The Best Couches and Sofas You Can Buy in 2022

Best Couches to Buy Online
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Choosing your couch is one of the biggest decisions you need to make for your home. And we're here to help.

Not only does your couch need to look great, it needs to be super comfortable and be built to withstand countless hours of TV binges, reading, game nights and more.

Couches are the central hub of your living space, so you should put plenty of time, research and consideration into finding one that's perfect for you. Of course, you'll need to consider what sofa styles you like and the budget you'd like to spend. But whatever you desire, there's a couch out there for you.

In this guide, we'll give you everything you need to find the perfect modern couch for your home.


Best Custom Sofa: Skinny Fat

Skinny Fat Sofa
Brand: BenchMade Modern
Cost: From ~$2,800

BenchMade Modern specializes in high-end, custom-made sofas. And with the Skinny Fat you can customize almost every aspect — from the size all the way to the style of the legs. Typically it can turn around a custom sofa in around one week or sometimes it can take up to 24-days.

The Skinny Fat is designed in a modern style, with clean lines and is available in a wide range of color and upholstery options. With deep 37" or 40" seats, this sofa is perfect for lounging.

"We want to provide a great quality product at a good price that is custom fit to your room."

BenchMade Modern is a relatively expensive brand, but its quality justifies the cost. Each sofa is hand crafted in the USA and its frames are made from 7-ply wood and come with a lifetime warranty. It also offers a 100-day trial so there's no risk if you don't love your new sofa.

Why this sofa is great:

Reviewers of the Skinny Fat Sofa love it due to its:

  • High-quality craftsmanship
  • Customization choices and wide ranges of color and fabric options
  • Flippable a rotatable seat cushions to always keep it looking fresh

Tip: Order fabric swatches from BenchMade Modern before you make a decision.

Consider before buying:

  • BenchMade Modern sofas can get expensive, so look at the end cost of your customized sofa rather than the listed starting price.
Shop BenchMade Modern

Best Modular Sofa: Burrow Range

Burrow Range Modular Sofa
Brand: Burrow
Cost: From $1,295

Burrow is all about simplifying the sofa buying experience. You can buy its modern sofas online, it ships direct to your door and arrives in easy-to-move boxes so you won't have to wrestle your new sofa through tight hallways or doors. It's sofas are also easy to assemble (you won't even need tools).

The Range Collection is Burrow's most adaptable modular system yet, there are countless possible configurations, thanks to standardized connections and sizing. Whether you start with a sprawling sectional or a 3-piece sofa, you can add and subtract modules at any time to ensure the perfect seating arrangement at all times.

It's also an incredibly modern couch and super stylish with a lower profile and clean, straight lines. The Range Collection is available in three colors with a choice of three leg finishes.

Why this sofa is great:

  • The modular system allows for new pieces to be added at any time, you can also add neat upgrades like integrated tables or an attachable ottoman
  • Fast, free delivery and easy to assemble
  • Many reviewers say Burrow's sofas are super comfortable

Consider before buying:

  • Some reviewers note Burrow's sofas might not be as sturdy as they'd hoped
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Best Affordable Sofa: Seaton

Seaton Sofa
Brand: AllModern
Cost: $1,060

The Seaton is a mid-century-inspired affordable couch that's undeniably eye-catching.

The Seaton's kiln-dried hardwood frame makes it nice and sturdy and its back and seat cushions are removeable, reversible and filled with foam to add some comfort.

"With a timeless look, this sofa from AllModern has an expensive feel, from the brass legs to the velvet upholstery," says Caitlyn Davidian, owner of Studio C Interiors and advisor to HomeLife Digest. "It has sturdy legs and a tight upholstery construction which is key to look for when trying to purchase a sofa under $1,000.

"It has sturdy legs and a tight upholstery construction which is key to look for when trying to purchase a sofa under $1,000."

Why this sofa is great:

A few things reviewers enjoy about the Seaton Sofa:

  • Beautiful Mid-Century design
  • Sturdy hardwood frame

Consider before buying:

  • Some reviews mention that it can take a while to break in the cushions so they settle to the right comfort level (but this isn't really a bad thing, is it?)
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Best for Frequent Movers: The Floyd Sofa

The Floyd 3-Seat Sofa
Brand: Floyd
Cost: $1,195

Data says millennials move once every two years, so easy-to-move furniture is becoming a must-have for many younger people.

Floyd is a furniture brand made specifically for modern living, and the Floyd Sofa is  designed so that it's just as easy to disassemble as it is to assemble — they even call it 'the world's most take-apart-able sofa'. Its modular designs make building or taking apart the sofa intuitive and also allows for any part to be easily replaced if anything breaks.

The Floyd Sofa is available in three configurations — two-seater, three-seater and three-seater with chaise.

