Expert Advice: Navigating Loveseat Dimensions for Your Home

Loveseat in a Living Room
Finding the perfect loveseat for your home is a lot like finding the perfect pair of jeans.

Jeans come in a ton of different styles, colors, and brands. You can find a classic style or more of a statement piece. You can find a pair everyday wear or a pair for special occasions only.

But the most important part of finding the perfect pair of jeans? The fit.

The same goes for the loveseat. It’s a piece of furniture that has a lot of uses and styles, but the key to finding the perfect one for you is to get the best fit.

Loveseats come in a lot of different dimensions. We’re here to help you make sense of those dimensions before you start your loveseat hunt, so you can easily find the best size for your space.

What is a loveseat?

Put simply, a loveseat is a two-seater sofa. Technically the only difference between a loveseat and a sofa is the size. Loveseats are both extremely functional and stylistically versatile. They’re are a great way to spice up traditional seating arrangements in living space, and they’re often even sold as part of a living room/sofa set.

Sloan Loveseat
Interior Define's Sloan Loveseat

But loveseats are best for (and pretty much intended for) small spaces. Whether you have an apartment with a tiny living area or you’re just looking to put some sort of furniture piece in a tough corner of your home, a loveseat is probably your answer.

Loveseats are even a go-to for interior designs, like Karen Gutierrez, a designer at Mackenzie Collier Interiors “Love seats are ideal for living rooms as a great solution to mix and match seating options or to create an alternative for smaller spaces,” she notes. “They also serve great as seating in the bedroom, large entryway, and offices.”

What is the standard size of a loveseat?

The key element that makes a loveseat smaller than a standard sofa is the length, but there aren’t actually any standard dimensions. Typically, a standard loveseat is designed to sit two. Here are a few general loveseat size guidelines (measured armrest to armrest) to keep in mind:

  • Standard small loveseat: 48 - 52 inches
  • Medium loveseat: 58 inches
  • Large loveseat: 72 inches

What other measurements should you consider?

Length might be the thing that makes a loveseat different from a sofa, but there are some other measurements and dimensions that are just as important when picking one out. Some of these dimensions (like seat depth) will affect the comfort level of the loveseat, while others (like height) will vary the style.

Seat depth

Seat depth is the measurement from the front edge of the seat to the back edge of the seat (or the front of the back cushion). Average seat depth is usually around 20-24 inches, but sizes can vary. Larger seat depth usually means that the loveseat will feel comfier (think more room to curl up and lounge). Seat depth on the smaller side is a bit less cozy but might up the style factor, particularly in areas like entryways.

Overall depth

Overall seat depth is the measurement from the very front of the loveseat to the very back. Overall depth usually falls in the 32-40 inch range, with standard depth being 35 inches. This is a key measurement to keep in mind when figuring out what size can fit in your space.


Height is how tall the loveseat is, measured from the floor to the highest point (or top) of the loveseat. The height doesn’t necessarily affect how comfy a loveseat is beyond how much back support you want, but it does change the overall look. A lower loveseat height looks a little sleeker and more modern while a taller loveseat is more classic and traditional looking.

Arm height

Arm height is measured from the top of the seat cushion to the top of the loveseat arm. Low arm height is considered to be 6 inches or less and high arm height is usually considered to be 10 inches or greater. The sweet spot for arm height is usually between 7-9 inches.

Arm height makes a huge difference in style and comfort. Lower arm heights aren't great for lounging, so you might see them more in lobbies or offices as a statement piece rather than a place to kick back and relax.

High arms offer better back support, so if your main priority is good lounging, the higher the arm height, the better. If you have a space with really high ceilings, high arms can help make the space more intimate (lower arm heights, on the other hand, can open up a tight space). If your aim is for a mix between comfort and design, the average arm height is the way to go.

Read more: How to measure a sofa

Things to look out for when browsing loveseats

The versatility of loveseats is almost unmatched, but that does mean there are a couple of things to keep an eye out for when searching.

Some sectional loveseats come with attached chaises, which is a great addition if you’re looking for a footrest or an even better way to lounge, but it also affects the dimensions. If you have some depth to spare in the space you’re looking to fill, a chaise can add another easy layer of comfort. But if you’re in a bit of a space crunch, it’s probably best to steer clear. It's also important to check if the chaise on a sectional is fixed or reversible before you buy.

Similarly, there are reclining loveseats, which are great for the comfort-seekers, but not so great for the space savers. If you’re interested in a loveseat recliner, make sure that you measure accordingly: double-check that you have enough depth in your space to account for a little lean.

You should also be aware of how the loveseat fits with other living room furniture you have. You’ll want to make sure the loveseat has some room to breathe, especially if it is filling a tiny area. Make sure there are at least 12-18 inches between the loveseat and a coffee table, for example.

Example loveseat dimensions

Curious what these dimensions actually look like? Here are a couple of examples:

Burrow Range 2-Piece Sofa

Burrow Range Loveseat

The Range 2-Piece Sofa has a length of 62”, depth of 31”, and height of 28”. The seat height is 16” and has a depth of 22”.

Review: Check out our review of the Range sectional loveseat here

Allform Loveseat

Allform Loveseat

The Allform Loveseat has a length of 63]”, depth of 38”, and height of 34”. The seat height is 17” and has a depth of 24”.

Review: Check out our review of the Allform sectional sofa

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Tips for buying a loveseat

Now that you’ve got a good idea of what to look for in a loveseat, here are some tips to use as you start your search:

1. Measure, measure, measure!

We can’t stress this enough: always measure your space first (before you even type “loveseat” into your search bar). Write down your measurements and keep them close by for reference as you’re looking at sofas online.

2. Look at the big picture

Take it from a pro: scale is super important. “Scale is essential—no matter if you have the space or not, look for a loveseat that doesn't overwhelm the space with its height or depth,” says Gutierrez

Whether it's going in your family room, bedroom, or living room, take a good mental note of what furniture or space you have around the loveseat to guide both your size and style choices.

3. Figure out what level of comfort you want

If you’re planning on using your loveseat as a new place to curl up with a book and your morning coffee, make sure you invest in the comfortability. If your intention is just to liven up an empty space, you can prioritize design.

“Make sure it is deep enough to sit comfortably, has good springs and filling, as they both can be key factors that determine the comfort and price of the furniture,” notes Gutierrez.

It’s probably also worth thinking about who else is going to sit on it and for how long. The last thing you want as a host is your guests leaving early because they can’t get comfortable!

As we’ve seen, loveseats come in a wide range of dimensions, which is great for versatility, but can complicate your search if you don’t have any guidelines. Knowing the dimensions of your space is the first step to finding the perfect fit, which will save you a lot of time, heavy lifting, and headaches down the line!

Written by
Ash Read
Ash is the founder of Living Cozy. He's been featured by publishers like MyDomaine, Realtor, Real Homes, Architectural Digest, The Spruce, Homes and Gardens, and more. As a writer his work has appeared in publications like FastCompany, TNW, and Entrepreneur.
Ash Read
Written by
Ash Read
Ash is the founder of Living Cozy. He's been featured by publishers like MyDomaine, Realtor, Real Homes, Architectural Digest, The Spruce, Homes and Gardens, and more. As a writer his work has appeared in publications like FastCompany, TNW, and Entrepreneur.
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