in the USA, and its frame comes with a lifetime warranty. The Couch Potato is available in various configurations, including a loveseat, chair, sectional, and chaise. 

Shop now at BenchMade Modern

5. Floyd Sectional

Floyd Sectional in Marine
Floyd Sectional in Marine

Made in a U.S. factory with more than 100 years of sofa experience, Floyd's low-profile Sectional was designed for real life. The frame is constructed from engineered wood with solid joints to prevent creaky movement while the ultra-deep cushions are structurally layered in 3 densities (like a mattress) so you can sit and sink in with ample support - or lay flat.

"[The Sectional has] nine seat section options offer endless configuration opportunities so you can create a sofa that spans a great room, or something that better suits a small space," Floyd Co-Founder + CEO Floyd, Kyle Hoff, told Living Cozy.

Shop now at Floyd

6. Bowen Sofa

Bowen Sofa
Bowen Sofa in Treetop Velvet

Brand: Anthropologie
Depth: 35”
Price: Starting at ~ $1,600

One of Anthropologie's top-rated pieces, the Bowen is a cozy, low-profile, deep-seated sofa with a clean, minimalist vibe and track arms. It comes in three lengths, 71", 81", and 91", and has a depth of 35". It's also available in a wide variety of fabric styles and colors with a choice of four legs styles. 

This sofa is handcrafted in the USA, with a Kiln-dried, laminated hardwood frame. Spring coils are encased in high-resiliency foam in each cushion, ensuring a supportive and comfortable seat with a plush, relaxed silhouette. 

Shop now at Anthropologie

7. Lonsdale 106'' Sectional

Lonsdale 106'' Sectional

Brand: AllModern
Depth: 46”
Price: $1,770

This might just be the perfect oversized sofa for snuggling up and binging your favorite shows. It’s corduroy look make it seem super and the seat depth of 46” makes it extremely cozy. Couple it with a blanket and a hot cup of cocoa and you might never want to leave.

“This wide sofa is low to the ground, has extra plush cushions, a deep seat, and comes in four beautiful colors,” says Next Luxury’s home expert DelMonico. “It’s perfect because it’s easy to care for, and the chaise is reversible, making it easy to add to your lived-in home.”

Shop now at AllModern

8. Infina Modular Sofa

Infina Modular Sofa in Mist White
Infina Modular Sofa in Mist White

Brand: Poly & Bark
36” (58.5" Chaise)

Poly & Bark's Infina Modular Sofa is designed for movie nights. Its modular design means its layout can be adjusted to fit your needs and you can add new sections at any time.

Made from a kiln-dried solid mixed wood frame, the Infina has a seat depth of 38" with a 26" seating area — the chaise section has a seating area of 47.5" making it perfect for lounging. The Infina is available in three colors — Carnation Pink, Mist White, and Soho Grey.  

Shop now at Poly & Bark

9. Mags Soft Low Sectional

Mags Soft Low Sectional

Brand: Hay
From $2,495

This extra deep sectional sofa was designed to deliver maximum comfort with minimum details. With a depth of 53.5", this is one of the deepest sofas in this roundup. And with a low seat height of 16.25", it was designed to provide a welcoming space for you to stretch out and lounge.

A comfortable, low section with extra deep seats, the Mags rounded edges give it a casual feeling, and its soft cushions are wrapped down for lasting, sink-right-in comfort.

Shop now at Design Within Reach

10. Ms. Chesterfield

Ms Chesterfield Deep Seat Sofa
Ms. Chesterfield

Brand: Interior Define
Up to 40”
From $1,395

Recommended by Penelope Francis, the Ms. Chesterfield from Interior Define is a beautiful take on the classic Chesterfield sofa style

This sofa is highly customizable, with hundreds of fabric options and 18 leg choices. You can also choose the perfect length with options ranging from 74" all the way up to 106" and when it comes to depth, 30.5" comes as the standard, or you can choose the deep option, which takes it up to 38.5".