Why this sofa is great:

Reviewers of the Floyd Sofa love it due to its:

  • Quality of construction: Despite its take-apart-able design, reviewers note the sofa is well-made and built to last. (Some reviewers note that Floyd is a nice step up from Ikea.)
  • Ease of build: As promised by the brand, many reviewers say how simple the Floyd Sofa is to construct.

Tip: Floyd offers swatches to try its materials before you buy. Some reviewers recommenced this as a way to check out the fabric quality and colors.

Consider before buying:

  • Some reviews mention that the sofa could do with a little more seat depth
  • The cushions are on the firm side (this might be a pro or a con depending on what you're looking for).
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Best Deep-Seated: Harmony Sofa

Harmony Sofa
Brand: West Elm
Cost: From $1,599

West Elm designed the Harmony Sofa to be super comfortable, it features deep seats, plush cushions and loose lumbar and arm pillows go wherever you need them, for comfort at any angle. It's the perfect sofa for curling up with your favorite book or movie.

The Harmony has a hardwood frame and super cushy, soft seating. It has some customizable elements including seat depth enabling you to choose depths ranging from 36" to 47". IT also has a need endless amount of fabric options.  

Why this sofa is great:

A few things reviewers enjoy about the Harmony Sofa:

  • Super comfortable deep seats and versitile throw pillows
  • Customizable options to tailor the sofa to your needs

Consider before buying:

  • Some fabric options can take increase shipping times
Shop West Elm

Best Sleeper Sofa: Eliot Sleeper Sofa

Joybird sleeper sofa
Brand: Joybird
Cost: From $2,095

Sometimes it's hard to find a sleeper sofa that is great at both being a quality sofa and a perfect bed for an overnight guest. Well, the Eliot from Joybird is just that.

First and foremost it's a top-of-the-line sofa with a Kiln dried hardwood frame and solid wood legs. It comes in a wide varity of colors and its cushions are made from high-density polyurethane foam combined with layers of fiber for superior seating comfort.

If you're looking for a smaller sofa bed, the Eliot is also available as a loveseat/twin sofa bed.

Why this sofa is great:

Reviewers of the Eliot love it due to its:

  • Customizable pet-friendly and safeguard fabric choices
  • Comfortable as both a sofa and sleeper

Consider before buying:

  • Some reviewers report delivery issues with Joybird
Shop Joybird

Best American-Made Sofa: The Warren

The Warren Sofa
Brand: Maiden Home
Cost: From $2,095

The Warren is a beautiful sofa from Maiden Home. Every Maiden Home piece is handmade in the North Carolina region (North Carolina and Virginia), home to the world’s most skilled furniture craftsmen. Each Warren sofa is made to order, using techniques that have been passed down through generations, cut-no-corners construction and premium materials.

Its frames are made using 1” thick plywood made of kiln-dried hardwood that is glued, double dowelled and corner blocked for extra support and its cushions are also custom made from high-resiliency Ultracel foam.

The Warren is super customizable with choices 8 width choices ranging from 60" to 100" and more than 55 fabric or leather options.

By eliminating all additional costs (showrooms, salesperson, catalogs, etc.) and shipping its furniture direct to consumers, Maiden Home says it will always be offering the best possible value to customers.

Why this sofa is great:

A few things reviewers enjoy about the Warren Sofa:

  • Beautiful design and super comfortable
  • Performance fabrics are easy to clean (as noted by pet owners and wine spillages)
  • Maiden Home offers great customer service

Consider before buying:

  • Some reviews mention that it can take a while to break in the cushions so they settle to the right comfort level (but this isn't really a bad thing, is it?)

Check out more American-Made Sofa brands here.

Shop Maiden Home

Best Loveseat: Allform

Allform Loveseat
Brand: Allform
Cost: From $2,095

A loveseat is smaller than a standard sofa, typically they measure between 50 and 72 inches (whereas a typical three-seat sofa will vary from around 72 inches to 96 inches).

The Allform Loveseat is a favorite of Living Cozy, with its simple lines, modern silhouette and contemporary design mean its a perfect fit for rooms of styles — and due to its modular design it can always be adapted to your environment.

The Allform Loveseat is available in seven fabrics and two high thickness leathers (about 20% thicker than typical furniture leather). Each frame is made from maple and poplar hardwood and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Allform also offers a 100-day free trial so you can test out your new sofa at home before deciding if its right for you.

Why this sofa is great:

Reviewers of Allform love it due to its:

  • Deeper seat perfect for lounging and movie nights
  • Easy assembly

Consider before buying:

  • Allform sofas tend to be on the firmer side
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Best For Apartments and Small Spaces: The Naomi

Naomi Loveseat by Allmodern
Brand: AllModern
Cost: $690

The Naomi has a solid wood frame and a mid-century modern design style that will look great in living rooms of all sizes. And with a width of 57 inches, it’ll fit almost anywhere (but don't forget to measure your space to make sure).

This sofa was recommended to us by Luciana Fragali, owner of interior and architectural design firm, Design Solutions: “When it comes to affordable, functional, and fashionable sofas, we tend to look at AllModern as they offer a wide range of sofas from colors, fabrics, sizes, and styles,” she says.

The Noami has a solid wood frame and removable seat cushions and back cushions. Its cushions are foam-filled and upholstered in a soft polyester blend. The Noami is also available in four color choices.

"When it comes to functional, and fashionable sofas, we tend to look at AllModern as they offer a wide range of sofas from colors, fabrics, sizes, and styles"

Why this sofa is great:

Aspects of the Noami that reviewers love include:

  • Its size and how it fits perfectly in rooms of all sizes
  • Easy to constuct (you put the legs on at home)

Consider before buying:

  • One review mentions that the cushions aren't too soft
Shop AllModern

Best Mid-Century Modern: Luca Sofa

Luca Sofa
Brand: Rove Concepts
Cost: From $1,479

Founded in the Pacific Northwest in 2011, Rove Concepts set out to deliver handcrafted mid-century furniture to the masses. And the Luca is a statement sofa with sleek tapered legs and contrasting lines.

It's made with high-quality materials and built to last with a Kiln-dried hardwood frame with doweled joints and reinforced corner blocks and 8 gauge sinuous spring construction. The legs are made from solid ash wood legs and available in natural, brown or black finish.

If you're looking for a mid-century modern sofa, you can't go far wrong with the Luca (or anything from Rove Concepts).

Why this sofa is great:

Reviewers of the Rove Concepts love its sofas due to its:

  • Mid-century vibe and the variety of options for fabric and legs
  • Helpful customer service

Consider before buying:

  • Some reviews note the Luca Sofa is pretty firm and not idea for long naps
Shop Rove Concepts

Best for Families and Pets: Maxwell Slipcovered Sectional

Maxwell Sofa
Brand: Interior Define

Designed by Maxwell Ryan the founder of Apartment Therapy, the Maxwell Slipcovered Section is crafted with a low profile and luxuriously deep seat that invites your whole family to sit back and relax — this is a sofa you want to lie down and take a nap on.

The slipcover design means you remove the covers easily to give them a freshen up wash  or have them cleaned professionally. With Interior Define you can also customize almost every aspect of your sofa to make sure it fits with your family needs. Customization options include:

  • Legs (3 choices of finish)
  • Fabric (with swatches available)
  • Size (ranging from 98" to 118")
  • Chaise length (63" or 73")
  • Cushions (one or two seat cushions)
  • Cushion filling (down or down alternative)

Why this sofa is great:

Aspects of the Maxwell that reviewers love include:

  • Its stunning design and customization options
  • Support from the Interior Define team during the buying process

Consider before buying:

  • It may sit a bit hard to begin with (speak with an Interior Define Design Specialist to discuss any concerns before your buy)
Shop Interior Define

Best Chesterfield: Lyre

Lyre Chesterfield Sofa
Brand: Anthropologie

The Chesterfield is a classic, but popular style of couch and the Lyre from Anthropologie is our favorite Chesterfield for 2021.

Its oversized shape, beautiful button-tufted upholstery and rolled English arms make it a perfect fit for contemporary living spaces. And if you're looking for a little extra space for lounging, the Lyre is also available as a chaise lounge.

The Lyre is available in three sizes (82", 90" and 100") and features high-resiliency foam core cushions that are wrapped in soft fiber padding and a hypo-allergenic blend of down and feathers. Its frame is made from Kiln-dried, laminated hardwood and each sofa is handmade in the United States.

Why this sofa is great:

Reviewers of the Lyre recommenced it due to its:

  • Luxe fabric and stunning design, the Lyre is a true statement piece for your home
  • High-quality build and materials

Tip: Velvet colors can be hard to judge online so order a swatch to view it it real life before making a decision.

Consider before buying:

  • Seat depth is mentioned a couple of times in reviews, check the depth matches what you're looking for before hitting purchase.
  • Chesterfield sofas have high arms, so think about how you enjoy sitting before committing to this sofa style
Shop Anthropologie

Best for the Environment: The Essential Sofa

Sabai Essential Sofa
Brand: Sabai
From $1,095

With a mission to make beautifully designed, affordable furniture, Sabai uses sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing to create every piece in its collection.