Shop now at Interior Define

11. Sitka

Sitka Sofa
Sitka Sofa in Oceano Blue

Brand: Article 

Article describes this sofa as "so deep you need a life vest." Its 40" depth makes it perfect for lounging. It also comes with soft throw pillows to make it extra snug. The Sitka sofa is available in four colors — Boreal Gray, Mist Gray, Oceana Blue, and Quartz White.

"Its clean Scandinavian design helps it to look fresh while also blending in with your current decor," says DelMonico. "The seat and back cushions are soft enough to feel as though you are sinking in yet supportive enough to be comfortable."

Shop now at Article

12. Molina 100'' Sofa

Molina 100'' Sofa
Molina 100" Sofa

Brand: Joss & Main

If you're looking for a versatile sofa that'll work in almost any space, the Molina 100'' Sofa's traditional look is perfect. The sofa has track arms and rich linen-blend upholstery — available in a choice of four colors. The cushions are also removable for easy cleaning.

Shop now at Joss & Main

13. Big Sur Square Arm Upholstered Sofa Double Chaise Sectional

Big Sur Square Arm Sofa
Big Sur Square Arm Sofa

Brand: Pottery Barn
$3,398 - $4,948

Pottery Barn's Big Sur sofa is modern in style with square arms designed for lounging. It features a double chaise to give that little bit of extra room to stretch out.

"This piece is seriously a show stopper," says Peña. "Great on so many levels, aesthetically and functionally. You can customize with performance fabrics that look and feel incredible while knowing it'll last."

Shop now at Pottery Barn

14. Lemieux et Cie Renan Sofa

Lemieux et Cie Renan Sofa
Lemieux et Cie Renan Sofa

Brand: Anthropologie 

This deep-seat sofa has a casual-yet-formal appeal. Design to work just as well in smaller, intimate spaces as large ones, this sofa is part of Canadian designer Christiane Lemieux's first Lemieux et Cie Renan collection dedicated to artisanal modernism.

With a depth of 41", this roomy sofa comes with two throws and two bolster pillows for added comfort, and its three back cushions provide the cozy support needed for everyday seating.

Shop now at Anthropologie

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What to Consider When Buying a Deep Couch

1. Cushion Space as Well as Overall Depth

"Not everyone always sits upright with both feet on the floor. If you want cozy, knees up comfort to binge-watch your favorite television series or cuddle with your sweetie you are going to love a deep-seated sofa," says Dennese Guadeloupe Rojas of Interiors By Design.

Rojas also notes that you should pay attention to the actual seat measurements, alongside the overall sofa depth when shopping for a deep-seat sofa. "To avoid anyone falling on the floor during family movie night with multiple family cuddlers, you need at least 23 to 24 inches of cushion space. If you or your family members are tall, you would appreciate the benefits and comfort of a deep-seated sofa," she says.

Need some tips on how to ensure your new sofa will fit? Check our guide on how to measure sofas here.

2. The Type of Couch You Need

Seat depth is just a part of the equation when you're looking to find a new sofa. You should also consider the type of sofa that will work best in your living space and cater to your needs.

For example:

  • If you love sitting back and watching sports, maybe you'll want a reclining sofa
  • If you frequently have visitors, a sleeper sofa/sofa bed could be what you're looking for
  • If you have pets or young children, a slipcovered sofa could work best so you can easily remove and clean the covers

Before starting your search for the perfect sofa, you should also the upholstery that's best suited to your style and needs. For example, if you're buying something to be the centerpiece of your room maybe you'll want to splash on a velvet or leather sofa, or if you want something that's easy to clean a high-quality microfiber sofa or a sofa with removable covers could be better.

3. Your Living Space

Whether your sofa is going to be the feature piece of your main living space or a complimentary sofa in a dining room or home office, can have a big impact on what you buy.

Not only should you measure your space to ensure you have enough room for your desired sofa, you should also think about how a new sofa will fit with your current home decor and living room furniture — especially other key pieces like your coffee table or media unit.

This post was originally published on January 15, 2021. It was last updated on May 10, 2022 to include updated products and pricing information.

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Ash Read
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