The brand was founded to offer a sustainable solution for people who wanted to buy new furniture with a focus on sustainability. "We were shopping for furniture for our first apartment, we couldn't find a first-hand option that felt sustainable in our price range. So we decided to make it ourselves," Sabai co-founder Phantila Phataraprasit told us.

The Essential Sofa is designed for maximum comfort with wide arms that invite lounging and perching alike. It's available with a single base cushion or three, has two leg finish options and a range of eight color and fabric options including velvet.

"We understand that life can be unpredictable, and have built a product that speaks to it. Though it has been tested (and approved) for 10 years of use, our flat pack assembly allows for parts to be switched out with ease as they have regular wear and tear."

Phantila Phataraprasit, Sabai founder
Phantila Phataraprasit

Why this sofa is great:

Reviewers of the Essential Sofa reccomened it because:

  • It offers value for money and sustainable focus
  • It's versatile, sturdy, and comfortable

Consider before buying:

  • Sabai offers vevlet and poly upholstery, it's worth thinking on which is best for you
Shop Sabai

Best Convertible Sofa: Toggle Convertible Couch

Coddle Sofa
Brand: Coddle
From $1,399

The Coddle Couch is one of the most flexibla epieces of furniture on the market today — it enables you to make the most of any space with 16 unique positions perfect for sitting and binging your favorite shows or laying flat for ultimate sleep-ability. You can also add a reversible topper to improve its comfort as a sofa bed.

Available in 10 color options, the Toggle Converitble Couch is made from four layers of memory foam for ultimate comfort and fabrics made to stand up to real life. It is also built with modern life in mind and has two USB chargers to help keep your devices full of juice.

Why this sofa is great:

Reviewers of the Toggle Convertible Couch reccomened it due to its:

  • Comfort and flexibility
  • Ease of switching positions and converting from sitting to sleeping positions

Consider before buying:

  • Some reviews note the upright position isn't as comfortable as they'd have wished for
Shop Coddle

What's the Best Place to Buy a Sofa? 10 Sofa Brands to Check Out

The sofas listed above are just a selection of thousands available online and a big part of deciding which sofa is perfect for your home is deciding where to buy your coach from. To help, here's a list of some of the best sofa brands that sell online:

Inside Weather Sofa

Inside Weather

Furniture shopping that puts you in charge
Inside Weather’s furniture is made-to-order from its workshop in California using carefully selected materials. Almost every aspect of Inside Weather’s furniture can be customized and it offers free shipping and a unique 365-day home trial, meaning you can return products at any time in the first year.
Burrow Nomad Sofa


Simple, adaptable furniture for modern life at home
Burrow offers a wide range of fully customizable sofas and loveseats, sectionals, armchairs and ottomans. Its modular design means that each piece can adapt to your environment as you rearrange rooms or move home.
Albany Park's Albany Sofa

Albany Park

Designer furniture at a fair price
To eliminate decision fatigue, Albany Park offers just three models — Albany, Park and Kova — and its furniture comes packaged in apartment-friendly, space-conscious boxes that can easily be manoeuvred in stairwells, tight hallways and throughout any home.
Floyd Home


Furniture for keeping
Floyd sells a range of simple-to-build sofas that are designed to last and be easy to assemble and disassemble.
Maiden Home sofa

Maiden home

Handcrafted luxury for the modern home
Maiden Home crafts designer quality pieces, made by American craftsmen, without the retail markup. Each of Maiden Home’s pieces is handmade to order in North Carolina, using techniques that have been passed down through generations.
The Inside

The Inside

Furniture in fabrics you'll love, sustainably made on demand
Founded by Christiane Lemieux and Britt Bunn, the company offers unprecedented access to inspired design at the most compelling prices.  The Inside offers customers the ability to personalize their pieces with more than 100 iconic fabric choices.
BenchMade Modern Sofa

Benchmade modern

Custom sofas handcrafted in the USA
Benchmade Modern’s furniture is handcrafted in Dallas, TX and Los Angeles, CA. The brand was founded in 2015 by Edgar Blazona, a modernist American furniture designer with over 25 years of experience in the furniture industry.
Allform Sectional Sofa with Chaise


Premium sofas built to fit your home
Allform is obsessed with providing high-quality modular sofas designed for real life. It uses performance fabrics that are heavy-duty scratch, and stain-resistant without sacrificing a comfortable feel
Medley Home

Medley Home

Handcrafted furniture in the US using eco materials
Medley Home builds furniture made from premium and eco-friendly materials that will make your home cozy for years to come. It aims to make furniture in the best way possible and that means local manufacturing and an emphasis on quality and comfort.


The best of modern furniture, priced for real life
AllModern believes that great home decor and furnishings shouldn’t come at high prices. It also understands that you want things delivered quickly and easily. That’s why it aims to get you the best prices, with the fastest shipping possible.
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